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  • So I recently saw "Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic" which is based off of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. And I had an idea for a black butler thread that took place on the actual Titanic, but with my OC Zadie. And there might be some romance with Sebastian and my OC.

    Name: Zadie Amelia Rayne

    Nicknames: Zenny, Rain

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Date of Birth: October 31st 1894

    Usual Attire:

    Contract Mark Location: Under her left shoulder blade

    Just jump in!

    Zadie's hands scrunched up her dress as she lifted up her dress slightly since she kept stepping on it. "Curse these high heels!" She muttered to herself in utter frustration at the shoes she was wearing. They were most uncomfortable and she just wanted to take them off. Zadie sighed as her balanced wobbled on the heels as they clicked against the cobblestone street. Today was April 10th 1912. She and her butler, Sebastian, were boarding the luxurious RMS Titanic which was setting sail for New York in America. For Zadie, she had to deal with some business over in America so she and Sebastian were going to be first class. Everybody was thrilled, but Zadie was not. For she wasn't one for riding on a ship. The young adult let out a few breaths, her corset laced dress had been laced rather... tightly and it was uncomfortable and not very pleasant at all. "S-Sebastian. Wait up!" Zadie breathed out, her heels clomping loudly against the cobblestone as she made her way through the large crowd of people.

    Zadie heaved a breath as she ease catching up to her butler to the gangway ramp where passengers would board. "You remembered to get the tickets right, Sebastian?" She breathed, her hands gripping the sides of her dress which was lifted enough just to show the golden high heels that she was wearing. It was so noisy with the crowd of people cheering and waving. It was almost time for Titanic to set sail, Zadie just did not know what time it was at the moment. Her balance seemed to rocked back and forth in the heels that she was not used to wearing. Zadie could feel the blisters forming already on her feet. Fortunately, she kept her balance steady as she grabbed hold of the railing of the ramp so she could catch a breath first before boarding.

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