❝ DEEPLY SCARRED ❞ — lovescars anteiku

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    face all your fears then get at me


    real name is shiloh anteiku // goes by lovescars

    17 moons // ages on the 31st of each month

    qualea of volary flights // former crowned eagle

    cisgender female // she/her pronouns

    minty aroma



    very smart, plays dumb due to her low self-esteem

    sharp tongue, occasional slip ups

    secretly adores puns and literature

    knows many languages

    heavily believes in honor and dishonor

    doesn't trust people easily, has a hard time opening up

    French is her mother tongue, carries a light velvet accent which roughens her r's and substitutes her th's with z's

    has round clear-rimmed glasses, refuses to wear them in public due to embarrassment

    wears her nodachi across her chest at all times, rarely seen without it


    bisexual demiromantic // single, interested in kira

    easily put, there is no simple way to gain the trust of the albino fox, let alone form a quick friendship. she isn't antisocial — rather she enjoys humoring other folks, but as far as her relations go, nobody really gets beyond acquaintances due to her difficult past and her obvious trust issues. however, she warms up better to children and those who share the same interests she does whether it be literature, astrology, science, and generally everything that takes time-consuming studying to understand.

    npc x npc // cousin to elida anteiku, carries bad blood

    cousin to rosalie anteiku (deceased, mourning)


    [MAIN BODY:] albino red fox (98%)

    ↳ lovescars takes the form of an albino red fox most of the time, standing at an average height with a slim, toned figure. she's got a black, button nose that oddly compliments her piercing, entirely black eyes — a genetic trait carried by most among the anteiku family. the fur on her tail is abnormally long, stretching a couple feet behind her with the ends fixing into gentle waves which she brushes often. in each of her forms, there are red marks slashed across her eyelids that form a sort of wicked eyeliner look. she has crisp, sharp features, but her smile is very soft and welcoming. she's constantly found squinting; a clear sign of her poor vision, though she refuses to wear her lenses in public.

    — INJURIES/ILLNESSES: weak immune system, catches a cold often due to weather changes or a sudden shift in location // pollen is her nemesis


    ☾ [EXTERIOR TRAITS] calm, collected, strategist, understanding, reserved, stoic

    ☾ [INTERIOR TRAITS] dorky, easily attached, afraid, cheeky

    ↳ full, described personality goes here

    — DISORDERS: none


    [POWERS:] shapeshifting, telekinesis // both mastered

    [WEAPONS:] wields a nodachi using telekinesis, carries an extra dagger with her but rarely uses it

    physically difficult // mentally medium

    will start fights if needed // will end fights, considers it an honor // will never flee, considers it dishonorable // will surrender if defeat is inevitable

    peaceful powerplay allowed, however she may act out aggressively if she's uncomfortable

    attack in #9F9F5F OR mention lovescars a. (but please use colors i wanna see how cute it looks)


    shiloh anteiku / volary flights / info / penned by dani

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    shiloh anteiku / volary flights / info / penned by dani