Begin influencing the kit of Shadowclan deputy?

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  • Sorrelkit-----

    Never Good Enough

    So the plot I've had since I made Sorrelkit, Owlflight and Briarthorn's daughter, is she trains in the Dark Forest like her father did. Now, since she is only 3 moons, you could begin training her as it seems evil, but I'd like for the Dark Forest to begin influencing her, grooming her to become a perfect soldier to train and think like them.

    Her alignment is lawful evil so she is already a good starting point and her tags are a work in progress but they are in the adoption thread <3
    adoption thread with her tags in them <3 my main is Echoeye so yes, these are Sorrel's tags.


  • o oh oh i have the perfect character for this

    So this boyo of mine, Asphodelpaw, isn't necessarily EVIL perse, but he's got these major strict views on leadership and being a REAL warrior

    and they're heavily on the dark grey spectrum or morals

    so he'd probably push Sorrel to forget about her personal relationships and focus solely and completely on the code

    prepare to be a leader that will do anything and everything for the code and the "best" for the clan

    He's going to push her to the extent of lawful evil as much as possible if you're good with it :3



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