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  • According to his new Clanmates, DarkClan was full of dishonorable thieves. If he'd been the type to buy into whatever he was told, Legion might have accepted that as final, but he knew enough of the world to know better than to obey unquestioningly. Those in power might try to tell you otherwise, but acting like a stuffed dummy with no capacity for thought only got you in trouble. Obeying led to pain; questioning might too, which was why you had to be smart about it.

    The only problem was, Legion wasn't sure how smart he was being. This group was probably hostile to ShadowClan, and although he was a new joiner, the scent of ShadowClan was already beginning to stick to his pelt. He wasn't even sure if he was heading in the right direction, and even if these DarkClanners didn't attack him, his trip might end with discipline from Sorrelstar for crossing some line he hadn't known existed.

    All in all, he probably should have turned back, but the black and white tom kept walking until he'd reached a clear border that smelled of cats other than ShadowClan. Curling his tail around his paws, the former loner settled down to wait.

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  • Whizen and then the molly walked, her glazed over eyes devoid of any emotion and care to the world around her. The barren landscape was just that, frigid and cold. Devoid of any life save for that which laid dormant underneath the chilling ice and snow. Rocks were in her path and she hardly paid much attention to her surroundings. A sorrow cling to the too thin molly with skin stretched so tight that it was clearly seen her ribs and her hip bones that jutted out so sharply. Hollow gaze shifted then as the once proud female noticed a figure at the border, the smell of Shadowclan lifting into her muzzle as she took in a slow breath. What could they want? With such a sluggish reaction the starving creature bicolored creature would shift herself toward the feline she could now make out against grey and white, taking a deep breath in before she pulled large ears forward. “What do you need with Darkclan?” Her voice was hollow and broken, grating through dry cracked lips as she curled her tail against her body.


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    The scent of ShadowClan always made his pelt tingle a little; at least, it had recently. The fact they'd been stealing here and there made him extra-aware of the other Clan. Would they attack? Retaliate? Steal back from them? Even Driftingheart's paws weren't clean from theiving, and he hated that about him. If he were ShadowClan, he would do something. However, the deputy was grateful they hadn't yet. Perhaps they had taken mercy on the starving Clan?

    As he padded through the forest, his nose picked up ShadowClan nearby. Too much to be just the border. Driftingheart picked up the pace, breathing heavily even at the small exercise, and found Eveningshade greeting a ShadowClanner at the border. He didn't recognize this one. Driftingheart came to a halt beside the she-cat, watching the stranger with cold blue eyes. What did he want?



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  • The creature who walked toward him was more skeleton than cat. Legion's sweeping gaze took in the queen's protruding ribs and dull fur, ears tilting forward to catch her cracked question. Eveningshade was in a poor way, it was clear as daylight, and the grey tom who approached beside her wasn't much better. These were the dreadful prey thieves that Tigersparks had been going on about? Spirits above! Legion would rather hunt for them and risk being kicked out of the Clan he'd just joined than watch and do nothing as two individuals in their prime faded away.

    Of course, he couldn't make such an offer until he knew something more about them. Wetting his lips, he explained, "I'm Legion. Just joined ShadowClan - you know them? Heard that you were a bunch of codebreakers, but I figured I'd best hear both sides of the story." Little needed to be said: their starving figures spoke more eloquently than words. Tilting his head quizzically, he added, "Mind telling me it?"

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  • "Codebreakers? That’s a lie."

    The sharp, bird-like voice of Eagleblossom cut across the clearing before the molly herself slid from the bushes and padded over, her long legs crossing the distance in a few strides. She came to a halt beside Driftingheart, but not before glancing at Eveningshade with worry. Her brother’s mate was so...emotionless. She supposed losing your kits (and hunger) did that to you. She felt so sorry for her, but at the moment, there was nothing she could do or say to comfort her. With that thought, Eagleblossom’s multicolored gaze swiveled to Legion, her ears flicking backwards with slight annoyance.

    "ShadowClan and DarkClan have been at eachother’s throats as of late, at least from what I have heard. But now I’m curious, what have they told you that we’ve done, exactly?" the female said, her tone struggling to stay neutral. The entire clan was starving right now, and Eagleblossom wanted to send this “visitor” on his way and get back to hunting as soon as possible.


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  • "Codebreakers? That’s a lie." The response rang loudly through the air, demanding attention. Turning his gaze away from Eveningshade and Driftingheart's lean forms, Legion eyed Eagleblossom with interest. She was clearly upset, and although his intention wasn't to stir up ill will, he wasn't naïve enough to expect that wouldn't happen. Hopefully, it wouldn't come across as a bad reflection of ShadowClan but as the simple curiosity of a cat who wanted to know why his Clanmates were upset at another group.

    Keeping his posture straight, he explained, "I heard from one warrior that you break the code and steal prey. Looks like you could use it, but I'm not here to cause an argument. Don't even have a warrior name. I just want to know what's been going on." There was likely truth to Tigersparks' claims, but that didn't mean that DarkClan was in the wrong either. Until he had all the pieces of the puzzle, how was Legion supposed to decide who to support? Codes weren't meant to be broken, and if this group was preying on another Clan's land, they were acting improperly—but how was he supposed to know what was true if he didn't try to verify it? "What have you done? And what's ShadowClan done to you?"

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