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  • He had been asked by Softvelvet to do this. Given that the Solaris Kingdom was a relatively new ally, from what he had been told at least, it was only just that they hold some sort of event with them. Leon thought a member exchange with some smaller events sprinkled in would do the trick. He didn't know much about the other groups, but he knew that if they were allied, it meant something for the Dark Dynasty. Enemies, however, were a different story.. The tiger lapped at his maw as he entered the desert, feeling a bit hot beneath his thick fur. Though it was nowhere near summer, it was still rather hot in the desert biome. His throat and mouth were dry. His paw pads were sweating. Still, he pressed on through the brush and dirt. There was one location he had in mind: the border belonging to Solaris Kingdom.

    Once he arrived at the scent line, he slowed to a halt. Leon peered across the border, wondering if anyone would approach as they had when he first came to the Dark Dynasty. Regardless, he would keep his hopes up. He was a rather optimistic type of person, and didn't let much get him down. He lifted a paw to scratch at his cobwebbed face, but immediately regretted the decision, and hissed in retaliation to his touch. "Anyone there? Dark Dynasty member here with an invite," Leon called out, his head cocking to the side as his paw settled on the ground.

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  • Capricorn had yet to visit any of the Kingdom's allies since joining the place again. They hadn't even gone off on their ambassador visit yet. They should probably get on that.

    For now, the catsune padded to the border, head tilted to the side momentarily in slight interest. What sort of event could they be holding? Were other allies being invited? This could be a big moment for Cap to get in on the political scene, finally make themself useful. "Pleasure to meet you. Capricorn Arcanium." They greeted the stranger simply and with a polite nod. "I don't think I'm allowed to accept invitations, but I'm sure our leader or someone who can will be here soon enough. What's the invite for, in the meantime?"

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    Sidling up beside Capricorn, Clove aimed to lightly brush the feathers of her wings to her sibling's shoulder in greeting as she faced the Dark Dynasty member. And invite sounded promising - and now that she was a Warden, would be able to accept the offer if it was something the Kingdom would be happy to partake in.

    "Welcome to the Solaris Kingdom. My name is Clove Arcanium - I'm a Warden of Medicine here." the kitsune spoke, amber eyes noticing the way the larger animal licked his lips.

    Hooking the water bottle from her shoulders, Clove held the leatherskin out towards Leon and inclined her head. She could hardly allow the visitor to be parched whilst he stood on the border of their clan. As far as she knew, the Dynasty and the Kingdom were not allied - but as neutrals, accepting a friendly invite would do no harm.

    Capricorn's initial question still remained unanswered, however - what were the Dynasty inviting them to?

    The femme made no further comment, simply waiting for the tiger to answer her sibling's inquiry.

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  • The first to approach was a male. Capricorn was his name. It reminded him that he hadn't introduced himself, but he supposed he could save that for when he explained what the invite was for. His explanation was simple enough, easy to understand and follow. The same could be said for himself, as a mere member of the Dark Dynasty. When Clove arrived and offered the water bottle, he accepted it gratefully, offering a small smile and dip of his head. He drank slowly before setting the bottle down at his paws, thirst quenched, for the time being. "I'm Leon, by the way," he introduced to them, giving a flick of his tail. He parted his lips so that he could continue. "Softvelvet has asked me to invite you all to a member exchange with the Dark Dynasty, if you're interested," Leon explained to the two who had shown up, his features relaxing into a more neutral expression. He wasn't the type of person to display emotions, especially towards those he didn't know. Those residing in the Kingdom seemed pleasant enough though. It wasn't that he didn't trust them, it was just that emotions were a fickle thing, difficult for him. "It would include events in the Dynasty as well," he concluded, peering over Clove and Capricorn to see if their leader was approaching. When he saw no one, his lips pursed slightly, but he said nothing.

    begin with bullet, now add fire to the proof ---------------------- BUT I'M STILL NOT SURE IF FEAR'S A RIVAL OR CLOSE RELATIVE TO TRUTH

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