A Fox's Love Adorned With Red Paper Lilacs (PAFP)(Boy x Boy)

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  • He nodded,but upon noticing his face he laughs a moment"Don;t worry I wasn't doing what you think. I was on my way tio take this to a little free library not far from here when I kinda got sidetraked by something more importan tin my life" He blushes lightly.

  • Tenshi could only stare wide-eyed at the other male before felt his face slowly heat up as he realized what he meant and with that realization, he averted his gaze back to the book with slight interest, more so to calm himself down before he embarrassed himself. "Tomorrow... Do you wish to come to my house? It is quite plain and expected from what you would expect from my family's wealth... But I want you to sort of meet my parents, just to put some familiarity between you and them before the day comes when we confess our relationship."

  • He nods "Yes ,I shall be glad to come I will drive so as not to have to make use of your driver,No need to burden tehm with extra work,as You can se emy car is reliable and quite sensable yet still appeals to a more expensive sensibility so they shouldnt feel as if I am to poor or beneath them to associate with" H emsiles"Not to say your famiyl thinks that way perse but jsu tin case." He smiles lauaghing nervously.

  • "Even I don't believe my family is that snobbish to think little of someone else especially if I'm the one to bring a 'friend' over for the fire time in a while. They would likely be shocked to see you along with me so I believe there is nothing to worry about in the matter." He had yet to even socialize or even try to become acquaintances with others due to his own attitude towards their intentions and their 'clingy' nature around him with his appearance as the reason. "Though I don't know if they would accept me going to another's house without a personal driver but I'll convince them..."

  • "It's alright Here we are" He gets out of the car and opened the door for the other smile on his face as he gently takes the others hand and kisses it."I shall see you tomorrow m love