TO THE DEATH (fox ambush | open, help him!)

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  • Stepping carefully through the sparse undergrowth, Swanfeather had to be careful not to get his long silver fur caught on the grasping branches around him. RiverClan cats traditionally stuck to fishing, but his mentor had lived for a time in ThunderClan and had passed on his technique for catching birds, squirrels, and mice. Being able to hunt on land could help get the Clan through the worst of leafbare, when the ice over the river was too thick to break. Swanfeather liked to keep his skills honed, and set aside some time every once in a while to venture into the small patches of woodland at the edges of RiverClan's land to practice stalking and pouncing. And he might as well admit - he had a secret fondness for land prey. The taste reminded him of greenleaf days spent hunting with his mentor.

    There was a certain appeal to the ThunderClan style of hunting. The way squirrels sprinted madly away, birds fluttered in shock trying to take to the air, mice dashed for their tiny dens - it was a lot more challenging than newleaf fishing, when the minnows practically swam directly into his claws. Swanfeather felt it kept his mind sharp, and body agile and strong.

    His eyes locked on his hapless prey. A wiry grey squirrel, rifling through a clearing in the undergrowth in pursuit of seeds. Swanfeather felt his muscles tense as he crept slowly towards it. Carefully now, he thought. Just like how Thornflank taught you. He pulled himself along, belly low to the ground, feeling his anticipation rising with every step. His muscles bunched, then exploded beneath him. He shot towards the squirrel, which chirped in fear before attempting to scramble away - but it had been dead the moment Swanfeather had spotted it. He tasted blood as he delivered the killing bite.

    The rich scent of the meat wafted up towards him, and he decided to settle down and eat it in the forested patch. He had already delivered his morning's catches - a couple plump carp - to the kits and queens, and he didn't think the elders would appreciate him bringing home a squirrel. The last time he did, they complained about it "stinking like ThunderClan" in the camp. And of course, there was always the risk of being called a squirrel-eater by some smart-mouth. Better just to get rid of the evidence, he thought.

    Swanfeather ate lazily, letting the newleaf sun warm his pelt. It had been many moons since he had eaten squirrel. About halfway through his meal, he felt the gentle breeze subtly switch directions. As it did, a new scent filled his mouth, and he nearly choked on the squirrel. He lunged to his feet, frantically scanning the forest around him for the source of the rank, disgusting smell. For a second, all he heard was the sound of his heart pounding in his chest as he spotted a flash of russet red fur through the trees. Then the creature was out in the small clearing with him, snarling contemptuously and its eyes bright with sinister intelligence. Its gaze bored into his own. Fox! And a huge one at that. He'd driven off a few foxes in his life, but this one was massive - would he be able to defend himself against it?

    Swanfeather couldn't navigate the traps of the undergrowth like it could - if he turned tail and ran now, his fate would surely be the same as the squirrel's. Trying to control his breathing, he turned to face it and assumed a battle position. If this mangy thing was going to try to kill him, he wouldn't go down without a fight.



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  • ~Pearlpaw~

    Pearlpaw had been out hunting. But of course, it wasn't going to be fish.

    that was the last thing on her mind. she was stalking sun bathing lizard.

    its eyes were shut and it seemed that it was sleeping, but she knew that

    it wasn't. As she crept closer, she could pick of the scent of Swanfeather.

    A few heart beats later, she picked up another scent... Fox! she looked

    around to see if the fox could be spotted, but there was no sign of it, as

    she went to run back to camp, she stopped in her tracks. What was she

    doing!? Swanfeather could die! What if the fox is about to attack him?

    So she turned around and sprinted over to Swanfeathers scent. it was

    getting stronger and stronger, until she saw the large tom. But not long

    after she saw him, she also saw the fox. This wasn't going to turn out

    good... It wasn't going to turn out good at all. But she had to stay with

    Swanfeather, they might actually have a chance of living if they do

    this thing together. But before she made a move, she noticed that the

    fox was about to attack any moment, so she let out a loud screech for

    help, before putting together all the strength and power she had, and

    sprinting into the foxes side.

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  • Swanfeather's mind was racing as he faced off with the fox, desperately trying to come up with a plan that wouldn't leave him a corpse at the territory's edge. Suddenly, a terrifying yowl shrieked out from behind him and he started in shock. What in StarClan - he barely had time to register his thoughts before a flash of fur rocketed into the fox's flank. He realized with horror that she was an apprentice - Pearlpaw!, much smaller than himself and certainly no match for a fox on her own.

    What the hell she was doing out here didn't cross his mind; he only knew that the stakes of this encounter had suddenly become a lot higher. Swanfeather was willing to suffer the consequences for his own lack of caution, which had left him face to face with a fox, but he couldn't let an apprentice get hurt - or die, he heard in the back of his mind - because of him.

    StarClan protect us!, he thought desperately. He wasn't the biggest cat around, but he'd grown up well fed and was tall and well-muscled as a result. He knew that he could survive more injury in a fight than Pearlpaw; they could have a good chance at driving it off if he held its attention while she darted in and out to deliver blows.

    Pearlpaw's powerful attack had knocked the fox off balance and he saw it stagger for a second. Before it could regain its footing and get a solid strike on the apprentice, Swanfeather finally reacted and lunged at it, swiping his claws across its face before dodging back, narrowly avoiding the lightning-fast retaliation from the deadly claws on the fox's forepaw.



  • His nostrils had flared open as the stench of fox and he had followed it carefully. Making sure to keep himself upwind from the thing as he didn't want to get into an altercation but if it had to come down to that he would surely do his best to drive the creature out. But when he also smelled the scent of Pearlpaw and that of Swanfeather converging with the scent the brute already knew that something as up. His gaze narrowed as he slipped through the foliage, the tall grass hiding his lean and tall frame as he allowed his large bat like ears to pull forward just as he heard the sudden screech of the apprentice. His eyes widened, the moon like disks seemed to encompass the whole of his eyes as his body stilled for a moment. Screaming, they were screaming inside his head. Anger pulsed through him like a rocket and he crept forward with fur bristled and bloodlust curling in his stomach. Like a viper hiding in the grass he stalked and he watched with no remorse in his gaze as he saw the Riverclanners attacking the fox. He understood partially who they were but the threat was his main concern. The monster sudden lunged from the shadows of where he had once been taking note of the battle, powerful back legs allowing his leap to be precise as he aimed to latch his reinforced claws into the back of the fox, His claws would then attempt to gorge out the flesh in the fox's shoulder, shredding down along the predators back before he would then leap off hopefully doing significant damage as he whipped around and aimed a sudden harsh slap of thick claws across the fox's face.


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  • ~Pearlpaw~

    Pearlpaw fell back, letting Swanfeather get a few good blows at it.

    She knew that one of the weakest and softest part on the fox was

    its neck, and belly. If she could somehow get there. she knew that

    it would be tough, but she was willing to take a risk. she she got

    ready to pounce. a few heart beats later, she jumped. lunging

    herself at the back of the fox's neck. She had done it! she clung

    as tight as she could, stabbing in her claws and biting down on

    its neck, all she had to do was claw at its eyes and it wouldn't

    be much of a threat. But as she placed her paws over its eyes,

    the fox thrashed, sending her front paws off balanced, one

    sliding down to the fox's open jaws, she felt as they clamped

    around her paw, it slammed her off and to the ground, quickly

    begging to attack her side viscously, it was ignoring

    Swanfeather, only focusing and killing Pearlpaw. But

    Pearl paw managed to kick the foxes face away.

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  • The sight of Dogtooth had been a welcome one. Upon seeing him viciously tear at the fox's back, Swanfeather attacked with renewed energy and ferocity. He dodged back and forth, just managing to skirt away from the fox's flailing claws each time as it swiped at him. But the fox was unpredictable, and more than once he felt a hot stripe of pain score down his shoulder. A lucky strike at his face nearly blinded him, but he ducked his head away and only felt its claw catch on the edge of his ear.

    As the three of them tore at the fox, Swanfeather thought for a moment that perhaps they would all be able to escape relatively unscathed. He swelled with pride and triumph as he saw Pearlpaw latch onto its neck and reach for a swipe at its eyes. Rip its eyes out, Pearlpaw! Show that dirty fox that it can't mess with Riverclan!

    He wanted to take advantage of the fox's moment of confusion and prepared to swipe at it yet again, but had to recoil with a jolt as the fox grabbed Pearlpaw and slammed her down by her leg. The creature was bloodthirsty and crazed with rage, suddenly ignoring Swanfeather in favor of this more vunerable prey. The sight of it beginning to savagely claw and snap at her flicked a switch in his mind. His previous attacks had been lightfooted and strategic, aiming to wear the fox down before they could drive it off. But now he could only form a single thought: Kill it before it kills her.

    The apprentice had managed to kick its snapping jaws away for a moment and Swanfeather lunged yet again, shrieking as he hooked his claws into its eye. He felt his claws sink into the soft jelly and he tore down as hard as he could. Let her go!

    //not sure how injured you want Pearlpaw to be here, so I'll leave it up to you to see whether the fox lets go of her, if Swan gets knocked away, etc. it might be interesting if one of the cats get moderately/severely injured (including Swan) but if that's not your thing that's cool too :)



  • ~Pearlpaw~

    Text Pearlpaw felt sharp fangs sink into her flesh, claws ripping through her skin,

    she could already see red puddling near her body. A boost of energy ran down her

    spine, taking advantage of it, she saw Swanfeather attack, the fox yelped in pain

    before throwing him off to continue what he started with Pearlpaw. she looked

    at its mangled bloody face, as it turned she latched her front paws on it face, and

    sunk her fangs into its muzzle, hoping to trigger something in its nose, she managed

    to make the fox yelp again, but this time, it snapped and grabbed on to her

    throat, Pearlpaw managed to turn her head letting the fox only cause blood, but

    not fatal, but instead, it gave Pearlpaw a deep cut across her face as she tried

    pulling away. The fox dropped Pearlpaw so it could get a killing blow in,

    "Im not going out yet bitch!" She snarled, both of their bodies were covered in

    blood, as the fox snapped, she rolled at slashed her claws across its good

    eye. She couldn't feel her body, her vision was blurred, and all she could see

    was red. But she wasn't going to accept death until she knew that this

    fox was dead. The fox now seemed to be fully blind. A smirk appeared

    on her face as she saw the fox thrashing in circles, it couldn't tell what

    was earth to sky at this point. She picked her bloody mangled body off

    the blood stained earth. She managed to hold herself up for a little

    while, before watching the world around her close in darkness, she

    felt everything leave as she collapsed.

    // Don't worry, she didn't die. just passed out by to much blood spill. But we should get a mc soon

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  • Swanfeather had landed hard after being thrown by the fox, and he felt the hard stones embedded in the forest floor dig into his back as the breath was forced out of his lungs. His head slammed back against the earth and the world went dark for a second. Fuck! Don't pass out! Swanfeather pushed through the fog with a yowl and hauled himself back to his feet before he started to sprint back towards Pearlpaw.

    The fox was a horrifying sight. Its whole body was scored with deep, oozing slash marks, and its russet fur had been dyed a wet, bright crimson. The half of its face where he had driven in his claws was a brutalized, shapeless hunk of meat barely still clinging to its skull. As he sprinted back to where the monster was slashing at Pearlpaw, he saw her finally deliver a blinding cut to its remaining eye. It suddenly reared back, confused and disoriented. Swanfeather didn't slow down as he crashed his full weight into the fox.

    Normally, he wouldn't be able to topple a fox, but this one was about as close to death as it could get while still being able to stand up. It lay in a heap on the ground, still somehow flailing those deadly claws while blindly attempting to get back on its feet. How the fuck is this thing not dead yet? Swanfeather sunk a clawed paw into the fox's chest, wincing as he felt its own claws gouging at him. He dived for its throat through the frenzied movements of its paws and sunk his fangs in. He squeezed his jaw shut, feeling flesh give way beneath his teeth until they clicked together, then jerked his head back, releasing a hot spray of blood and viscera as he tore out its throat. He spat out the hunk of meat, his face and chest coated with the fox's blood, before immediately turning back around to help Pearlpaw, leaving the monster to twitch and lie lifeless in the dirt.

    He felt panic bubbling in his chest as he saw her body still and unresponsive. Thrusting his ear into her chest fur, he heard the weak thump of her heart and nearly sobbed with relief. StarClan help me, StarClan help me... he could feel bile rising in his throat as the full horror of the situation hit him, but he pushed it down. Do I have time to go find a medicine cat? What if I pass out and she dies right here? I have to carry her back.

    He gripped her scruff in his teeth, and shakily stood. Pain flared hotly all over his body, but it somehow felt distant and numb. During the battle with the fox, Pearlpaw had been so quick and agile she seemed lighter than air. But now as her body hung limply in his jaws, her full weight was almost too heavy to carry. Even though she was just an apprentice, she was closer to the size of a warrior than a kit. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. As he half dragged, half carried her out of the clearing, he felt her fur and his own tangle on thorns and branches. He couldn't quite focus his vision, but that didn't matter. He knew where the camp was and he just had to keep walking. Back to camp. Back to camp. Back to camp...

    //what's the medicine cat procedure? do we have to tag one/make a new thread? Since swan is also pretty injured i was thinking he could make it most of the way back, then passes out so other people can join in and bring them to the mc <3 :)



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  • ~Pearlpaw~

    Pearlpaw could feel tugging at her scruff, she was

    Confused and her vision was still blurry and dark, she

    Was starting to come back, "Did we kill the that sick

    Fucker...?" Pearlpaw whispered weakly, directing her

    Language to the fox that mangled her.

    //Sounds good! Rootlegs   [Polynesia]   finchpaw !   Shorepaw.  

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  • //great, sorry my posts have been so long I've just been in a writing mood lol <3. one more and the medics are gonna have to swoop in

    The long journey from the far-off forest patch was almost over. Swanfeather heard Pearlpaw mumble something to him and was to relieved to realize she might be okay, if had managed to regain consciousness without the help of a medicine cat. "I killed it," was all he could manage. He wanted to describe in brutal detail how he had torn apart the disgusting thing, but he didn't have the energy to force out any more words.

    After the long time spent walking, the terror of the battle with the fox had faded, leaving him to feel the pain of his wounds in full. His flanks, shoulders, and face were scored with scratches deep and shallow. The strenuous work of carrying Pearlpaw along kept tearing at the wounds, not allowing them to start closing, and they had been slowly oozing blood for the entire journey back. The back of his head throbbed where it had slammed against the hard earth. His skin stung were fur had been torn out. Pearlpaw's weight was getting heavier with every paw-step. Camp was so close. He could make it. His heart was pounding too hard. His muscles were trembling almost uncontrollably. The rank scent of blood and gore and fox still filled his mouth and made him nauseous. Swanfeather swayed for a moment as black dots swarmed at the edge of his vision, moving in and out like tides. His paw got caught in an unexpected dip in the ground, and he stumbled. He let go of Pearlpaw and she landed with a small thump. He tried to pick her up again, but as he leaned down the blackness rushed into his vision and he collapsed into the dirt.



  • ~Pearlpaw~

    Pearlpaw felt her bloody body being dragged, and caught of thorns.

    She could still feel the fox ripping at her flank. She had enough

    power to lift her head to see Swanfeather fall, she looked at her side

    With squinted eyes. Her whole body was scarlet, she couldn't tell

    If it was her own blood, or from the fox. She could see her deep

    Gashes continuing to let out blood. She let her head drop back

    Down, she was to weak to keep it up. She could feel the darkness

    Begin to take her away again, "Help..." she whimpered

    Before watching her gaze fully turn black.

    //I totally get it, I don't mind with the long post, I would do the same, but I would just keep going lol

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  • Fishface had actually been following after Pearlpaw's scent. He'd noticed her before, when she left camp alone to hunt. he didn't want to be a nag but he felt nervous letting any young cat go out without a warrior. So he did the weird but sorta nice thing and just followed a distance behind. The distance steadily grew as they went deeper into the territory. He even lost her scent but managed to catch something on the breeze.. this wasn't right. He caught the scent of something so, very wrong. His stomach dropped, the smell of blood was heavy. His heart was pounding as he followed the horrible trail. The smells told a story, it told him of the fox, and the fear.. He continued until he came upon Swanfeather and Pearlpaw's unconscious bodies. Mangled and painted crimson. A look of horror crossed his features and he almost froze. It was such a shock - just moments ago things seemed so fine. Had all of this really happened so quick? And he caught the faint smell of Dogtooth.. where was he?

    He didn't have time to worry, and instead moved in to try and help. Hearing that sad, small cry for help from his mutilated apprentice. It certainly shattered whatever remained of his fragile heart. "I-It's okay! You're .. you're gonna be okay! Just stay calm. Alright? I'll get you some help pronto." He stated softly trying to remain as calm as possible himself. Swanfeather had clearly pushed himself beyond his limits. Though he was paying a bitter price, his efforts certainly helped, as the pair were planted extremely close to camp. The tom bolted to the clearing, long legs carrying him quickly to camp's edge, "WE NEED HELP OUT HERE! THERE WAS A FOX ATTACK!" He called, honestly trying to get the attention of anyone nearby. They'd most definitely need more than one set of paws. He looked down at the injured cats in disbelief, admiring their extensive injuries. It was such a mess.. it looked so painful.. he didn't have much medical knowledge but he decided to press some leaves down against the bigger wounds. At least that would sorta help it clot up, right? As soon as some cats arrived however he wanted to dart off and find Dogtooth. The longer he went without seeing a sign of the savannah tom the more anxious he got.

    (I hope it's ok if I jump in? )

  • In spite of how sick and exhausted she felt, Polysong wasn't a cat who would turn a deaf ear to the sound of anguish and so she grabbed an emergency kit and called to Finchpaw. "Finchpaw, grab a kit, somebody's hurt!" The she-cat called to her apprentice. Her ever-swelling belly slowed her down a little but she was determined to prove that she could hold her position even with her slight handicap. As she came upon the pair, she took note of the injuries, seeing Pearlpaw's very obvious flank wound. StarClan, her whole pelt was covered with blood and as she stopped beside the apprentice, she'd look to her mentor.

    His yelling was slightly bothering to her as it was likely it would only freak out Pearlpaw more. "Where was she hurt, do you know?" The medicine cat would request, setting down her kit. "Give us some space, we don't want to crowd her."

    Luckily for her, Swanfeather's injuries were a bit more obvious and she beckoned her apprentice forward. "Get marigold on those wounds and wrap them with cobwebs." Lost in the heat of the moment were a spiel about how normally they'd disinfect back in camp. After one of her first patients had died from a bite-sickness, she wasn't taking any chances.

    Starting with what she could see, Polysong would begin chewing up some marigold, gently applying it to the wound on Pearlpaw's flank. "Just take it easy, you're with your clanmates now. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise." Despite how soft her voice was, her words were firm and solid.


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  • at once, finchpaw was on her paws, teeth hooking a small preprepared bundle of herbs, as she raced after polysong, a chorus of cries for help making her skin prick uneasily. once the pair arrived, the scent of blood filled her nostrils. it was nauseating, and if not for the bundle of herbs right below her nose, she might've gagged.

    she settled down next to her mentor, close to swanfeather, and placed her kit at her paws. she didn't take note to who else had been injured for fear of overwhelming herself. this was her first time dressing such serious-looking injuries, and her heart fluttered nervously. the calm, firm voice of polysong reached her, and at once, finch was grabbing marigold and chewing it, making a bitter-tasting paste that she began applying to the very obvious, bloody wound. "hi, swanfeather," she meowed with forced calmness as she worked. "it's finchpaw. i'm gonna help you now! it's going to be alright." she focused most of her efforts on the large shoulder wound, but she also carefully addressed the nick in his ear and scratch below his eye.

    nervous eyes glanced to polysong's work to make sure she was doing right. they seemed to be doing similar things which assured her and lent her the strength to continue. she would then take cobwebs and begin to bandage swanfeather's shoulder just as she had helped do for her own paws only a moon ago. "we're almost done," she assured softly.


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  • ~Pearlpaw~

    Pearlpaw could feel herself slipping in and out of consciousness,

    She was taking fast and shallow pants as she struggled for breath.

    Her whole body felt like she just was thrown into a den of silver

    Thorn. Through weak bloody eyes, she could make out Polysong.

    She felt waves of heat hit her, then numbness. The most pain was

    At her right paw, where the fox had crushed in its jaws, before

    Throwing her off to the ground. Another spot that had been almost

    As painful as her paw, was her rips, and flank. She didn't have to

    Look at it to know that this was going to be a bad site. She closed

    Her eyes and gritted her teeth as she felt Polysong putting

    Something in her cuts. "Is Swanfeather gonna be alright?" She asked, not

    directly Talking to any cat, but more of just asking the words aloud.

    She could hear Finchpaw's voice, it sounded like she was treating

    Swanfeather. She prayed that Swanfeather was still alive. She

    Didn't want to be told that a cat had died because she wasn't

    Strong enough. The thought then occurred to Pearlpaw, that

    Maybe Swanfeather was fine. And she was the one to die. She

    Let the thought sit in her head for some time, before not caring

    If she died or not. She had saved a cats life, and gave her own.

    If this truly was her fate, then it wasn't a bad way to go. Besides,

    What did she truly have to live for? It's not like she had family,

    Kits, or a mate. All she had was herself, and the clan that she

    Riskeked her life to save a member of.

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  • "He's alright. Just worry about staying conscious for me, okay?" Polysong mews gently, working the marigold into her injured paw. There was a lot of blood but the ginger molly was certain that it looked worse than it was. Pearlpaw was going to be okay but she knew it couldn't happen without her full attention. Her tired honeyed gaze swept over the apprentice again, noting the injury on her ribs and chewing up some more marigold in preparation. Once it was good and soft she applied the paste into her wounds, whispering quiet comforting words to the she-cat.

    She caught Finchpaw's look and gave her a nod. From where she was kneeling, she could see that her apprentice was doing an excellent job. With that bit of assurance given, Polysong began to wrap the apprentice's wounds with cobweb. Once she was done they would have to move the injured cats. That would be the hardest part.


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  • Swanfeather's eyes fluttered open slightly as he heard a voice close to him. He recognized Finchpaw, the medicine cat apprentice- and his heart warmed a little even in his foggy state. The fact that such a young cat was so capable made him feel a burst of pride for his Clan.

    He didn't try to move as he felt poultices pressed into his wounds and cobwebs bind them closed, letting the apprentice focus on his work. Instead he focused on breathing and regaining his energy. Now that some time had passed and the stress of getting back to camp had lifted, he was feeling more aware and was thankful to note that none of his injuries seemed too dangerous. Sure, he still probably looked like a total wreck, but a lot of the blood in his fur wasn't his. He was young; the slashes, scratches, bumps, and bruises would all heal in time, if nothing got infected. The extreme fatigue and stress which had caused him to pass out when combined with the blood loss was fading. Beside the pain from his injuries, he just felt tired, stiff, and a little cold.

    "Thank you so much, Finchpaw," he said, gritting his teeth as the apprentice treated his injuries. If only that damn fox had known when to give up a fight. "I really can't believe I got myself into this mess. Well, I guess me and -" Swanfeather's heart skipped a beat and his eyes snapped open. He couldn't resist the urge to crane his head up, trying not to disturb the wrappings Finchpaw had applied. "Wait, where's Pearlpaw? Is she okay? Do you guys have her with you?" He felt as if he was shouting, but he didn't have the energy to force his voice much louder than a harsh wheeze.



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  • ~Pearlpaw~

    Pearlpaw listened to Polysong, she gave a little nod in agreement,

    "I will try." She wheezed, "Am I gonna be alright?" She asked,

    Gritting her teeth and flinching as she felt a horrible wave of pain

    Wash over her. She then continued to pant shallowly as she

    Struggled not to close her eyes. "I feel like I'm dying. My whole

    Body hurts." She mumbled angerly, squirming a little to try and

    Stop the pain.

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