Tribe of Fire {Religion}

  • LORE

    At the beginning of time, the Goddess Nyx was lonely and yearned for creatures like herself to keep her company. And so she created the world, and birthed her first daughter Earth. When Earth was born, she brought vegetation and all forms of plant life to the world. However, the plants could not live without a source of food, and so Nyx gave birth to her second daughter, Light who created the Sun and brought vision to the world. With the birth of Light, also came the birth of her twin, Darkness, who created the moon.

    Light and Darkness did not like to spend much time in Earths world, and so promised her that they would each visit for a small portion of time, creating day and night. But Earth soon became lonely herself and begged her mother for siblings who would actually WANT to be on the world with her. And so the triplets were born, Water, Air, and the youngest Fire. At first, the world prospered. Fire soon became the favorite among both the Ancients and the Mortals, not just for being the youngest, but because he brought warmth to the world. However, his brother Water, soon became jealous and asked their mother for something MORE. He wanted more of creatures like them.

    So the Goddess created the mortal cats of the world, as well as the prey they needed. The Goddess soon became excited by what she was creating and with the help of her kits, created all of the living things in the world. For milliions of years, things were at peace. Then, one day, Fire was making his normal rounds around the world, making sure all was going well and that their creations were happy,

    When he met HER.

    In all his millennia of being alive, Fire had never met a she-cat like Ambrosia. Her fur was as black as obsidian, but her fiery eyes matched only his in intensity. She was wild, spirited, blunt, and much like his beloved element, very hard to control. At the sight of her, Fire suddenly felt a painful jolt rip through his body, and the very first Soul Mate Bond was created. At first Fire did everything he could to stay away from her, for the first time feeling confused and unsure about these new feelings this mortal she-cat caused in him. Even going so far as to leaving the world for extended periods of time, leaving his brother Water to take reign for half of the year (the creation of winter).

    Unbeknownst to Fire, Ambrosia had also felt that painful rip when she spotted him, and ever since that day, searched the world endlessly for the tom she had seen. Being so far away from her Soul Mate began to make her sick. She began to lose weight, refused to eat, the only thing pushing her onward was the link she shared with Fire, through which she could feel his thoughts and emotions. She would constantly send him her love, and finally, Fire could no longer stand it and returned to earth to see her. They soon became mates and Ambrosia gave birth to their daughter, Faea.

    But....not all the Ancients were happy to hear about this union between Fire and a mortal cat. When Water and Darkness were informed about what their brother had done, they grew furious and demanded that Ambrosia and Faea be killed and that Fire be forbidden from returning to the World ever again. The Goddess, who had granted all of her children the gift of free will, could not intervene as a war between the Ancients began. Brother fought brother, as Fire and his sisters worked tirelessly to protect Ambrosia and Faea from their brothers wrath. Until one day, for the sake of the world, Ambrosia snuck away from her hiding spot and went to confront Water and Dark herself. As she pleaded with the two ancient cats, she tried her best to explain that their bond was so strong, their fates so tightly woven together that they would always find each other, no matter how far apart Water and Darkness drove them. Water, in his rage of being spoken to in such a way, threw Ambrosia into the sea where she drowned. Fire felt the death of his love instantly, and in pure agony, fire erupted all over the world, causing the earth to shake and tremble beneath the paws of all the living. Fire rushed to confront his brothers, his rage and heartache unknowingly setting the world around the pair a blaze as they fought.

    Just when the world looked to be at its end, the Goddess appeared before her children and stopped the fight, the soul of Ambrosia beside her. Ambrosia pleaded for her love to out an end to the feud, for the sake of their daughter who would have no world to live in if the fight continued. Fire relented, but not before demanding Water be punished for what he had done. The Goddess granted her sons wish, placing a curse on Water where if and when he found his own Soul Mate, she would not love him in return.

    Once the battle was over, Ambrosia requested that as a consolation to the world, that he and the other Ancients help the mortal cats of the world rebuild their lives. And so, the Ancients scoured the world, each gathering cats who showed traits and strengths they loved and established the Tribes.

    The Tribe of Earth, respected proficient climbers who valued Compassion, Harmony, and Free-Thinkers and settled into the lush forests of the West.

    The Tribe of Water respected strong swimmers who valued Honor, Dignity, and Quick-Wit and settled in the beaches of the East.

    The Tribe of Darkness respected silent movers who valued Cunning, Ambition, and Honesty and settled into the pine forests to the North.

    The Tribe of Fire respected those with pure hearts who valued Loyalty, Bravery, and Righteousness and settled into the Red Wood forest in the South.

    Light and Air, both being free spirits in their own rights, did not form Tribes but instead, gathered cats together who valued intelligence and Neutrality, they are called the Followers of Air and the Followers of Light, and while their dens are scattered among the moor lands away from the main Tribes, they are free to roam within the Tribe lands.