Accidental bond | Making a dangerous relationship

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  • Pearlpaw is a 10 moon old Riverclan apprentice, she is smart, strict, and serous.

    She rarely has a good time. But she can become stressed, and uneasy vary easily. She struggles with her harsh kit hood,

    and is unable to swim. She is rather embarrassed at the fact and has almost drowned multiple times.

    Open plots~

    Growing a friendship

    posible hate relationships

    a possible crush ( but she isn't likely to do that )

    Just throw something out and we could talk about it! :P

    Not open to~

    Major injury



    I lost everything... But gained the things I never had

    Pearlpaw ~ trad RC Apprentice ~ she-cat ~ 10 moons ~ bio

  • I'd be happy to have her and Eveningwhisper become friends! Evening is 12 moons old, only recently became a warrior. She is soft spoke and just recently overcame her anxiety and anti-social tendencies and she's due for some new friends.

    EveningWhisper ~ Daughter of FireFly ~ Sister to Onyx of Bloodclan ~ Warrior of Thunderclan

    Female ~ Straight ~ 12 moons