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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ It was no secret that Amberkit took her mossball with her almost everywhere: she slept with it, she ate with it, she played with it and she made sure it was always by her side. She had grown attached to it, almost unhealthily so, and she was never seen without it dangling from her maw as she hopped around camp. The calico was currently tossing the moss back and forth between her paws, muddy hazel gaze following it left and right, left and right. Amber didn't know why she had to keep her mossball with her all the time; it was a sort of security blanket, it kept her safe from all the scary things and it was there for her when she was sad and missing her mom, when Wolfsbane wasn't there to comfort her.

    Amberkit had left her mossball right in her nest, safe and sound while she went to the prey pile to grab a small snack. "I won't be gone for long..." She told her mossball, giving it a swift pat with an orange paw before disappearing from the nursery to trot happily across camp. The calico wasn't gone long, but when she came back to her nest...her mossball was gone. Her jaw went slack and her eyes were already brimming with tears as a deep, dark sense of instability rushed through her. Her anxiety flared up almost immediately, consuming her as she practically tore her nest apart searching for her mossball. Amberkit was a sobbing mess as she searched the entire nursery, under all the kits and queens before her search led her to crying and searching around camp.

    "M-mossball? W-W-Where'd you go?" She needed her mossball. Amberkit needed her mossball. "M-Mossball?!" The calico mess of a kitten spent an hour peeking into every crevice of camp until she ended up near the warriors' den in a sniffling, cowering mess. Curled into a tight ball Amberkit would be found sobbing into her fur, ears flat against her head and her body shaking from her fast pulse and the anxiety eating away at her like a swarm of ants.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ her motherly instincts had surged the moment amber had started to tear apart the nursery. she didn't know what the little girl was looking for- only that she was desperate. worry flashed through the pretty molly's hazel gaze as she watched her brother's adopted child rush around camp, crying for her 'mossball.'

    and then the tears came, wrenching sobs that tore at grace's heart as she hurried towards the little molly. anxiety had begun to eat away at her as well as she wondered what wolfsbane would say if he saw amberkit crying. he'd blame grace- she knew, which was better than him blaming amber, but still. heart thumping with worry, the fluffy-furred feline made her way over on soft paws, ears twitching back, eyes wide. "amberkit, honey," she meowed gently, moving to run her tail along the length of the small child. she hoped that the patched girl wouldn't flinch away from her touch as she moved to press around her, wrapping her up in fluff. hopefully it wouldn't overwhelm the girl. "what's wrong, little one?"

    sorrow for the anxious amberkit swam in her gaze. this was a breakdown- many cats had them. something would happen that would just push them to the breaking point. in this kit's case, it was the loss of her mossball. a sort of security blanket for the patchwork child. grace silently promised both herself and amberkit that she would keep better watch over the girl and her littermate. she wanted them to feel like she was almost a second mother. no one could replace their first, but she could at least help. bending to lick amberkit's head with soft, soothing strokes, she murmured to the kitten, trying to calm her.



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  • It had been a slow day for haycloud. leaf-bare was still in full swing, so searching for herbs was all but meaningless. On top of that, the snow would keep prey from the open so hunting was pointless.

    Maybe I could take a few days off and go visit mom and dad. Yeah, and I’m sure miss growing maple would-‘

    His thoughts were abruptly cut off by the sound of sobs slicing through the tranquil air. Immediately the tomcat was on his feet, rushing outside the medicine den to tend to an injury.

    Except, there was no injury. He connected bits and pieces from the kit’s sobs, working out that she had lost some object that was dear to her. Suddenly, he was reminded of himself when cloudcatcher left. Sure, he had been older, but the feeling of losing a dear friend remains the same regardless of age, or if they’re inanimate.

    Crouching down, Haycloud looked at amberkit with a calm and friendly smile plastered across his face. “Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay, miss amberkit. We’ll help you find whatever you’re looking for!”

  • I'm learning to fly

    but I ain't got wings —

    Featherkit had been taking a short nap, when the cries of Amberkit quickly woke her, the dusty brown molly blinking the sleep from her eyes as she took in the situation. "A mossball?" She paused, not quite sure if she saw one or not, the kitten slowly getting up. It usually took her a few minutes to wake up, and become that huge bundle of energy she was. "Maybe one of the other kits took it out without realizing! We can ask them if they've seen it!"

  • ihG3EkC.gif Moss ball? Buzzardflight didn't know they were talking about that. In fact, he had no clue why the kit seemed to be in such distress. His blue eyes look over all the cats, trying to catch up on what's happening. Maybe he would be able to help in some way. But for now the white tom kept to the back, allowing the hearing cats to deal with this. "" .

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  • "Someone took you're mossball? That's not very nice! But featherkit's right - we can ask everyone if they've seen it!" Cardinalkit would say, her large amber optics glimmering wiht kindness and worry almost like pools of molten honey. The little kit would take off with a small wheeze, loudly calling out at the top of her lungs, "Hey everyone! Um, has anyone seen Amberkit's mossball? It's like, super-duper important to her and we have to find it!"

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  • Olivekit groaned, pressing his paws to his head as the sound of sobbing filled the camp. He had slept through a lot of it, but eventually it got to a point that even the lazy little thing couldn't ignore it for long. A sympathetic pang went through his heart as he heard Amberkit's woeful cries more carefully. It would seem that she had lost something very important to her. Olivekit climbed out of the nursery and followed the sounds of the crowd. "Where'd you see it last?" Olivekit mewed as calmly as he could, but there was no doubt he was starting to get a little anxious and uneasy being around a crying kitten. He just didn't like the thought of pain.



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  • TAGS ☆彡mossball? his invisible eyebrows would furrow at the scene being caused over it, but it wasn't as though he couldn't understand where the kitten was coming from. maybe try looking in the nursery, if you haven't already? the deputy would suggest kindly, evergreen oculars fixated upon amberkit almost curiously.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Eyes of hazel glossy with tears glanced up at her aunt as she came bearing comforting words, curling around her shivering body as Amberkit sunk deeper into her panic. Graceful was nicer than her mom from what the patchwork calico could remember. Large tears ran dramatically down Amber's full cheeks as she pressed into the safety of Graceful's fluff, ears flat against her head and small wails still coming from her, snot bubbling grossly from her nose. The number of concerned cats grew as Amberkit's sobbing grew into a distraction, a tiny twinge of guilt and anxiety worming its way into the kitten's thoughts as she realized she had caused this giant ruckus. What if Wolfsbane saw how much trouble she had caused? Oh no..

    Haycloud was crouched down in front of her, the kitten instinctively pressing closer into the comfort of Graceful. "M-my mossball...it's about this big and this t-tall." Amberkit sat up and held her paws up so that the cats around could see, gesturing about how big around and how tall her beloved mossball was. A few familiar faces from the nursery offered to help, an extra bout of nervous energy rushing through her veins. She didn't mean to grab so much attention and oh no, she had distracted the deputy and she was going to be in so much trouble.

    "It's n-not a big deal...it's just m-my mossball, I really like it. I left it in my n-nest in the nursery when I went to go get a snack, but when I came b-back it was gone." The kitten explained, bottom lip wobbling as she retreated ack into the safety of Graceful's fluff. She didn't mean to cause such a scene...

  • Some kit was crying again. It half seemed to Wolfsbane that when kits weren't screeching, they were crying, and the latter was just as annoying as the former. The kit's mother ought to soothe it—no warrior, having spent the day working, wanted to listen to a kit blubbering during the time the warrior had to relax.

    He'd been doing his best to ignore the tears and focus on his grooming, which took altogether more effort than he thought reasonable. The tears didn't stop, though, and as more cats heading toward the little scrap of fur curled up near the warrior's den, Wolfsbane found his attention drawn more and more frequently to the scene. Eventually, he realized that Amberkit was the upset child, and despite the fact that his chocolate pelt was still half a mess, he heaved himself up and headed over.

    "Stop crowding her," was the first thing out of his mouth, accompanied by an irritable glare toward his Clanmates. Amberkit didn't like being the center of attention. They ought to know that. Swinging pale eyes toward the patchwork calico, huddled into the safety of his sister's fluffy pelt, he forced himself to take a deep breath despite the mounting frustration within him when he heard why she was upset. A mossball?! For a mossball she was making such a fuss? Sure, it was cute the way she clung to the thing, but it was just a bundle of moss. Besides, it was getting disgusting. Whoever'd taken it had done them a service.

    Briefly, he closed his eyes, trying not to let his temper get the better of him as he sounded, "You're crying about a mossball." And to think that she'd be an apprentice soon—a thought that bothered him in more ways than one. Don't scare her. You don't have to be Liverpool to be a good parent. "There's plenty of moss around, Amberkit. If we don't find it, you can make a new one." Even searching for the ridiculous toy was an overkill when creating a new mossball was easier, but if the others were intent on wasting their time that way and Amber liked the idea, he wouldn't argue against it.



  • "Aww, we lost our mossball?" Blossompaw purred, having watched the ordeal unfold from afar. "Well, my nose isn't as good as Chillykit's was, but I can certainly try to find it." Immediately she thrusted her nose down to the ground and began sniffing. Disgusting smells of crowfood, foxdung, and dried blood from battles flooded her nostrils, a terrible odor that even made her feel a little faint. Rather than give up immediately, however, she simply scooted around camp. This was the happiness of a kit they were talking about, after all, and even if Blossomkit's childhood was a bit rotten, it didn't mean that Amberkit's should be, too. Truth be told, she didn't know what moss smelled like, but rather assumed that it was a cold, wet scent. "I figure somebody else wanted to play with it." She meowed, with her back still turned.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ giving the small girl a quick lick on the head, the woman nuzzled her 'niece' softly, hoping to comfort her. "it's going to b-be alright, love. no one is m-mad. we'll h-help you." hearing her brother's words, she tipped her head up towards wolfsbane, brow furrowing for a moment. she shouldn't speak against him- this she knew. she'd had to much experience watching the way she-cats were treated in her old group if they did so. but amberkit was attached to the mossball- if she was being honest, grace thought wolfs could've been a little more comforting.

    so here she went- doing the thing that other mollies were beaten for. "w-wolfs, p-please don't be l-like that." she meowed softly, biting her lip. "s-she's attached to it. l-let her be a kitten for a l-little longer. p-please." letting out a nervous sigh, she hoped wolfsbane wouldn't be offended or angry. if she'd spoken back to liverpool like that, she knew what would've happened. mentally preparing herself to get slapped across the ears, she flicked her tail, turning back to the small child. "everyone's offered to h-help, amber! no one's mad- w-we'll find it."



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  • "Indeed!" Blossompaw called, looking back at the group. "Kits will be kits, and there's nothing wrong with that!...unless they're a hundred moons old, of course." She laughed and continued to smell around. Not picking up anything that could conceivably be a mossball smell, she hummed, beginning to think. Finally, she decided to put the more logical and observatory part of her brain to work. "Amberkit," Blossompaw asked, padding back to the kit. "When you had your mossball, did you notice any strange behaviors in your fellow kits? Were any of them acting like they were hiding jealousy, or were feeling mischievous?"

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ The approaching figure of Wolfsbane made Amberkit's tears briefly subside, her ears perking up and her face seeming to light up at the sight of her adoptive father coming over. He could help! Wolf was smart, she really liked the fact that he was so smart, so wouldn't he be able to find her mossball? Wolfsbane always knew what to do, he always knew how to fix things, even her problems! Amberkit was about to bound over to weave in between the towering tom's legs, the comforting presence of her adoptive father would most likely help her calm down. Amberkit was about to leave the safety of Graceful's fur when--

    "You're crying about a mossball."

    The kitten stopped dead in her tracks, face instantly falling and her thoughts screeching to a halt. Everything seemed to fall apart in that instant, Amberkit's delighted expression turning dark and her ears lowering back against her skull. She felt something rising in her throat, something that felt like a mixture of fury and anxiety, her fur puffing out and her lips pulling back to reveal pointed, pearly white fangs. This was her mossball, her closest friend! Why was dad being so...mean? Hot tears of anger poured from muddy eyes as Amberkit seemed to recoil into herself, the words of Graceful and Rabbitpaw going unheard by the seething youth. "It's not just a mossball, it's my mossball! He can't be replaced, it doesn't work like that!" Amberkit nearly yowled, voice raising alongside her fur as she became an emotional mess.

    "I don't want to find him anymore! I don't want a-any help, I'll do it myself later!" The patchwork calico sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks as she stormed away from the group of cats and disappeared into the shadows of the nursery. She would find Mossball by herself.

  • Cardinalkit - bless her heart - was absolutely lost. On one hand she wanted to defend amberkit, to yell at wolfsbane for hurting her new friend. But that just... wasn't her - no, Cardinalkit wanted to make everyone happy... that included both amberkit and wolfsbane. And so, now stumped, the fiery-furred tortie would just stare, mouth agape, and then sigh, slinking her way back into the nursery with only a few quite wheeze's thanks to her earlier yelling. It seemed there would be no cheerful resolution to this problem, and somehow... somehow that was worse than anything.

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  • Turning irately to Grace, Wolfsbane snarled, "Like what?" He was offering practical advice, a solution to Amberkit's dilemma. If she couldn't find her toy by looking around, crafting a new one was a clear answer. What was it about the suggestion that got Grace's whiskers in such a tangle?

    Except, Amberkit apparently agreed with Grace. Wolfsbane was just leaning in to give her an affectionate rub when the kitten screeched to a stop, expression collapsing. His frustration began mounting as the calico kitten broke down, crying hot tears and nearly spitting fire. She was getting so emotional over nothing! What was worse was, everyone else obviously realized where he'd gone wrong. He was the only one who'd suggested making a new mossball. Blossompaw, Olivekit, Haycloud, everyone else, they'd all offered to help her look for the mossball. He was supposed to be her father, but somehow, that integral 'click' that everyone else clearly had was missing when it came to him. It wasn't even something he could blame on his upbringing: Grace had realized that he was approaching this wrong and tried to warn him. He wasn't wired right for dealing with an emotional kit, apparently, even if she was his own daughter.

    "Amberkit," he started to say , only to pause as the girl stomped off. He wasn't quite sure what to say anyway, and although he had the vague idea that he should follow after her and offer something soothing, Wolfsbane didn't trust himself to remain calm. With Amber already upset, him trying not to act irritated was surely a recipe for disaster. Grinding his teeth for a long moment, he let out a short, tense hiss. Forget it. Let her sulk. When they were both calmer, he'd ask Grace what to do.



  • Amberkit's outburst left Blossompaw's pelt ruffled, and, downbeat, she watched the poor thing slink back into the nursery. She pushed out her bottom lip at Wolfsbane, ready to join Grace in scolding him; then her eyes locked on to the changing expression on his face, and her own eyes faded back into their usual foggy green. His hiss was strong enough to twist her ears back for a moment, but they twisted forwards again and listened for another word, be it apology or excuse. When all he uttered was his daughter's name, her ears drooped with concern, wondering whether or not she should step in. No, that was probably a bad idea. They were both quite irate already, trying to wedge herself into the conflict would probably earn her a scratch from either one. Still, it cracked her heart to see Amberkit's flaming pelt become extinguished alongside her hope. Maybe when Wolfsbane left, she'd try talking to her.