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  • The move to Agrelos had done a number on Kebechet. She had been minding her own business that day when she'd collapsed, and the control she had over her body slipped from her grasp, but her consciousness... not so much. The days turned to weeks, the weeks to months. She was buried by the sand of the Sanguine Ruins and felt it penetrate her lungs, her eyes, but she could not move. And one day, after what felt like an eternity, she felt water seeping down into her fur, a cold awakening that burned her skin and sent tingles up her spine.

    Was that saltwater? In the desert?

    Slowly, Kebechet's body seemed to return to her. First came her paws, then her legs, and then her tail and torso, until she was able to draw in a deep breath, the first she'd had in her hellish eternity. The sand around her shifted as she writhed, unearthing herself like an ancient artifact waiting to be discovered. She was... bigger than she remembered being, but too grateful to be alive to worry much about that yet.

    //she's on the beach beneath the archipelago, probably looking confused as hell


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  • He had not met anyone on Agrelos who hadn't experienced some drawback in the transference. True, it was a better alternative to death, but at times that was a bit of a...poor consolation, considering it had thrown Narukami's already tenuous grasp on his primal instincts that he was still suffering the side-effects, albeit some forced by his brother's hand. That led to his second point of complaint: the extent to which people were taken by the shifting of the spheres. Rosemont did not have Aristotle, and while that had led to some unusually good fortune on Narukami's part, he knew Aristotle had been dear to him. Still was, most likely, so while he did not seem to have made the move, Narukami's brother had.

    Narukami himself had, so clearly, it wasn't a matter of deserve.

    It was all very jarring, though, but for the most part, the hybrid had adjusted. He assumed most would have, unless they had some certain circumstances.

    They were not new to the bizarre, however. Mostly. Sometimes Narukami managed to be surprised, and today was one of those situations, pupil-less eyes locked onto the writhing form emerging from the sand. That was...most unexpected. He did not think he was dreaming. What was he even to say?

    "Are you...all right?" It wasn't a question he asked very often, but then, he rarely saw people who made entrances like the larger creature did.



  • A voice startled Kebechet out of her stupor, and she turned her head to face the newcomer. He was... small, to say the least, but she thought to reserve her judgement until she was better acquainted with him. His question, though, was a tough one to answer– what was the proper definition of 'alright'? She probably wasn't. Was telling a stranger that you weren't okay a proper way to greet them, though?

    I think so, yes. Where am I? She responded, her eyes traveling from Narukami back to her body. This wasn't the body she'd been buried in, and she couldn't place the odd sensation of deja-vu that overtook her when she saw herself. A revelation came, then, too. Who am I? 


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  • Canoris was heading off the island to handle some business when she stumbled across Narukami and the stranger. "That last one should be something you know. Did you hit your head?" The blind wolf sniffed the air, not smelling any blood. That was good. " You're on the beach below BlizzardClan. The boat I came off of can carry you into the sky to the islands we live on."

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    Leifsdottir was certainly no stranger to leaving the archipelago they called 'home'. Her kind were used to treks of hundreds of kilometers at a time, so you could imagine how cooped up the floating islands would feel after a half a year. Besides, she had weapons to supply, so a trip off the island was basically killing two birds with one stone.

    What she hadn't predicated today, however, was coming across someone rising out from the sand by the beaches, lost and confused. Most of their joiners usually took the stone boat up to the main island, so to say this was an.. unusual introduction a tad bit of an understatement. The gargantuan dragon would toil closer, but remained the furthest of the trio from the newcomer, waiting for the other to reply. After all, Canoris had asked all that could be asked for the time being, so with expression unforthcoming, she would wait.




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  • When the next newcomer arrived, Kebechet's attention immediately flew to her eyes. Or, well, eye. Sympathy for her panged sharply in her chest, but her mouth remained shut while she took in this new information. Blizzardclan? Her metaphorical eyebrows furrowed in confusion– that was an odd name, to say the least, but if there was anything she hated, it was conflict. Sure enough, the boats lifted from the sea and into the air, hovering to their destination, but she couldn't help wondering whether they were sturdy enough to carry someone of her size without sinking.

    I know my name is Kebechet, She offered, frowning. I don't think I hit my head. I just got buried, or.... something. She barely noticed Leifsdottir in the corner of her eye, a dark specter that would have frightened her if she paid any more attention. Instead, her gaze was fixed on the wolf who'd spoken up after Narukami.

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    the fact he still lived on some floating islands still fucked him up. there were so many falling hazards, not to mention it was just strange of course, this was coming from some overgrown kid who lived in a hollowed out tree in the middle of a constant winter, so maybe he didn't have any right to judge. whatever.

    alerting canoris that he was by her side, the smilodon had pressed against her gently. rarely did melchior offer any kind of physical contact, it was mainly only with canoris. and that was solely because she was blind. "idiota raggazza." came the male's own words, not even caring to offer her an introduction. perhaps he shouldn't go after someone who could barely even recall their name, but melchior was in his usual attitude, he held no sympathy for this girl. if she was dumb enough to get buried in the sand, then let her lose her memories. of course, he couldn't deny that he did pity her. names were important and personal. "...i can fix her up a bed if you want, canoris." while his words were now directed at his...mentor? caretaker? who the fuck knows, his amber lenses still watched kebechet warily.



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  • A youthful feline approached the quickly-growing group of bystanders next, one with a face like an angel, but his voice, his language, lashed at her like venom. Kebechet had assumed that he would sound rhythmic, holy– a mistake. She could only guess what he had said to her, as the words didn't click with any definitions she knew, and she opted to pretend she hadn't heard him. Admittedly, the tone itself stung her and left her feeling confused and excluded from some private joke, but perhaps the femme was overthinking it.

    You'd let me stay here? That would be, well... nice. She managed to remain collected (surprisingly) and smiled half-heartedly at the smilodon whose name she still hadn't learned. A gesture of good faith was all she needed to give– she was sure of it.


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  • Canoris leaned back into Melchior ever so slightly, just to show she got the note. She liked her little hothead, and it made her heart ache to think that if she'd done something different with Nox, he'd have turned out similarly instead of how he was. But thinking of that would change nothing. Right now she was an influence on Melchior's life, and she needed to make sure it was a good one. "A bed for her would be awesome if you could make one up, she can find her own place to stay after she's settled." No reason to worry about staking out your own home right off the bat.

    "I'm Canoris. I don't have any abilities that may be able to bring out memories, but you can always ask around." Even shee didn't know what powers most of her clanmates had. They didn't use them too often.

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