A Fox's Love Adorned With Red Paper Lilacs (PAFP)(Boy x Boy)

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  • He nodded"I like it to,Its like people were all different colors but deep down were all human"

  • "You certainly search for deeper meaning than anyone I've ever known. But I believe you are correct and yet here all of these fish together without bothering each other and living in harmony." He found the colors comforting as much as they were interesting for the slight movements in the water as the fish swam around with ease soothed him in a way. "Makes you want to forget about your worries."

  • He nodded"I agree, It's like hen Im with you, I forget that People think of me as apoor nobody with you I feel as if teh world is my oyster and that I can be anything,You r my light and aht keeep sme going"

  • "You certainly make me feel like the most important person in the world with those words..." He could feel his face heat up slightly at those words for he never expected in his life to be considered someone's very purpose. "... Do you feed these fish? Or are they capable on their own?"

  • "Your welcome to feed them if you like they get fed on occasion" He brings the specially made koi food treat over"These are special organic fish treats I purchased for them its a treat for them on ocasion as I do like to watch them feeding sometimes

  • "Oh... These fish do look they are spoiled yet healthy at the same time with how big in size they are but then again I don't have any past experience to know their size normally." Without any further words, he took a couple of the treats and threw them out into the water, spreading them out enough that most of the koi would get a piece.

  • he watches him, smiling as he does. After a moment he takes the treats though some himself and then puts them away, heading back towards the house. After a month or two returns back to the koi pond this time holding a net, he dips it into the water and the koi comes up. He looks over at the mail this Coit here it's one of my prized possessions it's the first one I ever got I want you to have it because you're that important to me and it's a symbol of my love, I'm not sure whether or not you'll be able to take it with you but if not you can stay here and still be your koi.

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  • Tenshi could only look at the koi in the net because he certainly did not expect to be given one but that didn't mean he wasn't going to accept the gift of such a pretty fish that held a deeper meaning than one would expect. "I can't accept the koi now but next time I come over, I'll be sure to bring a small tank to be able to bring it over to my house even if my parents end up not being too keen on the idea of bringing one into the house."

  • He nodded"I cannot wait to show you more of what I have to offer but for no Allow me to drive you home" He leaves chaning out of his k imono and int some normal street clothes keepign the sandals dude to teh eese of convinence"Alright let us go

  • Tenshi gave a slight nod as he followed after the other male without missing a beat, making sure he did not end taking too much of the other's time. "Personally I believe you showed and taught me more than I expected of today. Though then again I did not expect your home to contain so much traditional history within it's walls."

  • "Well I am glad I could surprie you" He gently snuggled against the male a moment blushing. Upon opening the door for hte male he siles"And if you eer ant to come by your always welcome even if it means staying teh night beucase your not comfortable at home"

  • Tenshi could feel his face heat up slightly at the soft snuggle but he soon calmed down and situated himself comfortable in the front passenger seat, softly mumbling a 'thank you' to the male with a small smile. He certainly will be coming back here, at least every once in a while to enjoy the silence and environment as well as to get to know the other male better. "I'll certainly be coming back. It is quite nice here, it makes me feel at ease and it certainly doesn't feel stuffy and over-decorated as home."

  • He noded"I try to keep minimal I do enjoy some modern convenices like televiosn and compyters,but I try to limit m ise at home. I have it but I try not to use it unless theres somethign I really must watch"

  • "I see... You truly separate yourself from the outside when at your own abode which seems like it would be quite relaxing with no distractions and simply enjoying what is around you." He truly had never heard of someone minimizing their technology use but then again, the world outside was completely different in both decor and their thoughts on importance. "What do you watch exactly? I never got to know much about your likes and dislikes besides your love of tradition."

  • "I try my best to not watch to many distracting things But I do love watching dramas set in teh past and Ill admit I do ocasioanlly like a good yaoi or two: He blushed darkly

  • "Hmm? That's quite interesting... If don't mind, you should show me your favorite shows one of these days." He tried to hide how red his face must be at hearing such a familiar 'term' that he has heard girls talk about occasionally, out in the halls and pretty much left to their own little bubble.

  • "I don't expect you to show me the more 'interesting' works of that genre since I would be considered new and I feel like it would be easier for me to be eased into such." He didn't want to experience the whole 'experience' in one go even if their relationship would entail such acts with their furthering relationship, he just felt it would be a little too much to take in for one who has never participated in any relationship nor any physical affections prior to this all.

  • He nodded and pulled a book out of his backseat"Here try this to start its calledthe Kitsune and the florist its a cute bl yaoi,it does get more intense later int eh rest of the books but it stays mostly clean save for book two when Kikiyu gives Akumi a suck or two "

  • Tenshi could only look at the book given to him before giving a slight nod though he had to wonder why the male had such a book in the backseat of his car, sometimes somethings are best left unanswered. "I see... I'll read it when I have the time and let you know my feelings on such afterwards."