returning character advice / placement help?

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  • im bringing back an old character of mine, blackjack harbringer if you remember him! (not to be confused with the hawkclan one) hes from 2014-2015 and he was mostly in bloodclan and darkclan, but hes my baby boy and i miss him. however instead of bringing him back as he was, as i have tried to before, this time i decided i wanted to start fresh with him. he will be reincarnated as his own grandson i guess lol. he'll look the same, but he won't know blackjack at all, and idk that he will act the same either! i have a basic personality set up for him right now, but i want him to develop more naturally, so i will be letting outside influences develop him more than what i have written down.

    i was wondering if anyone who has reincarnated characters / brought back old characters would have any advice for playing them now, considering how i am bringing blackjack back, and also placement help! he was born and raised in bloodclan and spent a lot of time in darkclan, but i would like to avoid sanguine ruins just because i dont want him to have the exact same life again. i also already have characters in the serein copse, the sanctuary, the thunderlands, and the veil so if i could avoid those places that would be great! im really looking for a moderately-paced clan with a friendly, integrative ooc community :- ) it can be pro, anti, or neutral!



  • i've been a bit inactive as of late so info on the clan speeds may be a bit outdated!

    -for reincarnation...perhaps focus on a goal from their past life? lets say cloudface had a hobby of collecting shells, his reincarnation could include having a really big passion for shells/collecting things. or, maybe dive into another flaw that they were self conscious about, and have the reincarnation have the satisfaction of crossing or correcting that flaw/mistake/etc. maybe, if there's active family members, they could talk about how much they remind them of the past self, and they feel conflicted? are they so-and-so? should that define them? do they want to be their own person?

    -clan wise...i've recently heard solaris kingdom has picked up pretty good! i'm planning to join soon with a boy of my own, mirek. the ooc community seems chill, we're currently trying to sort out some leadership things but overall it seems like we're pretty moderately paced! proclan <3

    colouredclan is another good one! ik the people there are working pretty hard to keep it running and i love the few people i know that are in it. i haven't been there in a long long time but i bet the ooc community is great! they're probably bit on the slower side however. anti, iirc

    and amalfi heights! they're on the slow side afaik but i love the community!! they have a big focus on healing and rn theyre in need of some members to help push some plots along. proclan.

    hope to see you around ext!!! c:

  • this was all super helpful!!! tysm!!!!

    i was looking at the clans u mentioned and i know quite a few people in colouredclan so i am leaning towards them rn but who knows! i might go for solaris too just because blackjack was in an anticlan in his past life uwu



  • I think I remember Blackjack! I played Chemical Warfare if you remember him?

    And as for Reincarnation I think it really depends on what your trying to get out of your character. My approach is usually to give the character very similar personality traits, but to have them remember NOTHING of their past, allowing them to have a totally fresh start. Sort of like an alternate universe deal- you get to enjoy the same character you fell in love with in the same world, but you get to live a totally fresh life from start to end with all new friends, adventures, romantic interests, etc without having to deal with any depression about the past (like their friends not being around, clans changing, etc.) If your approach is to have him eventually remember who he was then the idea of having traits from his old life bleed into this one would be a great idea as Virsci states, like hobbies or old powers, etc.

    For clans I totally recommend the Solaris Kingdom if your going for something more light this time around, but if you wanted to pursue another version of that dark path your more than welcome to join us over in the Ascendancy. We're a new group based out of the Treschorous Steppe that JUST launched, and you can find all out info in the Guide here THE ASCENDANCY GUIDE [last updated march 17th] If your looking for a totally fresh start away from the norm it could be a good choice. We also have HP Tryouts going on and a super active Discord Community, and while we just started members are very active and eager to post :)

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  • aa thank you!!!! i ended up putting him in colouredclan as a more feral version of himself from before, where old traits will bleed into this life. however the ascendancy looks really cool!!! i might try to bring someone else there soon owo