A Fox's Love Adorned With Red Paper Lilacs (PAFP)(Boy x Boy)

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  • He nodded"I understand,I kept it a secret for so long becuase of this very problem" He msiels softly"Though to be fair I was hoping my first wuld be yours I would rather my first born be your offspring then no one would dare question anything" He walked over"Would you care for some suhshi? I was planning to make some"

  • Tenshi had no words to say when it came to this whole matter rather he felt his face get hotter and hotter to a point that his face must be red as a tomato because how would anyone feel when it came to such a proclamation so personal?! "I-I... I see.. well, I believe it is quite an h-honor that you want me..." He honestly had no idea how to word any of his responses at this moment, his mind would likely be comparable to mush at this point. "Uhm... sure." Maybe he would be able to recollect himself with a good meal.

  • He brings the male freshly prepared sushi and smiles"I hoope you enjoy" He sits handing the male a pair of chopsticks."I make sushi once a week"

  • Tenshi began quietly eating the sushi before him, occasionally glancing up to look at the male across from him as he tried to figure out what he should say despite all of this new information in his head. "... are you sure you want me? You know... when it comes to this whole situation, are you sure you are fine with me?"

  • He stoppe and sets his chopsticks down"I am happy,I chose you becuase you of all people are what brought me joy .When I first got here,I felt alone and rather hoemsick but the moment I laid my eyes upon you I knew You were perfect for me. Everytime I LOOKED YOU IN TEH EYE MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT. iT TOOK ME THIS LOGN TO ADMIT MY LOVE BECUASE i WAS SCARED.......Scared you;d say no scared if you did say yes and we did end up with chil that youd run and scare that they would laugh at me for loving such a od as you"

  • Tenshi didn't know how to respond as he knew that his face right now probably had changed to the color of a tomato but he couldn't help but feel a sense of happiness inside. "I see... I just couldn't help but think you liked and chose me because of my looks.. or something similar." He averted his gae to stae down at the food in front of him, not feeling up to eat all of a sudden.

  • "I don't think your a god becuase you look good.Your a god becuase your smart,respectful and I see you as someone that is better than I am becuase of those things" He smiles luahghing a little"I .......Well I thought you migth say no to me and then Id be alone...."

  • "Uhm... I see." He could feel his face cool down a bit as he slowly looked up to look the other male in the eyes, trying to get past the whole mind-blowing truth prior to this all. "A lot of people see me that way that it has become quite a mundane life I have lived and I believe that was why I was so interested in the fact that someone like you had confessed to me. It was honestly the first time anyone has honestly tried expressing interest in me and go through with such a commitment rather than simply watch me from afar."

  • "I had to.I didnt.I didn;t wan tto loose you to someone else............If I had I would be able to live with myself" I needed you or at least I needed you to know I needed you"

  • "I see... well, I believe you are more courageous than most of the other students when it comes to expressing your affection." He was surprised how deeply the other's male affections went and yet he also felt a bit happy as the blush on his face returned. "It's not like I would of accepted anyone else's confession... I'm happy that you ere the first to actually confess..."

  • He nnods, a dark blush on his face." He gently nuled the other and kissed his neck tenerly before getting up to get somemthin for the pair to drink.

  • Tenshi couldn't help but gasp a little at the momentary press of lips on his neck and soon after, his face was now a dark crimson as he realized what the other had did so casually. He could feel and hear his heart beating like he had run a mile and he had no idea what he should do at the moment as he waited for the other male to return.

  • He brngs them each a glass of milk and smiles"I'm sorry this isn't as fancy a drink as yoru used to,but I can't drink becuase were eunderae and I don't o soda unless its the weekened"

  • "It's fine. I don't drink anything too different from this..." He tended not indulge in the more fancier cuisines that came with wealth so his palate wasn't too far from the common. "Also... please warn me first before doing something physical affectionate..."

  • He nos"I apologize about the sudden kiss" H esmiels blushing softly" I guess I kinda moed a ta to fast but don;t worry we won;t go anaywhere below teh belt any time soon not until I'm sure everything is alright,"

  • Tenshi could only glance down at the glass of milk in front of him, unsure on how to respond to the apology, before taking a small sip from the glass. "It's not that you moved too fast... I just wasn't expecting to be suddenly kissed without warning but either way, it wasn't too bad."

  • He nods"Ill warn you next time" He smiles a soft giggle escaping his lips"Also I would liek to warn yo of this" He msiels walking over"Hug incoming" He hugged tightly onto him a moent.

  • Tenshi couldn't help but laugh a little at the sudden warning of a hug and soon after, he reciprocated such a hug with a small smile. "I don't know whether or not to consider you strange or unique in your own way. You go from something physical romantic to a simple friendly hug."

  • "I can be anythign taht you need me to be All I ask is you be gentle and kind with me:

  • "Do think I wouldn't be gentle? This is my first time dealing with love the same as you, so I don't think there is much I could 'do' to actually hurt you, though I would never do so." He slowly glanced off in some random direction to avoid the other male's gaze because he surely sounded stupid. "Of course I'll be gentle with you... I mean, I wouldn't be here and allowing all of this if I didn't earnestly feel the same way..."