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  • 1zfm060.png

    [ milkkit ] [ small tortoiseshell point with blue eyes ] [ 3 moons ] [ female ] [ trad. windclan kitten ] [ gen. 1 ]

    don't wake me 'cause i'm dreaming

    of angels on the moon



  • 23uvu9s.png

    [ cloudkit ] [ black smoke norwegian forest cat mix with bright leaf green eyes ] [ ~1 moons ] [ female ] [ trad. thunderclan kit ]

    -- this cloud burst is pulling us under
    lightning and thunder
    rain falls and you take me under
    and flood my soul



  • 2l5w1.png

    [ wadingkit ] [ black smoke tortoiseshell and white turkish angora mix with orange eyes ] [ ~1 moons ] [ female ] [ trad. riverclan kit ] [ gen. 1 ]

    fdssdfsd text


  • 291i9l3.png

    [ musselkit ] [ brown tabby oriental shorthair with dull earthy green eyes ] [ 3 moons ] [ male ] [ trad. riverclan kit ] [ gen. 1 ]

    [fontfThe spindly young tom had significantly increased in strength since joining the ranks of RiverClan, though he remained rather willowy with large, bat-like ears. Unbeknownst to him, they were there to stay- he would not grow into them as other cats grew into their features. Never catching glimpse of his own mother, Musselkit wasn't really sure what he wa

    [glow='black']As of now, the brown mackerel tabby could be spotted afoot the fresh-kill pile, trying his best to get the hang of chowing down on the local fare. Eating fish had a bit of a learning curve, it seemed. They were slippery, scaly, and the meat within had a rather peculiar texture; nothing like the sweet-as-honey milk he'd been raised on in his first moon or so of life. He'd picked a tiny minnow for himself - some apprentice must have dragged it back to camp as it was hardly a meal fit for a warrior - and was flipping it about as he tried his best to get a grip on the finned creature with tiny pearlescent teeth."9aa57e"

  • 291i9l3.png

    [ sycamorepaw ] [ bluepoint bicolor ragdoll ] [ 7 moons ] [ female ] [ trad. riverclan kit ] [ gen. 1 ]


    i know these roots could break the ground,

    and in the meantime our leaves will turn

    but rest assured

    we'll get through anything




  • 1t0k6e.png

    >> the flames will lick your skin
    and I'll fall in love with you
    for the first time <<

    [ singekit ] [ black grizzled chausie with yellow eyes ] [ ~2 moons ] [ male ] [ trad. skyclan kit ] [ gen. 1 ]