SURVIVING THE WILD ☆ weekly task

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  • So... his weekly task had been to teach a class on any subject he sought fitting. Well, he supposed he should get right on that. An idea had come to mind and so, after shortly receiving his task, the pale green doberman had sauntered off somewhere to prepare himself. He'd stopped by his room, rummaging through a couple of his own things until he found a familiar backpack. He hadn't touched it since he had joined the Sanctuary - there hadn't been a need to all this time, since he had severely cut back on adventuring through the wildest of places for a long, long time. The worn black leather backpack that had all kinds of pins and such from Earth secured to it was covered with a thin layer of dust from its disuse. After wiping it off with a cloth, Val picks up the thing by its straps and takes it outside.

    Val finds himself a spot within their home to go about this "class" of his, which he decided it would be a class on how to survive the toughest wilderness out there. The deputy drops his things on the ground before sitting next to it, opening it up to search through its contents. After he's made sure everything is where it should be, Val leans back and dotes on the words he would choose. "Hey, so I got a question. Does anyone know how to survive on their own? You probably do - I mean, it's your survival instinct, right?" A worn smile is brought to the canine's face at the play on words, continuing on before he started laughing at his own horrible pun, "But, really, surviving in harsh climates is arguably the most dangerous thing ever, especially when the odds are stacked against you. You guys are lucky you got someone like me, whose very namesake is what I'm teaching you all today, to teach you all about the art of survival." Quite an introduction, wasn't it? Oof... he already felt exhausted. Was it too late to go back home? ...Probably so.


    ( survivalinstinct "val" amami . the sanctuary . newt . penned by yakan )

  • °•:` "BLACK MAGIC" ─ Quite honestly it made her happy to see everyone doing their tasks with the same eagerness that she carried. Coming over with bright brown eyes, Silver would seat herself nearby to partake in the current task at hand; Survival's survival class. It was sort of ironic, but did anyone mind? Probably not, they should be happy for this.

    "You're doing great," she'd purr softly, trying to give the other a feeling of comfort and warmth. She was mostly worried she upset him. "I am glad we have someone to capable and willing to help us learn." she'd clap her paws together, a soft smile on her face. To say she was not extremely excited for this class would be an understatement, she was oh so excited.





  • Meadowpaw was just glad that people were actually accepting the tasks that she was giving them! By all means no one had to listen to her. She was just a small thing. Just a Neophyte. But she was also ready to learn, and Val was one of the few people who she knew had been around the Sanctuary for a while, aside from Dream and Chicagocrimes. Both of whom Meddy hadn't even met. The cinnamon tabby feline trotted over, ready to listen. She wasn't one for survival skills, considering she was very much a pacifist and didn't like fighting unless it was absolutely necessary. She giggled as Survivalinstinct pitched his class to them, smiling widely. "Sounds like we're in good hands!" She hoped that others would come too, like that one kid, Sora. He seemed like the type of guy in need of some survival skills.


  • An audience of two. That wasn't too bad, considering how many people were actually around. Maybe if he started talking more, more of an audience would gather around to hear his two-bits on surviving in the wild. Val would offer the slightest of smiles towards Silverlantern and Meadowpaw, his stub of a tail wriggling behind him as he nods. "Good hands and capable indeed, Silverlantern n' Meadowpaw." A bit of mirth to be found settling in his eyes, he gets to his paws and begins to pace back and forth slowly as if he were actually teaching a lecture. "I'm... by no means a survivalist expert. I'm just someone who knows a lot more than just the average person so... not necessarily an expert. Well, at least I don't think I am..." Val gives a shrug of his scarred shoulders, an contemplative hum leaving him before he comes to a stop before the duo once more.

    "Anyway, let's dive right into a very plausible scenario. You're out on your own, exploring the prettiest forest out there. It has gorgeous rocky inclines, and a view to die for. The weather is nice in the daytime, but it gets rather chilly at night yet you're glad to call this forest home. You walked a bit further than usual today and the sun's startin' to head down. You wanna get back home before it gets too dark but on your way back you get really hurt. You trip n' fall down a steep, rocky hill and you've hurt your leg on the way down. Now you can't move n' you don't have anythin' with you to help you out. I mean, if you're familiar with the path you walk through, there's no reason for you to be prepared in case somethin' goes wrong, right?" Val shakes his head slightly, a frown on his maw. "Unfortunately, that's a very common mistake. You can find yourself hurt anywhere, even in your own territory, and you wouldn't be able to do much of anythin'. Especially if you're hurt to the point of immobilization. So, tell me my survivalist amateurs, what would you do in this situation?"


    ( survivalinstinct "val" amami . the sanctuary . newt . penned by yakan )

  • Meadowpaw visualized everything that Survivalinstinct said in her mind's eye. She saw the forest, well...a forest more specifically. She had seen plenty of forests over the years but she didn't want to pick one in particular. It would be like showing favoritism. So she saw a forest. None in particular. Rocks. An incline. A beautiful view. Meddy had seen plenty of landscapes like this in her travels as a child, always lost in the wonderment of it all. But now was not the time to get lost in the beauty. And then comes the injury. Tripping. Falling. An injury. She had never broken a bone before, let alone injured herself. Unless the amnesia counted... Probably not. "Well...I'd want to inspect the wound in order to see what has actually been injured in case it can be temporarily fixed, at least enough for you to move around."


  • Megalith Killjoy-----

    Girl made of stone

    Lilith had never really had to worry about surviving on her own. the thing was, she was NEVER on her own. So long as there were other creatures around, she could manipulate their minds until they took her wherever she wanted to go or found her whatever she needed to find. Though it was at times very difficult controlling the minds of feral animals, it wasn't entirely impossible so, again, she wasn't worried.

    Still, she'd listen in nonetheless, curious to see if there was any scenarios even she might have trouble with.

    His introduction to the challenge went right over Lilith's head. Seeing as she was almost completely blind, she had no idea what 'pretty' and 'gorgeous'

    were seeing as she had no memory to compare any of her random blobs in her sight to. Furthermore, since she didn't have depth perception and what little she could see through the fog over her eyes was only a foot or so in front of her face, she didn't really know what looking out over a cliff would be like. She yeah, she'd consider dying to see it. Unfortunately she doubted death would cure her blindness.

    So anyway, already lilith was pretty bored, but then things got exiting as she suddenly fell off a cliff. Hurt a leg, ey? that's fine, not like she only had three and losing one more would make her unable to walk at all. Now, what would she do?

    "Yeah ill sit this one out" Lilith would say with a yawn, plopping down a ways from the group of survivalists. If lilith ever got trapped in that situation and there wasn't anyone or anything to manipulate, then she'd either drag herself to death or just die, that's about it. Woops guess she failed the course! F- minus for little ol' Lilith.

    "Speaking" // Using telepathy/mind control