New Power Reset Item

An announcement concerning sensitive clan-wide plots has been released! You can view it HERE!
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  • Hello FeralFronters!

    We know you've all long wanted to be able to remove powers without admin assistance. We've been resistant to allow such a thing for the same reason we didn't allow it at the beginning: we want to strongly encourage character development and planning.

    That said, staff surely understand that sometimes things change (or develop ;D) and being able to switch out a character's powers could be quite helpful, even in a situation where the character is planned out and developed well.

    To allow some power recombobulating while also maintaining the original intent of not being able to remove powers at all, we've added a Power Reset item to the Inventory Store for 10 Credits. However, since we're not out to strongarm the kind people of FeralFront into buying Credits, we also gave every account 50 Credits, and all new accounts will be created with 50 Credits.

    As always, thanks for being a FeralFronter!