plot w cedarpaw?

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  • nyaaa i wanna get him active again i have a lot of ideas but school has been kicking my ass

    - friends

    - enemies? i think it would be funny since cedar just wouldn't understand what's happening

    - crushes perhaps

    - ur character yells at cedar for being an emotionless dunce or asks why he doesn't seem to care about anything

    - cedar is accidentally mean to ur character bc he is blunt and oblivious

    - he is always open to being a therapist for ur characters since he's very stable and logical, tho he isn't very good at comforting, more just advice for how to get ur life back together

    - gets beat up for being a prick

    - ur character tries to teach him how to hunt or fight

    - nyaa im open to pretty much anything else too we just gotta plot it. probably no litters tho he's baby

    shadowclan + medicine cat apprentice + 11 moons + + played by sadie

  • play some truth or dare with cicadakit that just ends up in being a feels talk as cici realizes she is just about as emotionally vacant as he is to others? and she can try to come to terms with who she is, maybe have her become more cold/blunt to others for a while until she receives backlash and then she can fake it

    and all the while cedarpaw will be the only one to know why she's acting like she is

    also she could totally be up for bullying/getting in a fight with cedarpaw simply for being the embodiment of what she is afraid of being

    weep little lion man,



    Cicadakit (n.) – Giant female dilute tortie kitten of ShadowClan.

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  • Ratshadow sure thing! it might be after wednesday when i get to it cuz i just got a lot of work dumped on me

    Cicadakit.` that sounds like a really interesting plot i'm so down!! who makes the thread? c;

    shadowclan + medicine cat apprentice + 11 moons + + played by sadie