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  • — "Uhh- hello! Hi! How are you all er doing tonight?" The high pitched voice of the new BloodClan tyro would ring out throughout camp. Or er, the blood-house as her new clan liked to call it. Wheatpaw had been here for awhile, but she seemed to be failing at making any friends or at least getting to know her new clan-mates. Sometimes in SkyClan when new members showed up someone tended to take it upon themselves to host something they liked to call a meet and greet. So! She decided since she was new and she was sure there were also a few other new faces struggling to create any relations she'd host one tonight! Ugh, this was going to be so much fun!

    "Anyways! I decided to host something called a meet and greet tonight! I'm sure BloodClan has done them or something similar in the past, but for anyone who doesn't know its basically where a bunch of us gather around and get to know each other. So if anyone would be interested come over to me, don't be shy! " She'd call, happiness and joy basically radiating off of her as she was finally beginning to feel semi-comfortable in hew new environment. Sure... seeing the aftermath of that murder awhile ago definitely left a scar, but Wheatpaw supposed she'd rather not continue to dwell about it and hope that within time that image would vanish from memory.

    Waiting a few moments for cats to gather, she opened her maw to speak. "Okay! So I'll go first! I'm Wheatpaw! If you really want you can just call me Wheat. I'm formerly SkyClan and I decided to join BloodClan almost a moon ago, and here I am! Some of you may have heard but I'm also Fernonia's mate, I heard she has quite a bit of family in BloodClan and I believe I've failed to meet most of them, but if you happen to be here hello and I promise I'm trying my best. Oh- and not really interesting but sometimes I have a difficult time paying attention in conversations and sometimes to whats going on around me. So if you're ever talking to me and it seems like I'm not listening I apologize my mind tends to wonder, but please know that I do care." She would finish her ramble about herself with a small smile.

    "Alright, whose turn now?"

    ---- ooc rambling ---

    (Alright so I've never done both an ic and ooc m&g so sorry if this is pretty lame. But for those who don't know, hey I'm myth! I've been roleplaying for about 9 years now- wow! Though I'm definitely not a word genius so my roleplaying level overall is pretty moderate if that. I first found FeralFront in 2015, but I failed to be able to get into the site for some reason, but then I came back in 2016 under the account name myth and here I am. I mostly roleplayed in fan-clans and created my own clans and joined others and honestly it was a blast. The main-game / trad seemed really intimidating to me so it took me forever but finally in last September I mustered up the courage and joined SkyClan with my baby Lavenderskies!

    The only thing interesting about me irl is that I'm currently doing online schooling, and I have two cats named Theo (shes a girl I have my reasons) and Zeus (he's a boy), they're both my babies and I'm especially close to Theo, I love her so much I can't- have a picture of the two of them cuddling.

    oh also I'm a digital artist but a bad one)




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    Cae, despite what he may act, always barking insults and snarky little retorts, wasn't exactly a people person. He much preferred his alone time as he usually spent it sleeping or lazing about. It was a well known act that he never did much of anything around the Blood house, and his new predicament wasn't about to change that. Besides, it would be over sooner than he expected. Stepping up with his usual lazy gait he flopped down into a comfortable position.

    "Yo, my name is Caesious, call me Cae. I was born here to my momma Jail and Sheo. Uhh, oh! Apparently, I'm going to be an inferior," he paused as he let a toothy, roguish grin cross his jaws while he said this word, obviously pausing to make the air quotes obvious. "for a month. I'm nothing special, but my doppelganger was killed a little bit a go, a shame, we could've really messed with people," he chuckled. He had really liked the idea of having a doppelganger, but life is just like that sometimes. "Uh, there's nothing really special about me. At least nothing that I'm going to bother sharing," he finished with a bored shrug, his red-copper eyes flickering towards Wheatpaw for a moment before he awaited someone else to take their turn.

    // yo, it's ya boy, daddy dead inside Zeis. I have been on this sight for about 6 months now, but I used to rp here a long time ago from like 2009 to 2011 before I quit. I don't remember any of my characters except for maybe one of them? His name was usually Falcreeth but my dumbass changed it every other day. He was actually a Bloodclan character back then to c; uhhh, I have a dog and a cat, both of them are ugly idiots, but they're my ugly idiots. The dog is named Buster and the cat is named Pepper.

    I currently have 4 characters: Cae here obviously, Rulindil in Thunderclan who's gonna be bouncing over here soon, Ratkit in Riverclan, and Bakalaureat in ext. he used to be named Helios before he murdered a child in an excessively brutal way. Hit me up if ya'll ever have any questions, I'd be happy to help as best as I can or if you just wanna plot that's cool. I usually offer to make threads but it generally takes a long time- sometimes a few days or sometimes a week- i'm really bad at making private threads is the point.

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    if wheatpaw struggles with making friends because she is new, what is seven's excuse? despite being born in bloodclan, the isolated creature does not often get out and socialize. and when she does, most creatures find her off-putting and spacey so they avoid her regardless. but seven does enjoy the company of others, even if it is in some strange, incomprehensible way. she likes to watch, to listen, to observe. what makes them tick? why do they do what they do? is that truly that much fun? these are all examples of questions she asks herself on a daily basis.

    the hushed sound of calloused paws passing over the cracked pavement announce the she-cat's arrival. "hello...greetings..." she is looking in wheatpaw and ceasious' diretion, but her gaze appears to be looking past them. she takes a place near her brother, offering the other creatures a sleepy smile. "my name is seven because i am the seventh. caesious is my brother--we have the same parents." is that enough? is that good? well, it's going to have to be, because there is not much else seven can say about herself. nothing she wants to share with others, at least.

    ++ hello! i am crowflower but i usually go by roman elsewhere. feel free to call me crow or ro. i have been rping sine 2011 when this site was still wcrpg. perhaps my most well known characters are melantha faber and imperia arceneau in the ext. game. i was in trad briefly with moccasinbite before i went off to college and lost muse.

    i have two cats named perry and jasmine and they are sisters. i also have two dogs named daisy and ike and a betta fish named patrick baitman. i really like video games so please talk to me about red dead or stardew valley or anything lol. uhhhhhhh idk what else to say but feel free to contact me for plots or just to chat :^)

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  • spades followed behind seven, pressing hesitant steps in the concrete ground. huh. he guessed that she and caesious would have to be his half-uncles and aunts then? they were only a few moons older though. spades wrinkled his nose, storing the information away for later. he felt like he was related to everyone in bloodclan. mostly because of jailbird. which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. he just needed to get used to it.

    spades waited quietly, scuffing his paws at the ground as he listened to everyone’s own stories or introductions. so wheatpaw came from skyclan? woah. he guessed that the name made sense now. though he was pretty sure forestclan tyros had paw at the end of their names. maybe she’d get a forestclan warrior name when she was promoted. or maybe it would stay the same. he guessed it would be up to her.

    spades glanced over to cae next, curious as to what the tom would say. he only understood about half of that though. because uh... he didn’t really talk to anyone or pay attention to the drama or politics of bloodclan. he had no clue who this doppelganger could be. spades agreed though that it would be pretty awesome to have one to mess with others. that was hypothetical of course, because he had no doppelganger. also he’d never work up the courage to prank anyone in the clan.

    seven spoke next, with carefully selected words. it wasn’t a lot of information she gave away but spades filed it away nonetheless. he found it rather strange to be named after order of birth, while her siblings got other names. but he guessed if that’s what she was fine with that’s what he’d call her.

    spades waited patiently, before he realized that she was done.

    “oh. oops. uh, hi.”

    nice going. he was really smooth.

    “my names spades. i’m jailbird’s grandson. baxton’s son too, but uh, you guys don’t know him. I came to bloodclan a few moons ago because my siblings and I were looking for family” he snorted softly. “and we found out that we’re related to probably half, if not more, of the clan.” he finished rolling his shoulders back in a tiny shrug. “i’m still a member but i’m hoping to become a tyro soon”

    // AW I love this idea!! <3 and hi! my usernames aurenh but I go by ren c: i’ve been around feralfront for almost a year! not as long as most people haha. it’s been fun though. this is my second chara i’ve had in bloodclan and this guys the reincarnation of my old chara felix :’)

    I also love video games!! (stardew valley is a fav of mine too omg what a cute game). I also enjoy playing most nintendo games like the legend of zelda and mario.

    i’m a digital artist! I really love drawing and ahhhh really just experimenting and messing around. i’m a high school student and I find most stuff having to do with biology really interesting. i’m hoping to study ecology when i’m older c’:



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  • Doll was... excited. new faces, new sights. Padding forwards, the well-groomed kitten would straighten her checkered bandana as she sat, before simply announcing. "I'm Voodoo-doll. But I prefer to go by Doll." and then would dully add "And I was born a kitty-pet.

    "FEELINGS ARE FATAL" & medium difficulty, attack in bold and @ account

    // Hey it's AKLM / KItty-kat. / WInterwarriorcat!

    I've had those three main account titles over the course of the time i've been here - so from 2011/2012-ish to now! I have a ridiculous amount of characters lmao, but the only noteworthy ones i've had in trad were Softlight (shadowclan deputy, deceased)Daisykit (former windclan mca, deceased) Emmy (former bloodclan gaurd, mia/inactive/assumed-dead)

    I have one cat but i'll probably have to be giging her away soon due to some sh*tty irl issues, but i love my bundle of fur (not to mention she was born on my birthday in our yard) and i'm a junior in highschool rn so my muse and activity fluctuates a lot.

    I'm an artist, and mostly due at trades though also have some set prices. If anyone wants to check it out my da is

    Aaaaaaand i think thats bout it?




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  • The call of a young, but sure voice brought the man down to the quaint little group of children that had gathered. A mute expression befell his handsome features as he listened to what they had to say, his long plume sweeping the floor boards he stood upon. He hadn't lived in bloodclan's ranks for too long at this point, needing to get himself properly acquainted still. Maybe this was a decent opportunity to do so with respects to learning who he was co-habitating with.

    "I see no reason to hinder my chance for interactions- a pleasant idea you've come up with Wheatpaw." His voice, gruff but soothed with honey spoke out as he padded closer, a broad cranium dipping to all those who stood before him. "I'm not shy, so you may or may not already know my name. If not, let me introduce myself as Bracks." The cashmere marbled bengal started, hesitation following his greeting. His history was one of complication, key parts of his life being ones he didn't wish to share just yet. Perhaps soon though. It was better to share less than more.

    "I was born to a faction quite a ways away with the name Stagshiver. Since then, I've traveled as a loner and took on the name Bracks- no specific reasoning behind the choice. I found Bloodclan not too long ago and decided to embrace the stony buildings and interesting architecture left behind instead of taking residence with the forest clans." That was plenty for now, a barely-there smile kissing his maw before he dragged his attention to who may speak next.

    /// love this idea myth!

    so i'm tamsen, formerly known as midnightroses. i joined ff in 2012 i think when it was still wcrpg, and let me tell you, my writing at the time was utterly terrible lol. gotta love those one liner days! i've mainly stuck to the other threads on this site, specifically focusing on fanclans and those that involved mythical/fantasy with a few times popping into trad without luck. recently i've turned around and focused on trad with my old and current charries being Isla (bc, former guard/missing), Onyxsand (bc, lost muse/deceased), Bracks (bc, current boy im in love with), and Imogen (bc, who I just created and posted an intro for today!) What can i say, i love bc and found that i've had the best luck with rping here than any of the other trad clans.

    outside of ff, i'm currently working. i'm planning on starting college in the fall after a very frustrating decision of going/not going for like two years. not entirely sure of what im going to do, but i'm drawn to the veterinary field.

    i have a cat named Tiger, but we all call him Bubba for some reason lol, i absolutely adore him, he's my baby! hoping to get a pitbull sometime in the near future when i get my first apartment, so fingers crossed! nothing too interesting about me, but that's pretty much all c:

    information "speech"


    loner +bio + cashmere marbled bengal + penned by tamsen

  • One eye opened up when he heard the high pitched called from where he was laying. His green orb shifted slightly, the pupil narrowing a bit as he focused on the gathering of felines toward the call. For a moment the monster of a deputy didn't move, eye closing back as he took a deep breath in before he slowly rose himself. Large muscles shifted underneath his deep flame colored pelt as he allowed himself a moment to stretch himself and let his form heat up before he began to make his way over to the scene in which was starting some sort of greeting session. Most of what had been spoken was lost on him but managed to catch the information pouring forth from the open maw of both Spade and Bracks. Ah yes, he remembered when Bracks had first showed up here and he had to admit that he still found interesting about the male. Regardless to that he allowed himself to sit down and curl his tail around his paws. "Alright, I can give this a shot." The smooth vocals of the tom left his throat as he rolled his shoulders a little bit, ears pulled back slightly at the idea of telling about himself. Well, he wasn't going to give out too much information all things considered. "The name is Wildseas. I've been in Bloodclan for a couple of moons and I'm currently the deputy here. I have family here by....relations I suppose. Jailbird. Since my brother is mates to her sister. Other than all of that I believe that is all I can say about myself. Oh, my best friend is Wakefield and we've known each other since my kithood. I also used to be in Windclan at one point." Hence his warrior like name that he had decided to keep for himself. But he supposed that he would be fine now, gaze drifting down as he thought about Onyxsand and her sudden disappearance.

    // alrightie! so my name is valkyrie formerly exotica and i've been in trad for a couple of months now. i'm excited to plot with every one of you and hmu if you want to do something with wildseas as he is always up for some trouble and mayhem. i've been on FF since 2011 and a lot of stuff has definitely changed but i've had some good experiences here. i also play a couple other characters here in trad, eveningshade, summerkit, and dogtooth. i'm also a global moderator so don't be afraid to come to me with questions and i'll gladly help : ) irl, i work and i have a mixed breed dog named bella and she is my life but i do one day hope to get a black german shepherd. i'm always down for video games but i play on an xbox one most of the time and lightly on my pc!



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  • ———— SILVERHAZE ————

    i'm a villainous winner. with precision i'm killing

    Haze had been drifting in and out of sleep, insomnia taking a toll on her - both body and mind. She hadn't had a good nights rest in a good week, she was drained and at this point ready to sleep through an entire winter. Howbeit, some Tyro had different plans. Instead of welcoming the open arms of sleep, she was startled by a youth that happened to go by the name of 'Wheatpaw'. Oh how she loathed children, albeit this might be a good time to get to know someone - anyone. The silver babe with hellfire for eyes heaves herself upon all fours, shakes her thick fur a couple times before exiting her den and entering the evening phosphorescence. A slight yawn and tensed muscles indicate sleep deprivation, wobbling with numbed limbs as she finally takes her place among the crowd. Settling back on her haunches, claws piercing the soil beneath her as she tries her best to stay afloat.

    She would listen to each cat that opened their maws and spoke, eyes following the individuals one at a time whom voiced their greetings. Haze would sit back, wondering and pondering on if she should speak or stay silent. She normally never really took to crowds, wasn't her thing, especially when she was as tired as she was. Although, maybe this would be a good time to get to know Wildseas and everyone else? Even though she was born and raised in Bloodclan, with a rogue father and elder mother. She knew almost everyone in Bloodclan by name, however some of them were all knew to her, given the fact that there has been many new cats joining the Blood family. Perhaps if would be best if she just made a short and sweet introduction, nothing to complex and nothing to boring.

    The vixen stands to her foundations once more, snaking her head high as she now parts her lips to introduce herself. "Names Silverhaze, but I go by Haze. Born and raised here in Bloodclan, never truly knew any other way of life.. There's really nothing interesting about me. However, I'll leave myself as an open book to whoever wishes to get to know me." Haze muses with little interest, again taking a seat as she lifts her left forepaw up to her face, pink tongue lapping over it in order to groom herself. Seeing as though she wouldn't be sleeping any time soon, she might as well give herself a quick clean while others state their name and business.

    ooc; lol never done one of these before so don't mind me x.x

    my name is Kyley, I'm about to be 21 on the 18th. I have a 3 month old daughter Named Khaleesi Rose who I gave birth to back in December 29th, 2018 <3 she's my absolute everything, so at times you will notice my abrupt absence here and there given she is quite the hand full lol I am engaged, my fiance he is quite an ass.. but i'm just as bad lmfao me and him have a love-hate relationship, we make it work. I have been writing since i was.... 11? no, 12. Yeah, so it's been a while lol and I've been on this site since I was 13. Never really took to the Trad. or even the Non. Trad games, until recently and I'm actually more into them then I thought I would be. I draw a little bit, I'm not that good, but I'm not horrible either lol I have a lot of characters, including Haze here and for that I am overwhelmed - but I am more then willing to plot some shhittt out if anyone if interested, just give me a shout xD I prefer plotting first instead of just throwing m/c and y/c into a thread and hoping for the best lolol anyways, that's really all there is to know about me.. not to interesting tbh lol


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    made by checkers


  • Ruth had attended quite a few meet and greets during her time here in BloodClan, but she always found that they were a good way to learn about others. She felt it was important to know everyone in this rapidly growing Clan, even if the others who followed Phoenix thought differently. The young leader had been listening quietly before she found a pause where she could come introduce herself. She took her spot beside her deputy and dipped her head towards Wheatpaw in silent gratitude for holding this gathering.

    “My name is Ruth, though I’m sure you knew that,” she began with a nervous laugh. Talking about herself was always difficult. “I’m the leader here in BloodClan. Unlike most of you, I was born and raised in a brutal rogue group just outside the territory. My siblings and I escaped there seven moons ago, and we’ve lived in BloodClan ever since.” Well, they had, until Augustine and Slowhand left, and Isla went missing. Janna and Don preferred living in the background, and did not speak with her much.

    “I have three beautiful kits who I am sure you’ve seen running around. Cora, my daughter, and my sons Dart and Cataclysm. Aleksei, one of your healers, is my beloved mate.” Ruth loves her children more than anything, even if they had not exactly been planned. She had been scared of motherhood at first, but now that she had those three bundles of joy, they were her entire world.

    ( Alright! I’m Vespertine, but everyone calls me Vesp, and I’m 19 years old and I never fucking learned how to read. I am a freshman in college studying English and creative writing. I also work at a library! It sounds boring but I am a huge book nerd so I enjoy it.

    I joined FF back when it was WCRPG in the summer of 2011. I was 12 then I believe. I first roleplayed in a lot of FanClans before finally getting into the main game. Some noteable characters I played were Morningcoffee (medicine cat of RiverClan/Riverlands), Skywalker, and Enderman. I left in about 2015 and was gone until March of 2018, when I returned with my character Bluefrost, who became medicine cat of RiverClan here in trad. Since then I’ve stuck with the traditional game and I’ve loved it! Currently, alongside Ruth, I play Redstripe, former senior warrior and current elder of ThunderClan, Briarkit of DarkClan, and Shrewkit of RiverClan who is actually Bluefrost’s grandbaby!

    Besides roleplaying warrior cats, I love reading and writing A LOT. Obviously, considering I majored in it. My hope is to be an author someday and I write books in my free time! I’m currently working on two. I also love love love video games. I play a lot of the Elder Scrolls games, Overwatch, as well as anything by Ubisoft, Rockstar, and Nintendo. I’m a big fan of MMOs and I probably play every one under the sun. My current game obsession right now is Star Stable Online, which is a horse game and it’s really relaxing to play.

    Anyway that is enough about me! I probably bored you all to death lmao. )

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  • 「 love to hate me — spit me out like hot wasabi 」

    Padding up beside Ruth, Bianca held herself tall as her icy blue eyes scanned over the roughly assembled group of cats around Wheatpaw, the newcomer. She didn't really understand too much of the situation, just knew that Wheatpaw was from SkyClan and here for Fernonia. She supposed that was enough of a reason to join BloodClan, but it was still odd to her. Regardless, an introduction wouldn't hurt anyone. "My name is Bianca, formerly a kittypet. My whole family lives with Twolegs, but my siblings were given away to other Twolegs and I stayed with my parents."

    Her reasoning for leaving the Twolegs wasn't exactly knowledge that she didn't share, but it also wasn't something she liked talking about in front of large groups like this. Maybe another time; but for now this was all the fluffy Persian was willing to share about herself. Wrapping her fluffy tail around her and settling it over her front paws, Bianca's pale blue eyes scanned quietly around the other cats.

    ooc: my main account is Hanakosong, call me Hanako or Dami either works and I first joined back in 2011 when it was WCRPG (yikes) and I didn't do any traditional roleplay at the time. I had cats in SnowClan, a fanClan called HawkClan, and then other human rps like Max Ride and PJO mostly. I had a few wolves too now that I think about it. But yeah most memorable characters were probably Snow from SnowClan (i know...) who then joined ThunderClan and I actually still use her, and Icefeather was the medicine cat of HawkClan and is now medicine cat of ShadowClan. Uh and I don't use my wolf characters anymore since I'm strictly in traditional now, but the two i had were Snowdrop from...i think it was called Eagle Lake Pack? And Griselda from some other pack I don't remember.

    But yeah anyway I'm in my last semester of college now studying exercise science, 22 years old, and high key ready to get a job and leave school behind. I love reading and creative writing but I knew I didn't want to make a career out of it despite how much writing I do because I personally can't handle that pressure of needing to get writing out by deadlines. (part of me wishes i had made it my career path in college anyway but eh)

    speaking thoughts

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  • Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.

    A meet and greet, eh?

    She prowled forward, the ridges of her bones cutting angles in her lithe figure. The dilute torbie was in the prime of her life, and yet scars already marred her frame. Her right ear was torn, the tearing scar of a dog bite on either side of her shoulders. But with stripes of smoke and ginger rustic spotting she was still a thing of beauty. She took a seat near Ruth, her charcoal ringed tail curling about her sandy paws.

    “I am Severa, Daughter of Ravenna and Haskill,” she began softly. “I have a rather lengthy family history,” she paused. Did she want to go into her mother, how she showed up in Bloodclan long ago to reunite with Dee, the Deputy at the time? How she met the then called Molag Ball, the death and birth of Sheogorath, the separation and sudden death of bone meeting concrete—

    That wasn’t your fault.

    “In short, I was a cousin of the late Sheogorath, on my mother’s side.” She had heard he had been reincarnated once again—what did that make him to her now? “I came here after—after my mother died. I was five moons. I’ve been here since, which is—oh, I never know how old I am. I’m about two moons younger than Ruth, and six moons older than Luna’s first litter.”

    The sheer speed at which those kittens had grown up had been a shock and a grim reminder of her own age. Not to mention, she hadn’t even known that Ruth had kittens! She glanced at the leader for a moment, but went on. “Luna, adopted me when I first arrived. I do not hide my attendance to her feast room,the cannibal licked her lips. “While I am not always out and about, shall we say—I have odd sleeping hours—I am more than delighted to make time for conversation. You’ll find I’m quite open minded,” especially for those interested in the Dark Forest.

    Her eyes shone like liquid metal in the dim. “And—I have no mate.”


    I like this idea, haha! So in the beginning I was crymsoniris, but that quickly changed to Krymson for the better part of… I dunno, six years? I joined as a junior in high school in 2010—I’m 26 now. I did the degree thing [English w/Creative writing Emphasis] and I did the work thing and now I live in the desert while I work on my novels & stuff. Feel free to shoot me any questions about… anything, haha. I got a website for my writing, and also do a lot of fanfiction at

    I did leave the site for a few years. I had a couple brief hiatus’s and then I left after the transition to WCRPG—which was about the time I played Ravenna, Severa’s mum. And then just this last November I came back. Back in the day I was Ambrosia, Healer of the Elite [as well as a bunch of other people I don’t think anyone would remember now]. I play pretty much exclusively Trad. Though I’ve been giving Agrelous a shot with my Blackheart Rogue Kitsune, Krymson.

    I also play Lightpaw of Thunderclan and Chasmpaw of Shadowclan.

    My time zone is GMT-8 and Severa is based on the very real cat, Shiva. Her Mama, Yolanda was a stray cat here at the Hot Springs RV Park I’m at, my folks had met her last year and this year when they came they won her over with raw fish and chicken and she brought her kittens. We found homes for two of them, and Shiva kinda won over my heart. Yolanda just had her second litter of kittens so I got three adorable monsters running around—and Shiva is going to pop any day now. And yes, We are working on getting a mobile truck out here to fix the lot.


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  • //retro to birth

    The silver queen herself moved from the dim up beside her adopted daughter Severa, eyeing her daughter-in-law. Surprisingly, the older queen had...never attended a meet and greet, but Luna did love meeting people. Greeting wasn't always so enjoyable. "My name is Luna. I am the Head Guard of Bloodclan and, surprisingly, I was not born here. Similar to Ruth, I was born into a family of an cruel ex-shadowclanner and a kittypet, the oldest of my litter currently. Before joining Bloodclan, i had held a mate and bore a small litter of three and... Those kits are dead, due to sickness along with my ex-mate, killed by my son Chucky. I am Fernonia, Ethel, and Chucky's blood mother but i have taken many, many kits under my wing as my children... Oh! As Severa said, I am a cannibal, killed my father, sister, and a brother, only three of my siblings left alive out of all of my huge amount of littermates. I do not care to force my eating habits upon any of you but i do offer cleanup services for a price," She flashed a toothy grin, long fluffy tail lashing behind her as her scarred features dazzled even the most pristine piece of artwork. She sat down, tail curling over her paws, covering her growing stomach and mutilated foreleg. She had a fondness in her eyes with a tinge of darkness, a wolf in sheep's clothing looking for her next prey.

    //oof look at me late to the party as always. Hi! Im Angel or also called Echo and i have been here since... Im 17 now and i joined when i was like 11-12? Long time ago. I used to do non traditional warriors but then i joined in riverclan and now im everywhere. Luna was my second character i ever made for trad and the one ive stuck to the best. Im a digital and traditional artist although i need a new tablet upgrade before i can go back to digital again. Im mostly on discord so if you ever need me pm here or there! I have a rescue cat named Black Jack, a red-nose jeep-redboy pitbull girl named Amber, and a sunfire-leatherback bearded dragon named Aries <3