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  • Perhaps he'd stayed in the background too long!

    Yes, of course; he'd hardly managed a flirty word to anyone what with all the...death...and...such. Hmm... what a shame that was, truly, absolutely!!
    He needed to remind everyone of himself! Get that handsome devil of a cat back in the public eye!

    He was a full prey-hunter now, wasn't he?

    The amnesiac - he'd long given up on the idea of gaining those memories back - sauntered to the centre of their dear little cave home. With a swish of his foxy tail Fox called;

    "My lovely tribemates! My dear loves! If any would feel so broken on this day, having not spoken to yours truly, come forth for a task! I think it'll put a spring in your step."

  • "Fox, my love, it's truly been too long!" Valley would mewl dramatically in response, making a fake faint towards the orange tom, falling at his feet. She grins up at him, green eyes tilting up, happy to see the tom a little more chipper. The Tribe could use a good helping of that. "What did you have in mind?"

  • Dove That Flies At Noon paused as she nosed through the caught prey, her lunch seemed to have been interrupted by Fox’s call. Suppressing a groan, the molly gave one last look at the caught prey, hunger chewed at her belly. Still, it wasn’t like Dove to ignore a call addressed to everyone, her impish curiosity and nervous tendencies often left her watchful of everything happening. Arriving with a flourish of her tail, the alabaster molly took a seat with a gentle nod of her head. “I’ll take one as well,” she murmured, eyes soft as she watched Valley and Fox play around.



    as a shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn — tags ・゚✧ dove that flies at noon

  • Fawn was bored, and thus she deigned to actually do some work today. "ilk take one"


    ... fake ...


    ...but be the serpent underneath it...

    storage. | AKLM | plot.

    fawn that sleeps 'till noon + 07 months + demigirl + medium difficulty

    beautiful fawn and white norwegian forest cat with brown eyes + bitter, cruel, ambitious, intelligent, cunning, reserved

  • Fox grinned, all sharp and charming; "well now! Valley, my dear, I'd hardly recognised you!"
    His paw came to his chest, a look of mock sadness on his face, "I couldn't bare to watch you fall, so! Oh! Only if it's head over paws for me," he added in a purr.
    He'd missed chatter with a good friend.

    "Goodness, shall I even be able to find a task worthy of you, my dear?
    valley where roses grow I'd adore it if you could head down to the edge of our territory with some others, I hear the thicker snows are lessening, maybe some old hunting spots will be flourishing - or, well, you'll find a pile of snow for some fun."

    "Hello there, dearest," he purred, a whirl of his own thick tail. Now, now, this was a new pretty face, wasn't it?

    Oh, had he truly been so lost in the loop? Dreadful!
    " -dove Should you have the courage, I think it'd be good to head to the points the cougars came from, not deeply so, but just to make sure there aren't any fresh scents."

    And, ah, a little one, how sweet.

    "Well then Fawn ! think you'd be willing to help the Stoneteller by finding some herbs? If you know any, someone will know some if not."

  • "Ah c'mon now Fox - I haven't changed that much!" She grins giving him a gentle swipe. There is doubt in her mind reminding her to keep up appearances, to not let others know her own quest. His task sounds fair so she gives a bow to the tom, "Anything for a friend as dear as you." She straightens up to wink at him before turning in a flourish to find some stragglers for this task.

    Task here! watch your step | dangerous snow