Thoughts on the Serein Copse?

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  • Hey everyone! I was just wondering what you all think of the Serein Copse - would you be willing to put any characters in there, have you even heard of it, etc? We recently changed from a proclan to an anticlan and we've hit a lull in activity again ): we will be doing mass adopts and hp tryouts but from my experience that doesn't tend to help a lot. So... what can we do better?

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    i know a bitch hasn't been active bc my muse has been,,, the shit tm

    but ;
    > it has a lot of really interesting characters! the reply lengths seems to be pretty standard of what people are posting, which is very encouraging to people who like to post long posts and the slower pace helps that out. call that a pro or a con but i do appreciate it.

    > my main issue is that the copse doesn't seem to have a purpose atm? they changed to an anti-clan, but most of the characters don't seem to support the change so it confuses me as to why they're calling themselves an anticlan. perhaps some plot with annoyance towards the status as an anticlan could bring in some interest

    > noting on that - there aren't any plots. i'm aware plots are hard but they do tend to grab my attention at least? if there's something to react to, it's a lot easier to actually roleplay there

    a note ; i love the copse. i wanna rp there more when i can breathe again.



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  • posting on a subaccount as i don't have a main account, but !!
    i've heard of the serein corpse, but i don't know much about it. looking over the guide, just being honest, it doesn't engage me quickly :0 i think the reason is because there is mention of a religion and traditions, but none are listed. there doesn't seem to be anything that stands out about them from the other clans, although i do love the rank names! at this point in the main game, there are so many anti-clans that it can become boring after a while if they don't have their own way of being anti. is there a specific reason why they turned into an anti-clan? if so, it would be awesome to see that reason/motive used to give the clan a goal or ambition, so to speak. when the clan as a whole has a motive, it's welcoming to plot ideas and characters that fit will there. i do like that there is a hub of important links, like a discord, weekly tasks sign ups, and a clan cenus! i really like the titles/badges, too! they are so cool (: as for the board itself, the first page is filled with mostly joining threads, and that's awesome! but the lack of events/activities going on can turn people away, though. overall i think that the aesthetic so far is looking great and i would be willing to put a character there once i know more about it C:

  • Sorry for not responding!

    All these issues will be addressed, for sure!

    Currently we have in mind for the Copse's religions and traditions (since I do know we have them, we just haven't been able to update the Guide as of late) to be Pagan/Celtic based in accordance with names of the ranks!

    As for their anti-clan purpose, we're bordering along the idea to go with it's anti-motive to be Religion based, almost like Crusaders of their traditions, and their raids are motives of "faith", rather than capture/torture or plain murder.

    For plots however, we're still deciding on one (unless we do go with the Crusaders of Faith as a "main plot point"), but for events we will have plenty coming up with, one I know for St. Patrick's Day, and perhaps a point-based sign-up event, if the St. Patrick's Day will not be a competition of sorts.

    Thank you all for the feedback though!!


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