Tribe Of Fire {Traditions!}

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    There are many traditions that all of the Tribes celebrate both separately and together. Most territory wide festivals are a time of truce between all enemy tribes.


    The Gathering:

    Performed on Peace Island, this is similar to the traditional clan meetings. Held every first day of the month at Sun High, The Kings/Queens of each Tribe report news, announce Heirs or welcome new Guardians/Learners to the other Tribes. War/Battle is forbidden on this night.

    New Sky:

    New Sky is the Tribes equivelent to New Years. The Goddess sends shooting stars to signal the new moons ahead and the tribes get together at Peace Island. This festival is a chance to out old grudges to rest and to celebrate the successes of the past year.

    Lovers Eve:

    basically Valentines Day. A day for mates to show appreciation for each other, it is celebrated 1 moon after New Sky. It is also the night that most cats receive their "Soul Mate Vision" Where cats discovery clues of who their soulmates may be.

    Sun Haven:

    Celebrated on the longest day of the year, this festival is a chance for Learners and kits to meet cats of the other tribes. One tribe hosts the Sun Haven every year, and the Host Tribe must provide games and prey for the younger visitors. War/Battle is forbidden on this day.


    Grateful Day:

    A day where the whole Tribe comes together to hunt down a large prey {Turkeys, Sheep, Etc.) and then share it together with those in the Tribe. It is a day to be grateful to Fire and The Goddess for their blessings and protection.

    Learners Passage:

    Once a Small One reaches 6 months of age, They are given a Guardian Who will teach them the ways of the tribe. They are also given the suffix, "paw".

    Guardians Passage:

    When a Learner has been taught all they can, they are put into a deep sleep and given an assesment by their HPs' and the Ancient that watches over their Tribe. If they are found worthy, they are gifted with a Guardians name, and will wake with a mark of their solidarity to their tribe.