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  • It had been some time since the last meeting, but Ruth found herself hopping up to her usual spot to make a few very exciting announcements. There would be some new tyros today, and some promotions as well. BloodClan was in a new era of prosperity now that the war was over and she had made an even stronger alliance with DarkClan because of it. Even if they had lost WindClan, at least they had Driftingstar to count on as an ally.

    "BloodClan!" Ruth yowled to call the attention of her followers. She waited until enough had gathered before speaking again. "The Gathering went well despite RiverClan leaving. I am proud of all of you for speaking civilly to the Clan cats. We shall go again next moon. Anyone is welcome to join Wildseas and me." That was that. She had nothing more to say on the matter. It had gone well and she was excited to see more of what was to come for the future. "I would also like to announce that Sorrelstar and I have settled on neutrality again. Driftingstar agreed to end the war and our alliance with DarkClan is stronger than ever. DarkClan will be hunting rats on our territory for the next moon. I ask that you all be welcoming of them and show them how to hunt the rats if they need the extra help."

    Now on to important things. "With Luna's death, we must promote a new head guard." Hearing the death of her mother had wrenched her stomach. She still bore the sadness with her even now, especially because she and Luna had not ended on the best of terms. "Wildseas and I have agreed that Artemis will serve wonderfully in her place. Artemis has been a guard for many moons now and it is time she takes on a new responsibility. Likewise, Keaton and Wheatbell, I would be honored to call the both of you my new guards." Though she knew the adjustment into BloodClan must be hard for a loner and a SkyClanner, both had proven themselves to be loyal to BloodClan, and Ruth knew they'd serve well.

    "Finally, Cataclysm, Cora, and Dart have all reached the age of six moons. Cora will be trained by Wildseas and Dart will be trained by myself. Cataclysm has decided to take on his own training," she mewed. "Congratulations. You three will make wonderful warriors of BloodClan. Now, does anyone need a Blood oath?"

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  • Congrats Artemis on HeadGuard!

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    From Goldy’s character Poisonstrike:


    ”...Most of them just don't come to this one cause's it's a dungpit run by a paranoid rat." He quipped angrily, his tone cruel and jabbing. He didn't feel any sympathy for sorrelstar's plight, and wasn't about to show compassion. She was rude to him, and rude to his prize. Therefore she was an enemy.

  • Head guard. How he hated that rank, what was the point of it? Why not just combine it with deputy? It was basically like having two deputies. He just hoped that they treated Artemis with more respect than they had Luna. Jackasses. Also, who the hell was Keaton? The name sounded familiar, but who the hell was that? How often did Runil see him around? Uh, whatever. It didn't matter. What did matter, was little Wheatbell's promotion, that warmed his heart a little bit. Granted, in this clusterfuck of a clan it wasn't exactly the type of promotion you'd want, but hey, shit happens. His only question would be, who the fuck would ever want to lead Bloodclan? They lived in some bunk ass city, with some bunk ass members, with some bunk ass morals that were changed at the flip of a hat. Was this an extremely annoying tangent? Yes. Well, seeing as none of it pertained to him in any way, then he could leave. Shrugging he turned and made for the exit, why had he even shown up? What a waste of his time.

  • — Wheatbell would be quick to approach upon hearing her leader's call, though sometimes she did admittedly question Wildseas and Ruth she still respected them as the heads of the clan. She couldn't look at them the same... after Wildseas hurt the innocent apprentice and Ruth mused him on. What was she expecting though? This was BloodClan, a clan that wore the fact they were a group of cutthroats like a badge and hell some of them were proud of it. She'd always be loyal but that wouldn't stop her from speaking out about it, if she didn't believe in something she'd say it. She would...

    And they were attending next months gathering. She didn't see a problem with it... but if more of the clans besides RiverClan ended up having a problem with it things may not work out too well for them... Though she was happy to hear BloodClan had been polite when they had went, she wondered what her mother thought. What SkyClan thought? Especially after Revolution had harmed her brother. With a small sigh she would shake the thought of old friends and family out of her head and continue listening... Head guard.

    It saddened her a new one had to be chosen, it saddened her Luna was no longer her among them. Wheat had arguably not known the former head guard for long but she was family, so she ultimately was saddened by her death. She could only imagine what the rest of her family was feeling... she couldn't imagine losing her mother, or her mate. However, she was pleasantly pleased to hear who got promoted to head guard. Artemis. Once again Wheatbell wasn't too familiar with her, but from what she heard she seemed like an excellent choice. Like Rulindil, she hoped that perhaps her word would get taken a bit more seriously. Looking for the molly, not sure if she'd even see, she would shoot her a small smile and a nod of congratulations before focusing back on the meeting.

    Her heart jumped when hearing her name alongside Keaton's, wait. What? It took her a moment to register what Ruth had said, she a guard? What an honor! She had just gotten her blood oath done last meeting, so this meant that Ruth and Wildseas trusted her and seen potential in her... right? Despite her recent bickering? With a nervous smile she looks up to Ruth and nods gratefully. "Thank you Ruth. I promise not to let you or BloodClan down." She purrs with a nod, before trying to find Keaton among the group to give him a small smile and nods of congratulations just like she did with Artemis.

    Then moving on, Cora, Dart, and Cataclysm were all promoted to tyros. She had talked to both Dart and Cora a few times and she knew the younger cats would make great warriors- or members when the time came! However not long after her direction would be taken over to Rulindil, a small frown formed on her features. Was he okay? She was sure Luna's death still troubled him... no no off course it did. If it still bothered Wheatbell of course it would still be effecting Luna's mate. She was still... angry about her death, she wanted revenge and she wanted to find the cat that did this to her. She was almost positive that perhaps Rulindil had the same feelings. With a small sigh she looks back over to Ruth awaiting to see if anything else is needed to be said.




  • Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.

    She emerged a specter of ocher and smoke, her coat hanging loose on her frame. She looked thinner these days, a prominence to her skeletal form. In reality, she had put off eating, the taste of flesh flat on her tongue. Grief did that to you, swallowed you up. Luna had died, and though death was an all too familiar concept to the Bloodclanner, it fell like pain around her heart. The silver molly had been a mother too her, taking up the slack when she had arrived an abandoned kit.

    She took a seat, silent, burning amber eyes a fierce ember as she gazed up at their leader. Ah, Artemis. She would do a good job. She didn't know who the others were, but knew they would rise to the challenge. She dipped her congratulations, her ringed tail wrapping around the dilute torbie's dusty paws.


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    Perhaps Johanna was to young to be attending a meeting, but as her precious Mama was dead, and her Papa usually made it clear that he hated it in Bloodclan, there wasn't really anyone to stop her from being there. As such, the silver shade would walk into the meeting place, a tiny glowing light in the midst of Bloodclans shadows and blood stained presence. Her brilliant green eyes would flutter up to meet the gaze of her leader and sibiling, did she miss Mama too? A flicker of movement would cause the kittens head to turn and watch as her Papa left the scene, causing her ears to flatten ever so slightly.

    description "speech" thoughts

    Do they think that walls can hide you?

    ( I am in the dark beside you )

    ( ❃ ) ——— ( ❃ ) ——— ( ❃ ) ——— ( )

  • Slinking through the everlasting cast of the shadows the city seemed to leak across the city, the ivory creature paused to kick away a candy wrapper from his path. Lashing his feathery tail to lift the trash into the air he watched it from the corner of his eye before continuing forth. Things in Bloodclan have been every bit of the word stagnant, which wasn’t really a bad thing. It was as the light strunk his crimson hues did the leader’s voice ring along the walls of the house, rattling the old wood with her vociferous tone that held nothing short of power.

    Twisting on foot, Keaton stalked down the hall, humming behind his exposed chops that rattled together lazily with each step. Massive shoulders swaying as he entered the meeting room with slight hesitance. Settled below was Rulindil, artemis, Wheatbell, his eyes flicking between as the crowd grew he found himself scooting along the edges. Secluded from the rest, the crocodile-like feline found himself seated up straight as though his spine had stiffened below his pelt.

    Alas, the meeting took off, immidiatly slipping through the subject of allies, which seemed to be in their favor. Well, thank god for that, all good things seemed to come in time. Now, there they stood on the subject of Luna’s death. Luna, she was troubled for sure, but who dare judge her for such a decision? he wouldn’t stand for it, for he had also tried in vain to take his own. She had lost too much, sometimes people were like vases, with every loss the surface gained a crack. Luna had shattered. However, rumor seemed to have it that Luna was murdered. Perhaps he had been mistaken.

    Artemis, word had it she had been in the guard seat for quite some time, no doubt she deserved the position she was delivered. Shame he hadn’t got to interact with her yet, but he wasn’t quite the social butterfly. Selectively social, yes, that’d be the words to describe him. ‘likewise, Keaton and Wheatbell…’ the albino’s eyes widened in shock as his name was called. He of all people had been noticed, had been selected, as guard? His heart pounded, hell, this was the first time he had felt anything since Gwen passed away. She was honored to call us guards. He moved his attention to Wheatbell, the lively former skyclanner seemed to display just how he felt internally. The fawn molly with the purple collar turning her head and meeting his gaze, offering the most gentle smile he had ever received. He wished so dearly that he could reciprocate. He dipped his skull to express his return of praise. Releasing a barbed tongue across his jaws before speaking up toward Ruth. "I too, will do my best to serve you." his tongue danced with the pronunciations smoothly.

    His pulse was still dangerously high as she continued with the promotions. He stared at his paws in shock, realizing now that his claws had sunk into the wood. Is this my purpose, Gwen, can you see me? he closed his eyes momentarily, his lids lifting in time to see a rather disgruntled Rulindil leave the room. Was he not happy with her decisions? his brows furrowed in curiosity and his brain twisted into conclusions.

  • lithe figure of ebony delight strode to answer the call of ruth. intention in virid eyes at the mention of the next gathering lit up; of course, he would be elated to join the gathering again. reconnecting with long lost friends seemed like a very promising prospect.

    at the mention of darkclan and rats, viperkit's hues sparked in surprise. he hadn't heard anything about rats in the territory, but it was certainly a good thing that darkclan was going to help them, and they in return. a small nod indicated that he had heard her, urging her to continue.

    although luna had died, it seemed almost too soon to promote someone to head guard, yet artemis would fill that role perfectly. a small smile and "congratulations" could be heard from the figure swept in darkness. his time to fulfill his dream of becoming a healer's apprentice would have to wait it seemed, as the mention of the new tyros taking their blood oaths.

  • The pale brute sauntered over, quietly taking a seat as Ruth called for a meeting. The news of neutrality with ShadowClan was certainly good, but the subsequent mentioning of Luna's death put something of a somber tone in the air. It was so sudden. But cats died - such was life. No sense dwelling. They had to move forward. Artemis's appointment as Head Guard was no real shock - she had been a guard since before Bune had even come to BloodClan. It was probably about time she made a step up. The scarred tabby remained silent throughout the meeting, as was usual for him.



    Bune / Male / BloodClan / Guard / 22 moons / penned by Monahan

  • //Bast needs her blood oath <3

    The tripod creature had been summoned from her resting spot, single leg shifting to support the young creature and she limped forward to stand beside Keaton, looking up at Ruth with her tail flicking. Keaton and Wheatbell were called to be guards and Artemis replaced the persian cannibal in being Head Guard. She watched as the newly appointed guards stepped forward and she murmured to the albino-him sitting on her left for once-with her voice soft and sincere, "Congratulations. I feel it'll suit you." Her tail curled around her as she finished, rump falling down gently to sit and eyes turning back to Ruth with scarred visage and rapidly flicking ears. Once the meeting was over, the Siamese would push for those to begin doing the pit. She wanted Bloodshed. She wanted relief from her pent up emotions by watching vicious cats rip eachother apart and...perhaps she should begin them? She was lost to her thoughts and ideas, claws twitching to begin tapping the ground like woodpeckers as she fell out of the current situations.

  • 「 love to hate me — spit me out like hot wasabi 」

    There was a part of Bianca that longed to be acknowledged as the guard she secretly was, wanting BloodClan to know that she had achieved a position that proved she raised herself up from the helplessness she had arrived to them in. But the pretty Persian knew her position was kept secret so that she could report back to Ruth while also infiltrating the revolution that Phoenix was attempting to spearhead. Things had been quiet as of late, and Bianca wondered if they were losing steam. It would be a peaceful and easy way to resolve the situation, but Bianca wondered what would become of herself it the revolution ended before it even began.

    Watching the ceremonies quietly, the former kittypet was quiet and observant as guards were promoted and tyros named. She had several things to attend to today if it was to be productive.

    speaking thoughts

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ a certain amount of surprise swam in the golden depths, and yet something inside of her had been expecting this. she was the most likely choice, it simply pained her that it had come so soon. she hadn't liked luna... that much was true. yet seeing the former head guard dead, heart ripped out, a shell of her former glory, well, that hurt. luna had been the strong backbone that they never thought they needed. now she was gone and artemis was expected to take her place. the shadowy assassin simply nodded at the word of her promotion, allowing a small smile to grace her face. "thank you, ruth. i accept."

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    artemis ——– bloodclan head guard, tags, penned by lavendes

  • Arya, new to BloodClan, made her way towards the call of who she believed to be leader. Her voice was strong and unwavering as it carried over the territory. Unable to see the ebony and flame leader, the kit's slender frame fought past the multiple cats gathered. Clawing and trying to fight her way, she felt back onto her hindquarters. Her green eyes stared at the cats that stood in her way. One day she would be strong enough to push them out of her way. For now, she would just have to listen to Ruth's words.




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  • The kitten bounded over, knowing this had to be the meeting he and his siblings became apprentices. He listened with an anticipation, bored by all the talk of politics. At some point he'd need to know that- for when he became leader, of course- but for now he didn't really care. He just wanted to start training! Finally, Ruth mentioned his and his sibling's names, and announced they had reached the age of becoming tyros. He puffed out his fluffy black chest, head held high. And to his great excitement, his mom announced she would be teaching him herself! Wow! His smile was about to burst. Ruth moved on quickly, but he didn't mind. "Yeah!" He exclaimed to no one in particular. His path to greatness had begun.

    He was happy for Wheatbell though, as the she-cat he considered a friend was named Guard. However, it just wasn't as exciting as his own promotion to tyro. Under Ruth. The best team-up ever.



    d'artagnan + 6 moons + ruth x aleksei + bloodclan + rped by baratheon

  • Ruth was pleased that Artemis, Keaton, and Wheatbell had accepted their new positions in the Clan. She was confident that they would do wonderfully in their new positions, guarding her life, Wildseas' life, and enforcing the rules of the Clan. Her eyes scanned the ground, landing briefly on Dart who cheered for himself. Her chest puffed out proudly at her son before her dark gaze landed on Bast. "Bast, it has come to my attention that you still need to take the blood. Please step forward," she mewed. Unsheathing her claws, Ruth continued. "You've been in BloodClan a short time, but you've already proven to be an admirable addition to our Clan. Let this oath mark many moons of loyalty and service," she said, aiming to slash an 'x' shape into the she-cat's paw.

    — ✘ —


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  • WtJEMAr.gif The gathering went well? She was happy to hear that and was looking forward to going next moon. Bee wondered what the forest cats were like and how they would act. Her mind drifted away into thought before looking back to Ruth. Watching them mark the other cat. Cool! Bee kept quiet and wondered if there was anything else Ruth needed to say before the meeting was fully over with. "" .

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    bloodclan member 10 moons girl baxon x flicker

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