the forgotten son [o, joining]

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  • tell me, how do you experience childhood when forced to grow on your own? he had no childhood to reflect on, pupil-less eyes wise beyond his youthful features. he had been forced to grow up too fast, a constant protector. eyes forever watching, heart forever pumping. he did not know of his mother, nor did he know where she resided. he did not care to find her, either. after hearing of her probation, he did no longer wish to reunite. sundisk believed in rules, but he also believed in family. a family he was never sure of. a family he was never close to. it was a constant ache in his two-toned heart. black blood coursing through his body that bind him with so many. he no longer knew who was family and who was stranger other than inky blood.

    a whip-like tail resided next to him, floating in the soft wind. the taste of spring on his tongue, he had saw his first butterfly on the way here. going north and twirling around him, dancing in the wind and awaiting for him to dip her in a dance. yet, he had no time for that. his paws must rest upon the cartel's border or he wouldn't allow himself to relax. sun, quiet and awaiting, had watched carefully. any bodies would have been sensed, but it all seemed futile. for mere seconds, he thought that maybe no one truly existed. that he could never truly accomplish his goals. "...hello?" deep, a thunderclap that bounced in his throat. a baritone that held promise with an accent that was indistinguishable.

    sundisk came from the arcanium lineage, his mere appearance representing the golds and blacks that were so iconic to the family. proud to be of the poisoned blood, yet so ashamed of his own close family. not of his sister, but of himself and his mother. he believed himself to be family-oriented, yet he drifted so far. they resided on a mainland while he watched from an island. watching as they were swallowed whole and never seen again. there was a side of him that never wished to see them, yet his softer side hoped and longed to feel them again. all he could hope for was a treaty of peace from the two. "i'd like to join." his words were simple, no unneeded explanations or anything. he never wished to waste his waning time on simple words. he only needed to state the necessary.

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  • Growing up in the blink of an eye simply because there was no other choice but to do so. It was a concept that Hyacinthe himself could heavily relate to though most certainly not for the same reasons and not in the same way. For him, his wake up call and forced shove into the terrifyingly dangerous adult world had been the moment when those that were supposed to have been there for him, family who were obliged to love and cherish him as son and sibling, had turned their backs metaphorically on him and weapons literally at him. Some time had passed since then now and although it had not been a long period, it most certainly did feel as though so much had changed and that there was nothing to reflect on any longer but responsibilities and his own aid provided to others but never to himself. Not like that mattered anymore, though. The Cartel now acted as his home and his family and he felt that such a position in his life deserved nothing but his own unspoken loyalty and determination.

    He happened to hear the stranger before seeing them, low tones cast mellow rumble into the open air which proved to instantly catch the youth's attention. Ears twitching in an attempt to pinpoint the location of the caller, the feline neatly pivoted on the spot and made his way towards the familiar borders with an inquisitive little hum pressed firm against his lips. How straightforwards of an introduction. The complete sidestepping of any potential queries suggests to Hyacinthe that this individual may not be very new to the process of joining a group which is interesting. Personally, he could never see himself leaving the place that he had come to call his home now but things happened, circumstances changed, and with differing situations often came uncharacteristic actions too. Who knows what the future truly could hold?

    "Hello!" Greeting comes smooth and amiable from black furred cat, tail swishing behind him in a flurry of misty frost as some of the ice collected on his coat breaks loose with the motion. Coming to a complete halt, he takes a moment to peer in quiet curiosity at the newcomer, taking in his appearance with a brief yet analytical sweep of cold steel eyes in order to remember the wildcat's appearance for when they were to undoubtably cross paths again. Not as if that would be too difficult of a thing to recall though, considering the fact that he was certain there were no other big cats around the group currently or at least not as far as he was aware. Change as it was, he supposed that it was a welcome one, glad to see a new addition with a significantly different look to them to act as a breath of fresh air. "I don't see why you can't join so, welcome to the Cartel." Hyacinthe confirms with a nod of his head once he is satisfied with his taken seconds of sweeping inspection and there comes an easy smile finding its way to the curious executor's lips.

    For a few moments he believes that he is done with the whole thing, ready to perhaps point the male off in the direction of their camp or any spots that he held particular interest in if he were to ask but then he comes to the sudden realisation that something is missing. "Oh, right. Your name would be useful to know though. Speaking of which, mine is Hyacinthe. It's nice to meet you." Even as he talks, he can feel it dawning upon him that mayhaps this fellow is more of the strong and silent type which he does not have any issue with though it's certainly interesting to him. At any rate, if that was the case then Hyacinthe was certain that they would fit in splendidly with the general quiet of the wild peninsula that they dwelled within as there was scarcely any dramatics occurring within their lands. "If you've got any questions or whatever, feel free to ask. I'm always down for helping someone out."

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  • the first to appear seemed bright, but not overly bubbly. thank god. those who acted too bubbly...they always gave him a headache. they acted blind to this world's terrors, trying to act better than him. rose colored compared to his dirty ashes. it made him sick. but he would never say anything. there wasn't a point dragging them down. but this male seemed...normal, to say the least.

    hyacinthe. oddly familiar to a hyacinth. i'm always down for helping someone out! how optimistic. "sundisk arcanium." a simple grumble as he had carefully moved closer. surveying the scene before him. he couldn't see anyone else, nor could he hear any wings beating above. that meant that hyacinthe was really the only one here. it put sun slightly at ease. groups of people made him tense, constantly watching.

    "nice you too." distracted for mere moments, the lion turned back to the member. now with the niceties out of the way, he could focus more on actually knowing hyacinthe. that didn't sound familiar other than sharing common roots with the flower...but it held a nice roll off the tongue. he'd have to look into it more. "d'ya think i could get a tour? nice to know where i'm goin' and all.."

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  • Hayliel had been roaming around, as lately she had found herself getting lost. The old Hayiel knew the cartel like the back of her hand. But lately, she had no idea where she was. She had kept the voice that was in her back of her mind always at bay. She had no idea if the older voice would keep her company or not. She was slowly recovering her memories. But it was hard on her. When she recovered a bit more, her daughter came to her. But something that was said, it broke her heart. Her daughter claimed that she was not her mother. The voice wrapped herself around her, hoping to comfort her. "I can't believe my daughter would not know me. My baby. She's the only daughter that was from my litter with my husband." Hayliel had no word to say, she couldn't say a word.

    She hoped that if anymore of her kids came around, she hoped it wouldn't be the same. She kept her distance, wondering if Sundisk would remember his mother. "My baby Sundisk. He hates his mother, just like his younger sister." Hayliel couldn't help but feel her heart being hurt. "I hope he hasn't forgotten his mother."

    //the voice is only heard by hayliel. also might wait to see if sundisk notices his mom.

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  • Hyacinthe himself was not all too fond of overly excitable individuals though that was mainly because his own sense of foolish optimism had been stolen away from him so in some small way, he often found himself jealous of those that had yet to be beaten down and broken by the world. Still, he knew better than to let any lingering bitterness within his soul to consume him hence why he was so quick to offer warm smile and friendly words to others without the added delight that some saw as overwhelming or irritating. Humming softly, he listened to the given name with curiosity in his eyes. Arcanium? It was a surname that he was vaguely familiar with and he was certain that there was another one around in the Cartel somewhere but due to his lack of knowledge about his fellow cartellian, he decides to not bring it up and instead simply nod in acknowledgement.

    His curiosity only seems to grow as he takes note of the lion's faint wariness, dark furred feline leaning back slightly where he stands as he offers the older male a reassuring upturn of his lips. Since he knows how it feels to be stood similarly to the Sundisk, he at least likes to think that he also knows how to appropriately react in such situations to lessen he grip of any tensions. Never has he been a particularly soothing individual to be around what with his piercing eyes of steel and somewhat off-putting icy aura but he does try his best to make others feel welcome. It is the sole reason why he's always offering to help, even if he does not necessarily want to. It is the main reason why he's delighted to hear that he can do something more than stand idle in order to give aid to this wildcat and as request of a tour is extended unto him, he near leaps at the opportunity.

    "Sure thing." Confirmation comes quick from his mouth, spit fire off of his tongue in spite of the instant doubt that clouds his mind since he has never given a tour before since no one has ever requested one and so, the prospect of such responsibility to help someone learn the lay of the land is a tad daunting. No matter how much time he spent scouring the lands of their arid region, he still felt as if he did not know it as well as he could but in this case he would be more than willing to put his own self-doubts and anxieties aside for the sake of this newcomer. "Did you want to go now or would you rather head straight to the mansion to get some rest first? I don't mind either way." He starts to speak with contemplative tilt of his head however he finds himself trailing off, focus being captured by the presence of another near to them who he turns his gaze to peer at.

    Ears perking in vague interest, Hyacinthe is somewhat surprised to see Hayliel there and although she was not someone that he had engaged in conversation with thus far, he was aware that she was Cain's friend and because of that meant that he held an automatic respect for the woman. Upon noticing her, the young feline shoots a cordial smile her way, dipping his head in a wordless yet polite greeting before something dawns on him. She seemed to be noticeably keeping her distance as if she were cautious of something but it was difficult for him to figure out what exactly was causing such hesitance. Taking note of her lack of introduction, he glances back to Sundisk with brows raised, searching the lion's face to see whether he recognised her in any way since he figured that there had to be some significance behind why she had yet to speak up, remaining in a tentative silence, curious to see what would happen.

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  • "we can-" the gruff sentence would soon be caught off, eyes falling upon a form so unfamiliar that it worried him. in truth, he wouldn't have even noticed until hyacinthe had looked over to her. offering her a small smile. he could smell her scent from a mile away. you couldn't forget the face of your own kin, sundisk would know that. he tried so many times. tried erasing himself from her lineage, tried to convince himself he was not of her blood. but he was. he was bred under three surnames, the ones that still applied to her.

    a sudden shift in his weight, focusing himself to leaning on his side as he simply stared. throat parched, and heart thumping a mile an hour. "...excuse me." his parting words as he went to approach the bi-colored caracal. he... he needed to confirm that was who he thought she was. a deep inhale, dissecting every scent that appeared. his mother stood far against the rest of them.

    he had thought that the war in him had laid dormant for centuries, like a volcano thought to be harmless. but now he heard the familiar gun shots, the pounding war drums, the screaming. "...hayliel?" guttural, confused, bitter, joyful. how many emotions could he fit in a word he cursed for a year? "the drums started their symphony again." they grew louder every second he was near her. he didn't know how to stop them, but he wished to tear them apart. it was driving him mad. where was hayliel when he was all alone? facing the world by himself? why was she here now?

    glancing back towards hyacinthe, a cough sounded to clear his throat. useless, really. his voice retained the same deep growls. "it's nice to see you again. i see you've you remember me?" it always scared him that hayliel would have forgotten him. it made no sense, but he still feared it.

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    *:・゚✦ Strelitzia approached quietly, still feeling a little uneasy and hurt, but... it wouldn't be bad to greet a newcomer. "I'm Strelitzia. Welcome to the Cartel," the wolf hummed softly, but her attention was quickly snatched by Hayliel. Moving to the older female, she gently brushed against her. "Hayliel, it's okay. I doubt he has. It'll take some time," she gently reassured her, voice soft - hopefully it could catch Sundisk's ears.


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    私の地図に載っていない海は 遠くない

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    Esme knew the feeling of growing up too fast. As soon as she'd been able to walk, the experiments had started, and they had been brutal.

    The beating of war-drums was in her mind, too, thundering over the screams of the wounded and dying. In many ways, she was similar to Sundisk - but she was also different.

    She loved her mother, though she had not known of her, until Nienna had revealed herself through the path of dreams. Her mother had waited for her for thousands of years, and had never given up hope.

    Hayliel had forgotten her own child. Esme's mother never would. She'd gotten lucky, and these days, it seemed unfair to her.

    She would wait nearby, until Sundisk and his mother were finished speaking. Her charcoal-gray eyes assessed the newcomer as she sat quietly, wondering about his past and refusing to invade his mind.

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