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  • He didn't know why, but when he woke up to the golden sun peering into his room, he had a sense of dread loom over him. Deadly anticipation sat like lead in his stomach and all throughout the day, he gave about shifting glances to those that passed him in the halls of their winding palace and seemed troubled a majority of the time as thoughts were tossed about in his head— thoughts that did not stop. Anxiety lurked deep beneath his skin but he did not dare confide in anyone about his horrible, terrible feeling. He quietly, subtly, asked for the warriors and older apprentices of the Dark Dynasty to send out a few more patrols than usual today. When inquired of the reason, he merely said: "I was thinking of getting our defenses up since we do have a murderer about," and they nodded their heads in understanding, unsuspecting, totally unaware of the crippling thoughts that made Softvelvet wish he could crawl into the deepest part of the palace and just cease to exist.

    Softvelvet would soon know that his feeling of something bad happening beforehand would be one that of truth. The male has never received omens before and yet he's heard they come in a variety of ways. Visions, emotions, mere coincidences happened upon in the real world— all sorts of ways. However, the possibility that this was a warning for something horrible to come was something that he did not consider. He had figured it was just his nerves and thought with sending out more patrols, that he would settle. It eased his nerves a little, knowing that their home was a bit more secure what with their minuscule numbers, but that sense of security did not last long. The catsune was settled in the main chamber when an NPC ran into the room, huffing and puffing and looking wide-eyed. They called for him and Softvelvet, rightfully concerned, answered hesitantly but made sure to keep his emotions and his expression in check. However, he froze when he was told what happened. Someone is dead on our border. The fur along his back rose, alarm seeping into his carefully crafted countenance. "I knew this would happen," He says, much to the NPC's confusion and before he could be questioned, he takes off without another word.

    He reaches the border not too long later and he slows to a trot as he comes across the patrol that happened upon this "murder." At first, the smell of blood did not startle him all that much. After all, there was no scent that accompanied anything nearby but he did not allow himself to rest easy as he crept closer, preparing himself for the sight that would cripple him for life. The patrol of NPCs, when they see Softvelvet, back up and away in reverence but the looks that they give him were... odd. They were filled with grief and they did not look him in the eyes. They were worried, afraid. What the hell is happening here? And then he sees her.

    Her little body is hardly recognizable but he knows its her. Its her. His baby girl. Astarte. A mother's instincts never betrays anyone— he knows that this was his child. A sound struggles out his throat, twisted and pathetic even for an regal man such as himself, and he crumples on the spot before his child's body. He does not care for the crimson that laid thickly at his paws, staining his ivory and golden marked fur. He does not care that there are people watching as he broke in front of their very eyes. He didn't care— he didn't care— he didn't care. "Oh, my child... my baby, Astarte... I'm so sorry." The reality sets in. The shock wears off. Sadness invades him and the feeling of loss is never before felt greater. Heartbroken sobs wracked his body forcefully, making him shiver and shake under the shade of the bamboo. Softvelvet picks up the mangled body of his daughter and holds her close to him and he does not move and he does not speak anymore.

    Loss was foreign to Softvelvet. He had never known what loss felt like until now— yes, only until now. He knew people died all the time and that it was just what happened. He never considered it would happen to him, as arrogant as that probably sounded, but honestly, it had just never came to mind. After all, he had been dealing with more shit the day he stepped out of the Korin Empire to travel out on his own. But god, he hated this feeling this gave him. This pathetic, empty, sinking, worthless feeling. This wasn't right. It just wasn't. Who would be cruel enough to take his daughter away from him in such a horrific way— murder? Why make him go through this tragedy? What had he done wrong?

    He's done nothing wrong, he's sure. Life was just unnecessarily cruel and evil.


    softvelvet hamrik + information + dark dynasty emperor + penned by yakan

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  • Nothing felt off that morning. Waking to the first rays of intrusive sunlight, he finds it in himself to let a warm smile spread across his features. Genuine expression of fuzzy delight, something that he has not really been able to feel for a long time. Putting it down to the fact that, for the first time in forever, he had been able to get a good nights sleep without any actual disturbances. Unlike Softvelvet, there was no concerns over a murder being in their midst or haunting their lands for two significant reasons. First of all, he did not even know that a murder had taken place at all though he would not have been surprised to hear it. In spite of the fact that they were quite the serene and quiet place, majestic palace nestled so neatly amongst shoots of bamboo which jutted out of the earth like soldiers awaiting orders, he knew that it was highly unlikely for them to have not made a major enemy in at least one individual or perhaps even an entire group. Vaguely was he aware of their deals with some rather unsavoury characters, deals with the devil, if you will. And from personal experience (him being the deceitful devil and never the victim), knew that scarcely ever did such arrangements end well. Second reasoning for his lack of a concern was that he was already aware of one such monstrosity in their midst: himself. Hardly could be quake in fear of that, hence why his slumber was a peaceful one and his waking even more so.

    At least, it had been until he heard shouting from outside, seemingly just under his window though that was unlikely due to the positioning of the room that he had chosen for himself. Feeling particularly rejuvenated, the glutton was willing to put aside the budding frustrations in place of curiosity, a loose interest in what was occurring beginning to take root in his heart thus meaning that, for now, he would not attempt to gut any fools. Stepping out of his room, tail lashing behind him as a ribbon caught in the wind, he watched the way that some of the NPCs seemed to rush to and fro like frightened mice scattering from a particularly ferocious feline. "Hey! You there! What's going on?" Hiryur called out as one passed him by and, moments later, the male was jogging down the front steps to make a beeline for the borders.

    Was it a good idea for someone such as himself to be present on a potentially triggering scene? No, of course it was not. Especially not with his immense hunger gnawing away at him. However some small part of him felt that, as a member of the group, he had an obligation to be present to hear what they planned on doing about it. Slowing to his typical strolling pace once the group come into sight, the charcoal serval expects to be witness to many things, various scenarios flashing through his mind, each one as delici- as saddening as the last. What he had not expected to see was the ethereal royal weeping over the mangled corpse of what appeared to be a child, cradling her to him as if he were frightened that some otherworldly being would try to pluck her out of his grasp. Perhaps it is out of respect for the leader that Hiryur remains silent in these first few minutes of him being present. Or, at least, that was how he would like it to be perceived since the lack of verbal input was moreso a consequence of the churning of his stomach filled with the brutal desire to make himself be the one to lunge forth and devour what remained. He knew, however, that he would not stop there. Hungry jaws would very very rapidly be shifted in a way to fix themselves around Softvelvet's throat too which was not what Hiryur wanted and not what anyone needed at the moment.

    Loss was not as alien to him as it was to the catsune. To lose someone unbelievably close to you is something altogether debilitating and almost surprisingly, Hiryur is more than simply well acquainted with it. Loss is the lover that he can not seem to shake, one who leaves to allow him to build up a sense of security once more only to bulldoze their way through constructed walls with the soul purpose of haunting him again. It was why he had stopped caring, the mangled corpses of his own friends and family as ghosts of his past becoming very prominent in the unfamiliar, unseeing eyes of the deceased. Taking in a slow, calculated breath, the wildcat shifts forwards so that he is in a position to stand in front of the patrol. Not much closer to grieving leader but still forming somewhat of a barrier. "Give the man some space." Blunt yet devastatingly calm domes ins voice once he feels as though he has his mind under enough control to be able to open his mouth and not latch onto a tasty morsel.

    "We'll find who did this but such things won't be sorted out until Softvelvet has enough time to come to terms with this, however long that may be. For now, leave him be to grieve." Stern instructions are uttered though he knows that he has no authority here and they could tell him to go get fucked if they wanted to. Still, it does alleviate that feeling of tension in his chest to be able to take back some control from the situation after the weight of his own memories begin to filter through the fine screen that he had put up to keep them out of his mind. Watching the uneasiness amongst the patrol, the serval merely quirks his brows upwards slightly in a gesture that one might see as a subtle threat though any warning is wiped from his face as he pivots back to look down at Softvelvet, head tilted slightly with traces of empathy aglow in otherwise void cherry blossom eyes.

    He knows that he is supposed to do something here though, is uncertain as to what. Words of condolences had always pissed him off and so, Hiryur believed that that would be the same for this male too. Instead of speaking further, he sits himself down, tail curled neatly around his paws with his head lowered a fraction. Wordless motion to cement him in his place, indicating that he is there if the leader wants to talk or if he wants to tell Hiryur to get lost. Knowing how Softvelvet was feeling, Hiryur found that he would not mind either way. For this one occasion, he was willing to drop his entirely villainous existence for this case. Willing to offer kindness where he otherwise would turn a cold shoulder, hoping that that will be enough.


    ———— hiryur dairaku, dark dynasty, gluttonous ghoul, tags, penned by renaismic

  • The loss of a child. Breakout couldn't image the pain of losing something that was apart of you. One of the reasons he hesitated to get his own children one day despite how damn much he wanted someone was for this exact reason he now walked straight into. Breakout's heart crumpled inside of his own chest by seeing this sight, feeling so much for his boyfriend right now. He know how much he had loved his daughter, how most he loved both of them. They where his whole world and someone had have the damn guts to take one of them away from him, to rip them into pieces and leave the pieces behind for thier mother to found. What sort of a bastard - no monster would do a such thing like this?. He swore to god, he was going to found whoever had done this and rip them apart to very tiny pieces. The Praelium was beyond pissed at this point but he know now was not the time to lash out, to go on a rampage because the one how suffered the most right now was Softvelvet.

    " Sofie..." he said softly, a painful look upon his face as he was filled with sympathy and could feel the loss as well. Even if Astarte not was his own had wanted to be apart of her life, to watch her grow up into a amazing women. But now she never would be allowed to. He felt grief over the thought that this girl never would get to grow up at all. Breakout would come closer towards the catsune slowly as he would lay himself down beside him so he could comfort his mourning boyfriend. " I'm....sorry.." he would whisper, there was nothing else he could say. This whole thing was far to heartbreaking. It killed him inside to watch what had happend to Astarte, to see Softvelvet in so much pain.

    // uugh, this is bad, but omg my heart just got ript out from my chest, poor Sofie :-:


    ¤ the assassin / hellhound / the exiles & dark dynasty ¤

  • Softvelvet hadn't even realized that he'd been approached by other people until he took the chance to gaze up wearily from his daughter's corpse, his mind skipping to other possibilities. What if, what if...? His breath stammered and sputtered and it felt like his heart was constricted so tightly within his chest that it was simply going to collapse in on itself. He does not speak as Hiryur gives out stern instructions to those who were standing much too close for his liking but he forces out a harsh whisper that is aimed towards those who loitered nearby, "Don't let Angelina see her sister like this..." The girl was still so young and despite all of what she might have seen in the Exiles, nothing could prepare her for the gruesome loss of a sibling being ripped away from one's loving embrace. For a moment, he exchanges a quiet glance with Hiryur, ever so silently grateful that the male had stepped up to give some sort of order to this more than dispiriting situation.

    With lead sitting heavy in his chest, the stench of blood clogging up his nostrils and making him sick to his stomach, the bloodied catsune forces himself to stop sobbing so horribly. He clamps down upon his rose colored lips until they bruise and bleed and he reluctantly takes a step back from the mangled corpse that used to be his youngest child. Softvelvet turns right towards Breakout the moment he feels his presence near him, burying his face into his boyfriend's dark colored fur with a shaking, wheezing cry leaving him. "I shouldn't have ever left, Break," He says in a sad murmur, "This wouldn't have happened..." Even though he wanted to blame his daughter's death on someone there was no one to blame but himself. If only he hadn't been so selfish as to leave the Exiles in such a heated fashion, maybe Astarte wouldn't have turned up dead on his border. Maybe this was revenge because he'd left after shoving blame of another child's death unto them. His mind could not stop blaming himself.


    softvelvet hamrik + information + dark dynasty emperor + penned by yakan