A Fox's Love Adorned With Red Paper Lilacs (PAFP)(Boy x Boy)

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  • He blushed"Oops I.I'm sorry I.I'm still kinda getting used to this...I alys thought that was something you ere suppoused to tell the other person He blushed

  • Tenshi couldn't help but chuckle lightly at the other's response as he decided to give the male a light peck on the cheek. "It's just a little too early to be saying that when we are taking our relationship slow and easy."

  • He blushed"I guess I'm such a noon" He chucles lightly "Here let me drive you home I'm sure your parents are orried sick for you"

  • "Hmm... I don't think they'll be too worried, more so surprised that I actually spent some time outside of the house besides school." He softly chuckled as he could imagine their faces clearly in his head for despite his wealth status, his family was doting in their own way as they let him do as he pleased.

  • "Ah.......ell then why don;t I give you a tour of the grounds then?" e smiles"I may dress and look poor to some but I saved all of my money,My family isnt one for money so they trie to make me live poorly like them in thier little shack but ith my smarts I got away had this house built to edo era specifications save for teh electrical hookups which are solar powered,and have my own Zen garden an koy pond." He gets p"I'll be right back" He returns moments later in what appears to be a kimmono"Yeah I know it's femi nie but I have a bit of a feminien body so I prefer these to the male equialient"

  • Tenshi had to wonder what else this building held besides this room since it was different than any other building, especially from his own that held a more aesthetic and look of wealth to the whole exterior and interior. "I would love to." Was all he said in response as he looked about whilst waiting for the other to return from who knows where, and he didn't want to get up and end up losing himself if that was possible. When the other male did come back, he had to take a double look at what he was seeing because he certainly didn't expect that type of clothing, yet he would be lying if he said it didn't look good. "I see... it is quite different than what I've seen worn daily."

  • He chuckled smiling"I'm more interested in classic/traditional japan thana naything. Our culture is somehting that amazes me so I try sn incororate it anywhere I can" He gently takes the others hand and kisses it before helpng him p an heading towards the Zen garden

  • "A-Ah... I feel like you are more of a charmer than I expected..." He chuckled softly, trying to remain calm though his cheeks had long become a dark red from such another affectionate gesture. "From what I'm seeing, you truly are interested in the whole concept and I find the whole different decor interesting since I've never actually seen it in person."

  • "Ah I see" He smiles"I try my best to be acurrate where convienice allows teh only truly modern place in teh entire house is the kitchen aside from teh light and I [ourppously built it away from teh rest of teh house" He walked off with him rvealign teh kitchen building"I didnt want the asthetic ruined so I put it in its own spot He smiles leas him across a bridge and leads him to another building"This is my dojo I study samurai martial arts on teh weekeneds when Im not perfecting my tea ceromony,I'm highly feminie in shape as you can tell so I also li ket partake in teh act of geishia but seeing as Im male I cannot offically join a house myelf sadly" H emsiles"But I shall be your geishia if you'll let me"

  • Tenshi couldn't hide his amazement at the different rooms since it surely did not look too massive from the exterior and yet there was a multitude of rooms that you would not see often anymore in this time. Even if there is a hint of modernness, it certainly didn't take from the whole aesthetic charm that the building gave off and he honestly couldn't believe that the other was living here unbeknownst to pretty everyone including himself and he could feel a hint of envy within him with the wish that he could live peacefully here without any distractions. "You certainly partake in a lot of forgotten activities and teachings that only few do nowadays..." He was still surprised on how there was even a dojo in this house which you never see anywhere besides maybe the occasional school. "... I see and you certainly would look the part if you were able to join and it certainly would rude to deny what you are offering."

  • He smiles"I want to make you happy" He smiles softly"I try and partake in our History" H3e smiles kindly"I do have to warn you though,I do also like to partake in the occasional Shamisen playing" He blushed"And this." He leads him to anotehr room"Is the tea room. He smies gently"The room across tehe hall is where I practice My eshia type activites to get better a tit. and ......." He leads him out teh door again and towards another building wehre teh bathhouse is"This is my own personal bathhouse which has a hot spring , this is why I built the ho use here, I found the hot spring on this property and chose it for hte srping."

  • Tenshi did not what else to say as he listened to the other's words and explanations of each room, which he couldn't help but wonder how he could attain enough money to have all these additions. It was quite intriguing in a way to find someone quite dedicated towards living the way they wished and building their own living from the ground up. Yet when he saw the hot spring, that is when he was truly amazed since he had no idea how such was possible. "You truly have lived your life as you wanted... It makes you more interesting as well as amazing in my eyes."

  • He blushed"Thank you" He smiles" My parents made me get a job when I was 10 ut I wasn;t allowed my money they told me our place in teh world was to live poorly do hard labour and stay away form teh rich becuase we'd become greedy and self centered I listened up until I was 15 then I worked my way out of there took out all the money from my bani account whic by then had accrued wuite a lot abd built this hosue, I made sure to spend wisely but I did manage to save some in a fe places,Theres a company here in town that pays me money to rent out my aode for events and filming on occasion thats how I got most of the earnings back"

  • "You sure had luck on your side then. You must have made the right choices to attain such luck and probably your own determination pushed you forward more than anyone I've ever seen..." Tenshi certainly couldn't help but be amazed on how the other got to this point and how he pursued his own way of life away from his own family as well as find his own means of attaining what he wished and even have his own means of income. "I an't help but be jealous that you can live off without any of your family. Maybe due to the fact that my own name and income all come from my own and I had never found myself needing any place of work."

  • He noded"Yes,I pride myself on keeping up a good work ethic." He msiles kindly a moment"Ah would you care to see my favorite room in teh house?" He smiels gently,heading towards teh backdoor of teh home

  • "I mean if I won't be intruding... I will gladly take a look at your favorite part of the house." He followed after the other male as he wondered if what he said was okay since he didn't want to go further beyond his limits, even if the other pretty did invite him inside his home very fast.

  • He walked off with him,leading him towards his favorite place."This is y pride and joy.....My go room I used to play for money many years ago,but I stopped when I could no longer play theres somehting else I never tol danyone.....But if I tell you it is in confidince not a or dwill be uttered"

  • Tenshi gave a slight nod as he looked about the room since he had never seen anyone play Go though that could be due to his own tendency to remain at home once the school day was over, though that didn't mean he wasn't interested. "You can tell me anything and I will be sure to keep it between the two of us."

  • He carefully lifted his sleeves so as no to get them dirty and he carefully slipped his hand near his eye socket. He removed ne eye,then the other. he shuddered a moment at the cold breeze that flew into teh socket a moment, before he smiles softly"I can't see without those"

  • Tenshi had no idea how to react or rather he was struck speechless with his mind incapable of comprehending what he had just seen in front of him. He knew the way he was reacting was rude but he simply did not expect to be greeted with this type of secret. "I-I... had no idea."