A Fox's Love Adorned With Red Paper Lilacs (PAFP)(Boy x Boy)

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  • He quickly retrned them an blinked"I got in an accident while attnding a go tournement and when I came otu o it I lost my eyes,but I did get highly technical optical replacements that allow me to see

  • Tenshi had to wonder how the other could of gotten such capable eye replacements but then again, he didn't want to pry as well as did not want to know in one way. "I certainly would have never known that till now... They look no different than any other eyes from my point of view and probably a lot of others that it is quite a accomplishment in itself."

  • He nods"Yeah hen I got them made They told me this was the best of the best money could by. I opted for it and funded it by renting out my house to a large family of Yakuza members They aid me extra to wait on thme during the summer they were here"

  • Tenshi had to wonder how the other could of hidden this information so well but then again, most would likely walk past him due to his means of getting into the school. It was quite interesting how wrong they were to do so since he believed that the male was more interesting than anyone he has met. "Isn't that quite dangerous? I can't believe you could do that without a second thought."

  • H enodded"I agree it is dangerous......I was safe thoiogh, they didn;t harm me the kept me safe the entire time and really it worked out becuase the police were able to fin and arrest them without my name being attached

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  • "You are pretty lucky then since most would of not ended so well since who knows what could of happened if they weren't nice enough to protect you whilst you were giving them shelter." Tenshi had to wonder how the other could easily keep this under the radar so easily without any of their other classmates finding out since he would of never believed any of this if came from another's mouth.

  • H nodded smiling gently"I ended up giving them a pretty good show.....Don;t worry I never let tehm have thier way all they got were nosebleeds and a stiff uper lip" H emsirked walking off to try ad get some hot tea for the other.

  • Tenshi had no idea whether or not he should be glad that the other had been able to be safe during that time or if he should question how he did so but then he settled on just letting it go since ignorance is better than anything. "Uh... you surely are something that I can't believe exists in more ways than one."

  • He nodded"Well I like to try and keep tradition alive,stay unique and avoid becoming a follower except when needed ot survive" He msiles bringign the hot tea and ses the tray on the table,gently getting into postion an dporing the male a cup of the hot liquid as countless other Geshia have done for centuries."I take it you werent expecting your admirer to be in love with tradition and culture"

  • "Well.. I don't think anyone would expect such dedication towards tradition and culture as much as you've done with the whole interior and exterior of your home. It wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to say that you took the whole idea and made it a reality." It was not like he would have been shocked to have learned of this prior but when one sees how much love was put in with the whole concept of this house holding both traditional and cultural aspects in each detail, one couldn't help but hold some sort of admiration towards such dedication. "It is a surprise but in a way with all I've seen when it comes to your love, I can't help but admire how dedicated you had to be able to reside in a residence befitting your likes." He said with a small smile whilst taking the cup in hand, taking a slight sip to make sure he wouldn't end up burning his tongue.

  • He msiles kindly"Well, I try my best to keep it alive,ost often people seem to forget where we come from and who we are an I don;t want tha to befall me or my future children." He smiels softly"Once I finish school I plan to open a eshia house that will be the firs tof it's kind with both male and female eshia"

  • "You certainly got your future planned out then while I've been taking the easy way..." He been just going with the flow that came with such an upbringing as his own where all of his needs were taken care of and he had no need to worry about daily needs nor worries. "Though I believe later on that I'll have my own personal goals in my life especially considering our relationship."

  • He noded"I would like it if ou would be by my side when the day comes tha tI open the gesiiha house I wan this to not only be the first coed geshia hosue and eshia training facility but the first one to have a house mother and father" He blushes"I'd be playing role of mothe rbecuase Im so femineine in apperance you the strong handsome one shall be the father and we shall do great things"

  • Tenshi felt his face immediately heat up at quite 'blunt' explanation of what the future would entail for the two of them and even though they had already talked about circumstances that will allow that future, he couldn't help but be confusingly happy about these events. "I feel like you are over-exaggerating when it comes to me.. but I too believe that we will be capable of creating great things in the future."

  • "I exaggeratte not,You are handsome and strong to." he smiles softly"I;m about to go in for a kiss.... He warns as he leans in to peck the male on the cheek.

  • Tenshi honestly couldn't handle the compliments even if he heard them constantly among the chatter of their fellow classmates yet there was just something special when coming from the other and that seemed to show with the light shade of red appearing on his cheeks. The red only seemed to slightly darken more at the soft peck at his cheek which he thought would be different when hearing the word 'kiss' but he didn't want to complain since their relationship was still quite early. "You know your way with words..."

  • He smile sosftly"I try, I want ot make sure your happy now onto something you want hat do you want to o first?"

  • "Hmm... I don't know since a lot of stuff has happened today that I'm still trying to process all that we went through. Though.. would you mind if I wanted to see the koi pond?" He was quite interested in seeing the fish that mesmerized most people to actually put a pond for them in their yards and he had a t least a bit of knowledge to know that there was quite the variety of them.

  • "Of course" He takes his hand leading him out to teh koi pond,A warm smile on his faceI hhope you like it

  • Tenshi found himself amazed as he looked down at the variety of colors swimming in the pond because surely no knowledge could compare to what he saw. "I like it... a lot actually. There're like nothing I have ever seen before, they are all different and interesting colors that it is amazing they are all the same type of fish."