• cherrykit - cherrypaw - cherryspark

    ☆ cherry: in reference to her fire-hued fur

    ☆ spark: due to her lively, if confrontational, personality

    ☆ crimsoncry x featherlight | sibling to shadepaw, heatherpaw, lionpaw

    ☆ gen 3 | born 12/25/2019 | ages on the 25th | 9 moons

    ☆ currently a thunderclan apprentice | mentored by stormchaser

    ☆ no determined sexuality | single / not looking

    character information

    ☆ very confrontational and passive aggressive

    ☆ easygoing as long as her morals aren't put into question

    ☆ very flighty when it comes to personal relations//getting close to others



    domestic feline: short furred, marbled red tabby with fierce amber eyes.


    exterior traits (seen on the outside)

    introverted | stubborn | sassy

    easygoing | questionable | loyal

    opinionated | aggressive | overprotective

    interior traits (not visibly seen)

    courageous | kind | flighty

    all opinions are ic || played by happeh

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  • history:

    cherrykit is the daughter to crimsoncry and featherlight, and the sister of shadepaw, heatherpaw, and lionpaw. she had a relatively happy childhood, although she did experience some trauma when her brother lightkit (lionpaw) went missing. because of this, her personality trait of being overprotective developed; this is also where she decided to put her family above everyone else, causing her to generally close off everyone else that isn't related to her. ((she has a difficult time making friends and the like ;; distrust of outsiders)).

    eventually, she becomes an apprentice, and is renamed to cherrypaw, alongside her siblings, shadepaw and heatherpaw.

    all opinions are ic || played by happeh

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