what alignment is my character?

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  • Tigersparks is a ShadowClanner that I currently have listed as Chaotic Good, but I'm having a lot of trouble deciding if that's right or not, so maybe you guys can help me out?

    Tigersparks is a "the greater good" type of fellow, he's willing to sacrifice the few in order to insure the survival of the many. He will even kill to weed out the weak and believes he's in the right by doing so. He doesn't view himself as evil by any means, and is only doing what he believes is best for his clan in the long run, even if it means murder. He's very ambitious, and is determined to become leader one day because he believes he can lead ShadowClan better than any other leader, with strength and power. He's aggressive, and quick to get into fights if he believes his clan is in danger in any way, and will do everything in his power to protect ShadowClan as a whole, but may be willing to sacrifice individuals if it he thinks it'll keep the majority of the clan safe.

    Feel free to ask questions about him, I'll do my best to answer them.


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  • to me he sounds more like an evil aligned character? That or a lawful neutral character, but he definitely doesn’t strike me as a chaotic good character. You may want to read more about the alignments here, as it is very helpful, and perhaps even take the quiz if you wish !

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  • I tried reading over the alignment but I still can't get a firm grasp on what he might be. I took the quiz and he got chaotic evil but that's totally wrong I'm sure. Plus the questions weren't really the best and the answers were limited and none of them really fit him.


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  • honestly if you ask me he fits the bill for a chaotic evil character so perhaps your description of him isn’t accurate ? ;o; if he isnt above murder, even if he believes it’s for the greater good, and can and will kill the innocent but weak, then that sounds like an evil character, and he doesn’t seem to be one who listens to the law either hence making him chaotic

    Lawful evil might also fit him? Or something in the neutral spectrum, but definitely not a good type aligned character

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  • I personally think he has some sort of neutral alignment (probs chaotic neutral but idk), since while he's willing to do bad things, they're supposedly ultimately for the greater good.

  • On that quiz, you can get a little graph of your answers that will show how many your character answered "chaotic evil" and "lawful evil", etc. so if the first choice didn't seem to fit maybe either look at the second choice and see if that fits better, or maybe try to perceive the context in which your character does evil actions differently? idk.

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  • I'd say that he is lawful evil and here's my answer why ;

    — has a strict moral code

    — places his own values and order over what would seem to be a "good" agenda

    — believes himself to be right - usually the makings of a lawful evil

    — is acting to put a system in place that will benefit him

    lawful evil characters are about creating systems that they believe will be better for the world, although these are not necessarily good systems. since he perceives he's working towards a greater good, that would definitely throw him in the lawful evil category for me since he sounds like a paladin gone too far with their convictions. also as an off-note, well played lawful evil characters are often very interesting to play/interact with, so yeah, whilst you might have an instinct to go for good, going for lawful evil might not be a bad idea.