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  • The sympathizer was back again. The warmer weather drew more prey, and more chances to repay what his clan mates had stolen in past moons. He dragged his weary paws towards the border, dropping the three mice he’d been carrying. If he gave away all his prey, he’d have nothing for darkclan, so hopefully the blind warrior had chosen his fattest pieces to offer the wronged clan.

  • Having been out among the territory, the scent of a DarkClanner brought suspicion. Mount hated to feel such a way about their neighbors, but after several instances of breaking the code and stealing prey, the apprentice just didn't know what to think. He made his way toward the border quickly to ensure that there was no thievery occurring, but the chocolate male was rather surprised by what he saw. He watched as Cinderflame dropped three mice to the ground. What was this? Mountainpaw drew closer, his amber eyes trained on the DarkClanner. "Hi there," he greeted, a little bit awkwardly but certainly not unkindly - the young tomcat didn't have an unkind bone in his body. He just wasn't exactly sure what to make of this. Could DarkClan be working to make right on their crimes?


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    Mountainpaw / Male / ShadowClan / 7 moons / Desertbreeze x Briarthorn / penned by Monahan

  • she had heard of a darkclanner giving them prey- he'd appeared last moon to try and give them food, food that his clan desperately needed. she was not blind; she could see the mountain clan's starving frames, their lank fur and dull eyes. it had pained her to see them like than when she had gone searching for eveningshade, and when she'd come back to camp she'd began to make plans to bring them food. but then darkclan had stolen from them, and sorrelstar's heart had hardened. that very next day, pitchstar himself had stolen into shadowclan territory and snatched prey from them for his own clan, prey that sorrelstar would likely have given up to darkclan had he not stolen. and so she'd closed her mind to the thought of giving them food, instead ordering her clanmates to chase off the trespassers.

    yes, she'd heard from icefeather how this tom had approached the border carrying prey like he was betraying someone- focused more on repaying the wronged clan than feeding his own. it was a betrayal in a way, though he had a good heart. still if he offered again, she would not take it. no matter what they'd done, darkclan needed that food. no matter if they were going to war or not, she'd decided already and nothing would change her mind. white paws would glide after her apprentice, moving to the younger tom's side as she studied the grey cat in front of them. "i recognize you from what my medicine cat told me. you've been here before, no? with prey, not for your own clan, but for us?" she'd start with questions, but her tone was not one to be messed with. kind heart or no, this tom was betraying his clan with every moment he stayed here.

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  • Pawsteps. ShadowClan. The tom’s ears flicked, nose twitching as he took in their scent. Young voice. Apprentice? ‘Hello.’ He signed out, but an older voice made him freeze. Authority. Leader? The question graced his ears, and he suddenly felt hot with embarrassment. Perhaps a little shame.. he was breaking the code, but in a good way- hopefully.

    ‘Leader wronged clan. I take and give back to wronged clan. Let us starve in peace instead of dragging another clan with us into extinction, yes?’ The slate grey warrior signed in response, tail swishing behind him.

  • Wasn't this a sight? During his visit to DarkClan, Legion had seen how starved the other group was. That they needed prey was as clear as day, yet here was one of their number offering food to ShadowClan. He was trying to repay ShadowClan, but Legion couldn't help but wonder exactly who he'd sworn his loyalty to. Had someone in ShadowClan captured his heart enough to make him betray his home Clan? That was admirable, in a way, but Legion kept his tone harsh as he drew up beside Mountainpaw and Sorrelstar. "Your Clan steals from us so you steal from them? I don't see how that will help." Perhaps it wasn't his place to say so, but he plunged on before Sorrelstar could get a word in. "Keep your prey. Maybe it will be enough to keep your Clanmates on their side of the border."

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  • Twigs snapped with the force of a gun hammer on an unsuspecting bullet, beneath the bulging tendons that tethered around the massive bones in his paws. The ivory goliath made across the nettle floor, resplendent optics blistering over with scrutiny upon the blind Darkclanner’s frame. Three mice at their disposal. The scent of the mountains carrying over the border, making his sinewy skin twitch with irritation. Sorrelstar spoke reminding him of the rumor and confirming his suspicions. Legion spewed forth like a boiling kettle, speaking his mind, bitter as vinegar but Hornetsting couldn’t help but agree in a way. It wasn’t so much painful to watch the adults rot as it was to think of the children, innocent, having not asked to be born into such chaos. "your heart can be seen as one of kindness from us in this moment, but in the eyes of Darkclan’s children. What are you?" it was a challenging question, he glanced swiftly to his leader and dipped his head silently. As senior warrior, he felt as though his job were to be her guard, much akin to the position of guard in Bloodclan.

  • He was not taking this back! No way! It was now drenched in ShadowClan scent having been sitting on that border. He did not want his clanmates congratulating him for doing something he didn’t. But before he could sign a word in, another voice interjected. ‘It would make me a traitor, yes, but I’m notletting my clan starve out another clan. What about your kits? Your elders? You would accept prey from allies, yes? Consider me an ally.’

  • g7htI1v.gif "You are no ally." he voice came from the shadows as the apprentice made his way over. Yellow eyes looking them over, thinking them as a threat more than anything. Palepaw didn't trust this, not after all the prey stealing and the stuff Bloodclan had done. "Giving us prey is a way to make you feel better. Isn't your clan suffering? Go feed them."

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    shadowclan apprentice 12 moons boy npc x npc

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