Tribe of Fire {Territory}

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    Main Camp:


    The main camp for the Tribe of Fire is found in the very middle of a large Redwood forest inside the large hollow trunk of one of the trees. When you first enter camp, you are greeted but a sense of warmth and hospitality, with moss covering the ground and paw made dens lined along the walls of the trunk.


    The bramble dens can be found all along the inner walls of the tree. The Guardians den can be found to the left of the camp entrance, it is larger on the inside, and is actually made of two levels of flooring due to the guardians carving into the trunk of the tree and creating a second floor. The Learners den is found right inbetween the Guardians and Wise ones Dens, only consisiting of one floor, the ground lined with feathers anything the Learns find outside in the forest {sparkling stones, leaves, etc.}. The Wise Ones den and the Birth-Mothers dens are kept at a comfortable temperature all year round, a gift from the Ancient, Fire. The Wise Ones den can be found far in the back of the hollowed out tree, and the Birth-Mothers den is found right beside the King/Queens den. The King/Queens den can be found to the right of the camp entrance, atop a boulder that was rolled into the tree to be used for Tribe Meetings.

    The Meeting Rock:

    The Meeting Rock is a boulder that was rolled into the tree during The Great War. The King/Queens den sits atop it and only the HPs' are allowed atop it. Any other cats who attempt to climb it for traitorous or malicious reasons will feel their paws burn.

    Practice Circle:

    The Practice Circle is a small clearing where Guardians and Learners go for training. Its' ground is softer then in most areas and can be found just south of the main camp.