plot with briar?

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  • Briarkit is the curious daughter of Pitchstar and Eveningshade. She loves to learn and discover new things and is always eager to ask questions and explore. She has a wild imagination and likes to play pretend. She definitely has her head in the clouds and is not really focused much on social interaction. However, playing a character without any friends is rather boring.

    She is OPEN to...

    - friends

    - frenemies

    - enemies

    - your character teaching her how to do something

    - her bugging your character with questions or boredom

    - crushes (one-sided on her or y/c, two-sided, doesn't matter… she is hetero tho)

    She is CLOSED to...

    - long-term romance (she's a kit)

    - litters

    - capture/maim/kill

    — ★ —


    ( tags | darkclan apprentice | female | 6 moons | pitchstar x eve | played by vespertine )

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