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  • tubig. Oh I'd totally be open for that! Dapplepaw would definitely be the kind of cat to meddle like that haha of course her heart is in the right place! And she cares about Yarrowpaw so she'd totally want to try and help him get closer to his brother again. Lmk what you think Blitz Krieg !


    I want to be so complete

    I could light a whole city


    Avery + she/her + college student + midwesterner + 5/10 activity



  • tubig.   EliteAvery ooh I love that idea! I'm totally down! Yarrowpaw would just go along with it to make Dapplepaw happy but would feel so awkward and uncomfy lol

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  • por favor não diga que você me ama —

    Blitz Krieg   EliteAvery lmao this'll be fun


    porque eu não posso dizer isso de volta

    ☾*: pulvis et umbra sumus — facilis descensus averno

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