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  • characters

    [ main ]

    → southwind [ high muse ]

    → jericho [ medium muse ]

    → lostriver [ medium muse ]

    [ side / unlinked ]

    → soda [ low muse ]

    → lirik [ low muse ]

    → mercy [ low muse ]

    → south [ low muse ]

    → desperado [ low muse ]

  • currently mainly focused on southwind again as I just brought him back and I missed him dearly. it kind of sucks that a lot of people left, though, for a lot of his development had happened when he found his genji/jesse and that's sorta gone now. I'll admit I am a slut for mchanzo and I will spend the rest of my years looking for my hanzo to get someone to love again because he's sad and nostalgic right now.

    des and lirim might be put on the back burner soon, might end up just unlinking them if my muse just doesn't go up for them. as much as I love them both lirim's entire developmental stage is basically over at this point with nearly 30k posts and a massive history behind them, and as much as I have a personal love for des i've been doing real fucking bad in terms of depression and I won't lie his entire plot and the parental abuse he had sorta,,, gets me sad whenever I roleplay him these days lmao. I just know that if I drop him he'll lose his position as a paladin even though I should seriously not care that much about ranks anymore.

  • okay so I'll be dropping lirim for now and not actively playing them, though they'll still strongly influence des despite that. I'll still keep des around maybe I'll just take a really quick break with him to focus on south instead as I'm already doing, but I don't think I'll drop him any time soon since I love him a lot.

    Ok I think I'm going to end up dropping Des as well. There's no point in trying to force muse where there is none, and I tend to get muse back for him whenever he disappears for a bit. Sure I feel a little bad about losing his position in Blizzardclan, but it's not worth suffering over, not just to keep him as a high position when that's such a small part of his entire character.

  • [ possible trad cat idea ]

    → former clan cat, left perhaps as a revolt against a particular leader and/or because they gained the sight and wished to be alone as a seer and use their power for all, not just one group

    → used to have a clan name but dropped it, the clan they left still remembers them as their former clan name

    → thinking they used to be in riverclan because I have a particular connection with riverclan and I'm love it

    → will roleplay them outside of the main clans, in the loner lands but wandering occasionally into other territories

    → neutral, doesn't care much for clan politics, perhaps make it so that most others trust them because they've proven themselves ? others let them wander in and out ? depends on the other roleplayers though

    → spends a large amount of time near the moonpool talking to ancestors of the clans and discussing different prophecies and such

    → blind? a-la-jayfeather style lmao

    → afab nonbinary, devoted to starclan and therefore seeks out no romantic or sexual relationships

    → perhaps make it a particularly old cat,,, like close to an elder lmao, so they've seen some shit already in the clans giving them ample reason to want to leave

    [ possible names ? ]

    → lost [ suffix ]

    → drift/drifting [ suffix ]

    → nierika

    → yulunga

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    i might come back to the site and bring back twi bc i cannot stay away lol

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