What's Wrong Buddy? (Private)

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    The wide open field smelled of fresh lavender and spring breeze, and the glow of the spring sun brought warmth to Cobalt's face. It wasn't everyday that the Lucario could be in picturesque conditions; he would've made his trainer bring a camera just for that reason...

    But that wasn't why he was there...


    Cobalt's world suddenly turned upsidedown as his body acted on reflex, jumping backward into a handspring to avoid the wave of pink passing by his left. As he gracefully landed back on his legs with attunement to an acrobat, he stared his opponent dead in the eye. Gallades were incredibly honourable when it came to a fight, but the trainer behind it seemed to instill a sense of desperation in it as it fought.


    Once more did Cobalt move like the wind, letting the next slash of pink energy cut the grass behind him. A shame he couldn't admire the scenery, but he had a fight to attend to.

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