pompeii [ anchorpoint ]

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  • beacon

    As expected, the seers weren't exactly pleased to see Beacon back in the Trade Center, not because they didn't like or care for the kitten, but because they'd known they were not going to stay in BlizzardClan like they said they would. The scent of the clan still lightly clung to their thick fur, but so did the scent of several clans they'd passed through on their adventure. Finally, their spirits had sent them back to their home. Where they'd been born and raised. They had heard a lot on their journeys. Now it was time for them to return to what they were meant to do until the end time.

    The big-eared kitten sat at a booth much smaller than those used by others at the Trade Center. It had a sign above it, the word "QUEST" written in bold, capital letters. The spirits whispered ideas quietly in the background, but Beacon tuned them out, something they rarely did, as they waited for somebody to arrive. Somebody would arrive soon.





    beacon - really bad prophet - played by ripped pants.

  • — There's no point in Anchorpoint being here. She has nothing to trade and nothing to sell. She's a hunter, sure, but at this point all her kills are spent feeding herself and the clan. There isn't enough extra meat for her to use as a bartering token. It's a vicious cycle: she could catch more prey with traps, but she doesn't have the right materials to make traps with, and though these materials could be obtained in the Trade Center, she doesn't have anything to trade with, because she doesn't have any traps.

    So all she can do is window shop. As the griffin gazes longingly at the plethora of trap materials so close yet so far from her grasp, she passes by a peculiar booth manned by a kitten with ears too big for their head. Anchorhead blinks and doubles back, wondering where the kitten's parents are.

    "Hello there," she says, more relaxed than she would usually be throughout a social interaction. Children are easier to talk to than adults. She taps the signboard. "Er, what exactly are you selling?"