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  • NYX K.S.

    Persephone had just entered the lunch hall, hand rubbing her arm as she looked for an open seat. As figured, there were none without about a million other students surrounding it. She didn't necessarily dislike sitting with others, especially if she knew them. However, with recent events, she felt irked by the general census returning to normal so quickly. Percy, after a few moments of silence, veered off her original path to eat somewhere else in the school. Maybe just a random hall, or back in their dorms. She didn't know.

    Percy slowed to a stop when she spotted her brother already occupying the spot she had envisioned eating at. She clutched her little lunchbox in both handed, eyeing the boy. It was weird to be sorted into different houses, especially when they lived together throughout the summer. She missed her brother daily, though the feeling wasn't as strong as when she thought of Ouranos, who would've definitely been sorted with her. Nyx was just another outcast in their pureblood line. Though, after a moment of thought, she wasn't the Hufflepuff her parents were either.

    "Nyx, why are you eating in the hall?" she muttered to her younger brother, plopping down beside him and giving him a sidewards glance.


    Nyx looked up from the plate on his lap at once as he heard Persephone's voice from beside him. "Oh, well..." He hesitated for a moment, trying to come up with an excuse. "The seats by my friends were taken, and I didn't want to have to sit by someone I didn't know." It was clearly a lie, and yet he didn't want to tell her the truth.

    He was aware that he was an outcast in his family, and recent events had only made that more clear. This group was targeting anyone who wasn't a pureblood, and while his sister and parents were, he wasn't. He was adopted; he had been born to two muggles. Muggleborns were exactly who this group had been targeting, and his existence put a target on his back, as well as his entire family. The real reason that Nyx had come to sit alone was so that he didn't have to deal with looking at everyone and seeing a reminder of this.

    "You can sit with me if you want," he offered to his sister, patting the ground beside him as an offer for her to take a seat. "It'd be nice to have some company," he continued, looking back down at his food, which seemed mostly untouched, despite having been sitting here for quite some time.




  • "If I were you," Percy started up, pressing out the wrinkles in her skirt and avoiding eye contact with her little brother, "I'd tell a little bugger to move. I mean, aren't Slytherins supposed to be all nasty?" she laughed at the stereotype, looking towards his untouched food. Come to think of it, she never really made the effort to bond with her adopted brother. She felt that it was rightfully so, as Nyx was absolutely a replacement boy. It felt weird, though, to recognize him as family, talk to him as family, and live with him through several months - only to sit beside him now, and not know what to say.

    "Already took a seat. Do we need'a get your eyes checked?" she finally looked to him again, brushing her hair out of her face. She absentmindedly searched for her wand beside her lunchbox, however she seemed to have left it somewhere else in the school. Silently cursing, she grabbed her lunchbox as a distraction and zipped it open, "Do you like Skittles, Nyx? I don't like the red ones, so you can have them if you want," she hummed, grabbing her little container of smuggled candies, smiling at her brother.