Tribe Of Fire {Sign-Ups!}

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  • Tribe Of Fire

    Strong, Loyal, Brave

    Queen: Midnightfire~ Black she-cat; {Played by NightFire }

    Daughter of Sunflower{Deceased} and Stormrise{Deceased}; Mate to Hawkice; Mother to Lionkit(fang), Briarikit(light), Jaykit(talon), Emberkit(claw), and Copperkit(spark); Heir: Driftfire.

    Head Guardian: Hawkice~ Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes;

    Son of Sunstrike and Brambleclaw(Deceased); Mate to Midnighthawk; Father to Lionkit(fang), Briarkit(light), Jaykit(talon), Emberkit(claw), and Copperkit(spark); Heir: Lakethunder.

    Spirit~Talker: FallowSoul~ White, black, and brown she-cat with green eyes;

    Daughter of Midnighthawk and Froststrike, Sister to Driftfire, Lakethunder, Shadowkit(frost), and Airkit(strike); Heir: Deerstep.


    • Deerstep~tan she-cat with one white paw; {Played by -renegade }

    Daughter of Tigerlily(Deceased) and Blazerune; Sister to Snowbird.