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  • TAGS ☆彡a story. tell a story. the request had bounced, back and forth, in his cranium for awhile now. tell a story... stay focused enough to talk, don't trail off, and don't make it too depressing. should've been easy, but it wasn't so easy. the thought kept bounding and rebounding in his usually empty head, but there was nothing he could do about it. it was still echoing in there, even as he did the other things ordered of him. start up a fire, blankets, snacks. check, check, and check. he even has a bucket of water, in case the fire got out of hand. but, he still hesitates for a long while, staring into the fire, as if willing for the answer to appear. of course, he's as far away from the fire as he can be, but that's beside the point. come over for a story, he'd call, abet weakly.

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  • Laureat couldn't remember the last time he'd listened to a story. His parents had never told him stories, in fact they neglected him. So he was obviously mildly interested to hear a story, so stepping over he made himself comfortable before Dreamdoll. Offering him a smile he remained silent awaiting for more tribemates to arrive.

  • Saleos had read many stories, though having them vernacularly spoken was something new to the girl. She believed there was something sacred to them, that they should be left in text for the ages instead of in the rustic elementary forms of spoken words. They’d be lost to time without records, known only through vague memories. She refused to let her stories, her experiences be lost to time even if most would outright refuse to hear them. Saleos’ tales were no fairy tales or cutesy stories of whimsical wonder they touched on the truths of their world. The fundamental dull reality of monotonous life and the lives all the creatures on this plain lived.

    Yet with these thoughts in mind she’d still approach, tail twitching as she stood not far from him and the one who’d just arrive sir Laureat. Her maw would open only to let out a trickle of forced words to get this going already ”Go on” time was of the utmost urgency, death came quick and Saleos would rather focus on it than this waste of time which she wouldn’t admit she was interested in hearing out.




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  • Tad had always enjoyed stories. His mother used to tell them to him when he was little - well, when she was around. Honestly, it was more often his older sister that nurtured those feelings. Shaking his head to remove those feelings, Tad trotted up and tilted his head curiously at Dreamdoll.


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