now it's time to dive in | blizzardclan pre-invite

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  • Persephone had taken it upon herself to travel to the new allies, something of punishment for not getting to her event any time sooner. Her wing had grown its feathers back just enough for her to fly, albeit a bit lopsided, and land (not so gracefully) upon the border. She didn't bring any gifts, figuring the new ambassadors would do that themselves, and waited quietly for someone to pass her by. As soon as someone did, the girl would pipe up with her normal grin, the rush of meeting so many new people so quickly getting to her head.

    "I'm here to tell you that you're invited to BlizzardClan's Moon Festival. It is meant to be a fun celebration for you and BlizzardClan's other new allies. I am here now to give you guys time to plan, for there will be a stage in case you would like to try some magic tricks or beautiful song you've been working on, or any other talent you wish to show off. Food and drink will also be provided, but if you wish to bake your own cake or bring a pile of bunnies, that is up to you! Either I, or the ambassador assigned to you guys, will be back here in a week's time with the official invite," she hummed happily, hoping that the Clan enjoyed her upbeat attitude, "Thank you for listening to me ramble," she then concluded, wings parted slightly as she tried to contain her excitement.

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    "Moon festival?" echoed Firefly as he slipped towards the Blizzardclan member, his head tilting with faintly suppressed curiosity. Well, it certainly sounded nice. Better than some of the... blood-themed ceremonies and celebrations planned in the Ruins, not that he'd openly admit that. "Thank you for the invitation," added the golden tiger with a warm smile and nod, "We'll be sure to start practicing!"

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