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    APRIL -

    MOON FESTIVAL | 4/20-4/21 | Persephone

    If you would like an accolade to be assigned to your character account, please post here with the form below (reminder that all HPs and titles must be earned ICly and are given out by the leader at the weekly clan meetings). This thread is specific to accolades for the BlizzardClan HPs and BlizzardClan titles. Feel free to track the thread!



  • LINK TO ACCOUNT: https://feralfront.com/wcf/user/300782-persephone-k-s/

    ACCOLADE DESIRED: Adventurer, Ranger, Keeper, and Paladin Commander, please <3 (hopefully I'll keep up with this in the future hhh)

    Also I would love to try again with the festival - could Percy possibly hold it next weekend (20-21 April) and maybe invite the newer allies instead of the Valhalla? (or all of the above if you really wanted kjdfbldbgsb)