Why won’t you look at me? // Major-Dev + Leaving

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    // ie; heavy implications of offscreen accidental murder

    She still hears the screams, how they’d quaked in her eardrums like an infernal banging. The screeches never stopped and she wondered how someone so small could hold so much in their lungs. It horrified her, it never stopped even when the dirt covered them even when the scorch marks and tears at her fur and flesh faded. She told herself to forget it, that if she cried or shook they’d all ask, they’d come to her she knew they would with concerned words and sweet gestures that she didn’t deserve. Asking what happened, asking where she’d been. Asking why? She’d strayed away just as her siblings had, for everyone’s own good hers included. The only thing that mattered was what she’d done.

    Her responsibilies, former friends it all didn’t matter in the end did it? No matter who loved her no matter how hard she tried to live herself nothing changed, it all just got worse and worse with no chance of recovering in sight. She can remember it all from the very beggining, her mother’s scent the flanks of her siblings when they didn’t turn rogue or dissapear into the night. When they still loved her, when she was still herself and not this... this thing. Her name, her rank and prestige are irrelevant they are soiled and should be scorned. There is no chance of forgiveness no good explanation. Even with it behind her it still lurked, her face that agonizing shriek and those wide horrified eyes still haunted her. Asking her why, asking her what had gone wrong? Why Candela you were getting so much better, you could almost control it? Why’d you kill me? Why’d you stand back and watch? Why, why, why?

    It should’ve been her, it would’ve been better if she suffered those minutes of agony. Godamnit did she deserve it, yet she still walked still breathed with that smoke still pilfering from her pelt smugly. Reminding her of what she was, who she would always be. Candela couldn’t change, control was something she could never grasp. Age did nothing for her, no amount of lessons or supposed “leaps” did her any good. It did her victim no good either. She promised she could fight them, promised nothing would happen. Candela’s promises meant jack shit... she promised herself long ago she’d get better, that she wouldn’t hurt anybody yet she had. She couldn’t take that back.

    She didn’t have the rights to be here anymore, to laugh and play and be a child. She couldn’t with the body laying beneath her paws, covering hastily with dirt and only marked with a single twig. She should’ve been found out but she hadn’t, she deserved whatever they would do to her but she wouldn’t admit it she wouldn’t face it today. So with a reluctance in her gut she wrote her final note her departure. A vague thing that said nothing but her own treachery.

    Do not look for me”

    She was no longer a blizzardclanner, no longer a paladin. No longer their friend, what did she have left here. So with that final note laden onto freshly turned dirt she left. Dissapearing into the night, the only reminder that she’d ever been there was the hazy smell of smoke that cling to the air.



    Mm, truthfully, Leif had been wondering about the whereabouts of the young girl. Now, don't get her curiosity muddled up with concern - the Paladin Commander couldn't care less if she was okay. It was simply just strange to see someone so enthused about their work simply disappear. It seems that Leif's curiosity would never be satiated, however, as she was apparently the first to come across the note the other had left behind.

    She didn't sigh, nor did she cry out for the other. Nothing. The dragon exhibited nothing. No sadness, no remorse. Like she said before - she couldn't care less. People left all the time. Sure, the kid had been a tad entertaining in the past, but Leif wasn't going to miss her.




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    Treachery was not something to be taken lightly. And Kady wasn't one to tolerate it. The saber kept a stoic face as she neared Leif and the remains of Candela's actions. Some might call her a hypocrite for trying to protect the dragon when she had killed a young enemy. But it was just that. An enemy. Not someone of their own clan.

    Her claws curl into the soft dirt of Agrelos and she has to keep herself from letting out a frustrated hiss. Was Canoris even aware of this? Was anyone aware of the adolescent's mental state? Or how far she could physically push herself? What would this call for, if she ever returned? Was she to be Exiled? She left willingly, but that doesn't mean she can come running back if the world proves itself to be too harsh for her.

    There were too many thoughts swirling around her mind and all she can do is look at the pathetic note as well as the twig that marked the grave before turning and muttering under her breath. "I'll speak to Aleksei about this."

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