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    ** Note: This guide is primarily for use in the extended game, however I'm sure that there is something to be taken away from it for traditional clans as well!

    What is a clanwide plot? A clanwide plot is exactly what it sounds like- a plot for the whole clan to get involved in. However, they are much more than that! Not only are they interesting and fun, they are also great ways to boost activity, morale, and just tie your members together overall. However, clanwide plots depend heavily on member participation. This guide will help you to come up with interesting clanwide plots that should get members more involved and interested in what you have to offer, as well as hopefully draw draw in other users!


    ➤ Tropes (and how to do them well) & brainstorming plots.

    ➤ Adding depth & getting members engaged.

    ➤ Promoting your plot & tips for participating.

    ➤ Conclusion & FAQ

  • TROPES (and how to do them well) & BRAINSTORMING PLOTS.

    What is a trope? The word trope can refer to any type of figure of speech, theme, image, character, or plot element that is used many times. In this guide, we will be using it as a word to describe commonly used (and often overused) clanwide plots.

    Knowing this, my first piece of advice to you would be to avoid tropes. Why would members want to participate in your tornado event in Exampleclan, if Diagramclan has a tornado event going on, too? There are certain tropes that are heavily leaned on throughout FeralFront when it comes to plots. Here are some that you should probably avoid:

    ➤ Moving territories

    ➤ Natural disasters

    ➤ Plagues / sicknesses

    This doesn’t mean that these types of plots can’t be done well, though! Surprise, tropes can be done well, as long as they have been thought through. If you want your clan to move territories, think of a creative reason for them to move territories. Is your clan shifting focus from what they once were? Are there too many members to fit into their camp? Instead of saying that Exampleclan’s territory has been destroyed by a fire, have their territory be terrorized for a while by a group of pranksters before finally being burned to the ground, fueling a deep grudge towards the enemies! Have Exampleclan swear to exact revenge upon those who have burned down their traditions and possessions. Does anyone die? What have the members lost in the fire? Instead of saying that Diagramclan has come down with the plague, make the cure a mystery to even the most experienced healer! Have the members try cures until they get clues to the remedy they need so desperately. What are the symptoms? How does this affect the clan’s territory and relationships with allies? How does this make them vulnerable? Will they beg for assistance?

    A good example of a trope being done well can be found in the Sanguine Ruins with their Red God events / plots. I don’t think that all aspects of religion-based events are tropes, but I think when it comes to a God descending on a clan demanding sacrifices, it bleeds into the territory of overused. However, they execute this plot very well. Not only has it been going on for a long time now, because of its longevity, the members of the Ruins are typically followers of the Red God. Because the members of the Ruins follow the Red God, the plots continue- it’s a symbiotic relationship. The Red God is also unique to the Sanguine Ruins, a tradition of theirs that brings a certain flair to the clan, making it attractive to joiners. The Red God brings down other plots upon the Ruins depending on the clan’s performance, too- if he is unhappy with the number of sacrifices made, he might bring down a plague or a natural disaster. This sort of layering gets away from being another trope, and is a good example of the way that clanwide plots can not only get members involved, but also go further and create unique, interesting worldbuilding for all of Agrelos.

    We will go over how to twist a trope into something more unique in the next post!

    As for more original ideas, there are heaps of things possible. My advice would be to think of things you haven’t seen. Maybe it’s something completely random, maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, maybe it’s based off of something you read once- either way, it’s your idea to mold and create now. Honestly there’s not much else I can say about coming up with your own plots. Try searching through TV Tropes’s plots section, or drawing inspiration from games or movies. Maybe get on pinterest and search random stuff. Brainstorm words with a friend and blindly pick three, then try to find a way to tie them together. Whatever you come up with, we can refine in the next step of the process.

    If you’re really stuck, try searching up plot generators and filtering the results through the development process! HERE is a generator I found. It spits out RPG Campaign plots, but with some tweaking, they might suit a clanwide plot well. If you want to do something with prophecies, there is a good prophecy generator HERE as well.


    The most crucial aspect to brainstorming plot ideas is thinking of things that get the members involved. More importantly, try to think of things sure to get the members’ characters involved. While the members of your clan are the ones who will post with these characters, the characters’ personalities will determine the overall reaction to your plot. If your clan’s inhabitants don’t believe in higher powers, for example, don’t try to suddenly implement a new religion by having some old god descend and try to force it on them. Oftentimes these types of events will go largely ignored by members.

    Another thing to do is ask questions. The five W’s (and one H) are a HUGE help when considering how to add more depth to your plot.

    ➤ Who is being affected by this plot? Is it just your clan, or is it their allies, too? Their enemies? Consider how the actions going on in your clan will impact those around them. Think butterfly effect (but of course, get permission from others if needed!).

    ➤ What is the plot itself? How is it unique to your clan? Is it something that only your clan would be able to participate in (like something with your clan’s specific traditions), or is it something more general that you have put your own twist on? Is it life-threatening? What keeps the characters engaged and willing to come back to the plot?

    ➤ When is the plot taking place? Since this one is a little simpler, I’d like to spin it a bit. When considering the ‘when’ question, I would consider the timeline of the plot. Is it all going to happen at once, or will it be spaced out over time? Is it long and involved, or a short burst? Do certain plot points need to be met, or can the plot happen over any stretch of time?

    ➤ Where is your plot taking place? Again, a bit of a self-explanatory answer, but try to take it a bit deeper. Think of it in a similar way to the ‘Who’ question; will this just affect your clan’s territory, or will it affect their allies, too?

    ➤ Why is this plot happening? Is there history to it, like in a war? Or is it random, like a natural disaster?

    ➤ How is this plot involving your members?


    This is all very important. But, nobody will want to participate in a clanwide plot if the leaders / high positions don’t seem involved. Make sure to promote your plot, whether it is ICly or OOCly.

    ICly, make references to your plot and what’s going on. If there is an outbreak of zombies haunting the territory, talk about how your character has heard them knocking on their door at night, and how they’re losing sleep over it. Make threads and discuss with other characters how to get rid of the zombies. Start banter with the zombies, maybe! Have your character visit a clan to see if there are zombies there, or if they might have a cure.

    OOCly, advertise your clan in your signature with a tagline about how there is an outbreak of zombies going on! Make threads in the Roleplaying Resources board asking for plots for infecting characters from other clans. There is also a thread made specifically for advertising things, which you can find HERE. Or, if you are a boarded group, you could use your monthly blue banner notification to advertise a clanwide plot! A lot of promoting your plots will require outreach to places you might not normally turn to- and that’s okay! Just be respectful and keep all of the FeralFront rules and guidelines in mind.

    If you’re participating in a clanwide plot and not one of the ringleaders running it, you can still follow the above guidelines. However, there are also other things to consider when it comes to participating in clanwide plots. The following will give some good hints and pointers to participating effectively in a clanwide plot, whether you are a regular member or a facilitator!

    My first piece of advice would be to think of every event as a development opportunity. Clanwide plots are fun and generally employed to boost morale / activity, but that doesn’t mean they should be treated as surface-level events. Every experience we have shapes us somehow- why should it be different with our characters? Running with our zombie example, consider how Fluffypaw would react to the sudden disaster. Would he be paranoid of the creatures trying to eat his brains? How would he defend against him? How has his past influenced his current decisions? Try to put yourself in Fluffypaw’s mind. Has he ever seen zombies before? Does he know how to fight? All of these questions should influence how you post with Fluffypaw.

    Here are some good, basic questions to ask yourself when considering how a clanwide plot might affect your character:

    ➤ Has your character experienced something like this before? How are they handling it? If Fluffypaw has never seen a zombie before, then this is an obvious no. Considering this, Fluffypaw would likely react with panic to the zombie apocalypse. He would likely be unsure of himself, because there is no rulebook for what to do, whether it would have come from his own memory or the memory of others.

    ➤ How does your character’s past influence their decisions in the present? If Fluffypaw has a history of fighting off rogues that invade his territory, then he likely would take the zombies head-on. He is clearly a brave cat with battle experience- why should he shy away from this challenge?

    ➤ What can your character learn from this experience? What can Fluffypaw learn from the zombie apocalypse? Well, there is probably a lot of knowledge about how to fight and kill zombies, but there are deeper things, too. Perhaps things that Fluffypaw doesn’t even realize. Does Fluffypaw consider how screwed up nature must be to bring corpses back to life? Does he trust that death is permanent anymore? How can he be sure a dead enemy will stay down from this point forward? Fluffypaw is likely to be more cautious in battle, or perhaps he will be more reckless than ever, believing he could possibly come back to life.

    All of these questions should help develop characters well not only in clanwide plots, but also in any situation.


    Well, that about sums it up! If you have any questions, ask them in the FAQ HERE. This can also serve as a discussion thread for questions pertaining to more specific scenarios. If you’d like my personal two cents on any clanwide plots you have cooking, don’t be afraid to PM me with them! I hope this guide is helpful to you in your plotting endeavors!