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    VOLARY FLIGHTS, formerly known as HawkClan is a neutral clan with a strong passion for birds and the wildlife around them. Headstrong, lively and creative, the Volarians are known to compare the life of a bird as being just as, if not even more important than their own. During Littlestar's reign, the clan was known as an anti-clan, but quickly realized this did not fit their character, and soon re-announced themselves as neutral. But don't let that fool you. If you don't mess with them, they will not mess with you, but cross one, and you cross them all. Currently, Lovescars Anteiku is the Crowned Eagle, meaning she leads and controls all of the affairs in Volary Flights.


    Volary Flights have very strong feelings about ranks and the power that each rank holds. Disrespecting anyone higher ranked than yourself may result in punishment. The ranks are as followed.

    The Crowned Eagle is the leader of the Flights. Their word is law of the land and defying them can lead to punishment. They have control over everything that happens, whether it be war, allegiances, enemies, or even standard traditions.

    Lovescars Anteiku penned by dani

    The Red Tailed Hawk is the deputy of the Flights, ranked right under the leader. They hold the fort down if the leader is away, or if the leader just needs a little extra assistance. They can host raids, parties, festivals and other things without asking for permission.

    ____ penned by ____

    The Swan Of Healing is the only high ranking member that heals within the Flights. They are trained and have a Cygnet training under them. Maintaining activity as this rank is very important for the clan, and lack of activity may cause for another member to step up rather quickly if they have voiced interest in it.

    Soleil penned by waluigipinball

    Vulture of War is a member that has the most uses during times of war. They oversee the Condors, and schedule raids, and even destruction of enemy territory, when given the okay by the Crowned Eagle themselves.

    Bakalaureat penned by zeis

    Macaw of Unity is a member who works with allies and maintains positive social relationships. They handle the ambassadors, and usually will give supplies to allies when they are in war. Anything for the allies, this member holds that responsibility.

    Yoshikage Kira penned by meghan

    Condors are the semi-high ranking members of the Flights who've shown potential through loyalty and activity. They mainly keep the board active and can accept ally invites.

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    Cygnets are the healers of the Flights, training under the Swan of Healing. They've chosen the path of medicine and wish to aid the clan.

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    Qualea are basic members of Volary Flights. In order to host a raid, lead either a hunting or border patrol, or visit another clan for ambassador reasons, they must ask beforehand. These members can easily be promoted to Condors or Cygnets with a little bit of work.

    Eaglets are young members, not old enough to do a lot of the grueling tasks that other members can. They can range anywhere from a day old, to a year, depending on the species of member.

    Coots are prisoners. The lowest ranking members of the Flights, who often are captured from other clans or someone who has done harm to another member of the Flights.

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    Volary Flights are the residents of the Sundran Jungle, shared with the Thunderlands. Volary Flights is settled on the East side. The Sundran Jungle is a dense, stunning green landscape where foliage is everywhere the eye can see, and is not unlike the jungles of Madagascar. While ancient trees tangled with vines grow sky high, it’s not hard to see the Giant Kapok Tree where Volary Flights has made their camp.

    The Giant Kapok tree the clan has made their home in is ginormous, its resources abundantly used by the clan to create hollows, shelter and safe haven for a lot of the clan’s members from storms and whatnot. While the tree is extremely tall, as not all members can climb it’s natural vine ladders, there are safe nooks dug into the trees roots, including the storage for the clan’s medics, as well as beds for the ill to rest.

    As per the clan’s age old traditions, many members take a bird companion by their side, and while some members keep their birds in their housing, many of the clan’s avian friends like to take rest at an old, sturdy acacia tree, fondly known as the Aviary Acacia, which serves as both safe housing for the birds as well as a place for birds to socialize and gather. The tree lies safely in the nook of the Kapok tree’s roots, the high trees around the acacia serving as a comfortable windbreak from the elements for our bird buddies.

    While there are numerous streams, creeks and rivers that run through the jungle, many all converge on one place - the Swan’s Lagoon, a calm, quiet oasis for those searching for some time to relax. Large basalt rock is scattered across the lake, offering a fun jumping challenge for those who aren’t afraid to get their fur wet. The water is clear and still, and if one stays absolutely silent, it’s not hard to see fish swim by the smooth stones at the pool’s base. As the lagoon is cradled in a quarry, a lush waterfall bursts over the rockwall sides and into the water below, offering another fun opportunity for daredevils.

    Credit to the Codex and Checkers for this well written description of the territory.

    Clan Relations

    These are the clan relations. Any specific clan that is not mentioned, can just be assumed a neutral. Clans with neutral alliances are not to be messed with unless stated otherwise by the Crowned Eagle.


    Thunderlands, Wind Haven, The Sanctuary, Solaris Kingdom, Shadow Veil, The BlackHeart Rouges, Dark Dynasty


    Sanguine Ruins, The Cartel, BlizzardClan




    With new times, comes new traditions. Volary Flights base a lot of their traditions with winged companions, as they hold a very high place in most, if not all, of their hearts.

    One of the better recognized traditions is having an avian companion. In order to be truly recognized by as a member, one must gain a bird companion. It is believed that every soul has a means to a companion, and whether or not you find yours, is strictly on you. Most members have to go through a serious of trials in order to find their bird counterpart, as it is not easy to gain a bird's trust. They are fast, agile, and extremely intelligent, but the bird seeker mustn't give up. It takes time, patience, and often never takes just a few moments.

    A handful of members may be seen wearing necklaces equipped with a particular bird feather. It is an old tradition the Volary Flights has reinstated to signify one's rank. After any promotion, the Crowned Eagle will step forward and place the leather necklace around the promoted's neck, though how and where the necklace is worn can be changed later due to preference.

    A former tradition has evolved into something greater. Formerly known as the HawkClan Hoedown, Seasonal Balls are held, each theme being more extravagant than the last, but always having to do with the season. Allies and sometimes even neutrals are allowed to join in for the fun time, and feast and have a grand time.

    Volarian Laws


    1. All Feralfront rules apply.

    2. No cliques or cliquey behavior will be tolerated.

    3. Include everyone and make others feel welcome.

    4. If you have a problem or see anyone not following these rules, please report them to staff, or this account.

    IC LAWS:

    Volary has laws set in place, that if broken will not go unpunished. Whether the punishment is severe or not will depend on the severity of the crime, and how many laws are broken.

    1. One may not do harm to ones avian companion.

    2. No harming, or killing another volarian.

    3. One must listen to HPs at all time.

    4. Crowned Eagle's word is considered the law.

    5. Capture and or Torture of animals under 6 months is prohibited.

    More rules will be added as the clan grows and as Crowned Eagle sees fit.

    guide code credit to checkers, guide info credit to scar and checkers, and sockwalker for old traditions.

    do not use code without permission