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  • In order to celebrate the Sun's glorious return to the land of which shadows rolled across their home, Junekit felt like playing a game with the rest of the clan. It was a real easy game, a game that he remembered playing some time ago— he couldn't remember when he had, it's been a long time since he's been able to, but he remembered it being really fun! Junekit had gone about through a more clear part of camp to set up two make-shift goals. There would be two large sticks forced into the ground parallel to each other one on side and it would be the same on the other with the sticks separated some distance apart. It was the best the child of three months could do with such a tiny body.

    In the middle, Junekit sat with a ball of moss in between his paws. The tall child would kick it around a little in his paws, the concentration evident in his gaze as he bit down lightly on his tongue. He kicks at the ball of moss, sending it flying vertically in the air where June would try to have it land on his muzzle. He'd totally forgotten what he was trying to do but it was perhaps only natural, being a child with an relatively short attention span. "Ah, I did it!" The boy exclaimed as he performs his little trick and even seemed surprised himself that he managed to do it. Dropping the moss ball onto the ground, Junekit suddenly remembers that he was supposed to be hosting a game, not play by himself. "Hey! Does anyone wanna play a game of moss ball with me? It's super fun and if you don't know how to play, I can teach you!"


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  • TAGS ☆彡moss... ball? it had been quite some time since the snow leopard had last played, especially with a child that wasn't his own. he was often made to appease his younger children, and had no troubles with doing so, considering he loved them. but it was a rare instance, where he wandered out on his own, doing something like play with another. he'd blink hesitantly at the call, swinging his gaze over to little junekit. he'd flag his massive, tufted tail, in greeting towards the youth, but would say nothing, hanging back off on the sidelines, intention clear.

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  • Ver had some idea what 'moss ball' was though she had to admit she'd never played it, even when she was a pup. She didn't have siblings and had sparingly been around newborns save for Saturnings' kits and Saoire's when they were still in their infancy. She'd avoided them as much as possible afraid of squishing them or hurting them, children were just so fragile and Ver though a 'relatively trained' careful mercenary was rather clumsy. Even around Junekit she was afraid she'd step on the little chaps toes or tail. She was so much stronger than him, and it horrified her.

    But she'd make her way over regardless bright toothy grin on her face and her tail slowly wagging behind her, she'd stop right besides Dreamdoll. ”If none of the kits show up i don't mind playing a few rounds with you June” she'd offer earnestly not wanting the child to be lonely just because his siblings hand't arrived to entertain him quite yet.





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  • Though she'd never played it herself, Mercy was sure she knew enough about the game to catch on fairly quickly. "I'll play, too, if you want," offered the molly as she approached. She barely knew Junekit, but she felt a rush of affection as she watched him run about; it brought to mind memories of her own children, all of who had disappeared long ago. A pang of sadness followed the recollection. The typically calm shadows obscuring her eyes began to churn slowly but restlessly.


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  • She was delighted to see that the game of moss ball still existed, considering it had been a while since the clan was live with kits Fayina, the mostly child-less mother would find herself melting at the possibility of enjoying a game from her own childhood. She had not played a game in perhaps a few years, instead focusing on well... surviving. Maybe it was time that she let down her guard and played a bit. So the temporary Shadowkeeper approached and seated herself, tangerine eyes fixated on the blurry masses of light that made up her clanmates. Maybe it would be surprising to some when she spoke up after tens of seconds of silence. "I will play, just for a little bit."



    mossball? what was that? the cub, though young, didnt have any siblings. all he had was his mom, and though he tried to play as much ad he could, after they got separated all he spent his time doing was worrying about his ma. "what's mossball?" he asked, making his way over as he sat down, sneezing slightly, his rounded ears twitching back and forth.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Her ears had initially twitched at the call to play, but then quickly pressed close to her skull when she realised that she didn't know how to play. The idea of asking and revealing her ignorance was too much to bare and she had been about to sulk away when a bear cub asked the question she was too afraid to ask. Verduredecline exhaled lightly in relief and changed her course to join the growing group. The number of people was almost enough to make her balk; the more people she didn't know, the higher chance of something going wrong.

    Figuratively, and literally, the frail feline decides to hold her breath on the matter, hoping this group truly offers safety in numbers.


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