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  • Newleaf was so close, but it still felt so far. The days were lasting much longer than they had before, and that was a big giveaway that winter would soon be over. It had stopped snowing as much, now it was primarily just cold. Today was relatively warmer compared to previous days, and Flameseeker wasn't going to waste this opportunity. As she returned from a dull border patrol, her paws carried her to the dens. They were very makeshift, and beginning to look more permanent than temporary. When would they move to the new camp? During her late night talk with Snow, she had spotted some holes that needed patching along the nursery walls. So, the ginger tabby headed out into the forest to gather some stray sticks, and she would return to camp and begin weaving them in with the existing sticks. After she was confident the holes were patched, she would head to the next den to begin working, the elders den.







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    Rowanwhisker licked his lips as he finished his mouse. Boy had that been yummy. Forest food was definitely better than Twoleg Place food. He'd never get tired of living in the forest. Getting up and stretching, he looked around, trying to find something to do, when he spotted Flameseeker fixing up the dens. They had been getting a little worse for wear lately, hadn't they? Padding over to her, he meowed, "Heya Overseer. Do ya need some help?"


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  • shortpaw noticed the ever-diligent flameseeker attending to some patches in the nursery. really, what should've originally been an apprentice job was being done by a senior warrior who probably had more important things to do. although shortpaw hadn't noticed the holes, he felt guilt rising sharply in his body as he thought of all the cold nights the queens and kits had suffered through the leaf-bare. why had nobody said anything? the cream and white tom got up from his meal and marched over to where flameseeker worked away on the elders den. "need any help?" shortpaw offered as he pulled up beside his mentor. despite it being a question, there was something stubborn about his gaze that told whoever could see, that he was going to help anyway, and there was nothing they could do about it. the apprentice could not sit around with his meal while flameseeker was working hard. he had to help was an apprentice's duties.

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  • Sprucepaw had to admire Flameseeker's ability to find and start things that needed to be done. He tended to wait until Melodyrose or another apprentice suggested something to do, but the flame-colored she-cat did not. He wondered how she did that. A small group was forming around the warrior today as Sprucepaw exited the elder's den. Oh, was she fixing something? She had a pile of twigs with her. That was a good idea, especially since he'd heard newleaf brought a lot of rain. Padding closer, Sprucepaw offered his own help. "Shortpaw and I can go grab some more sticks and stuff."



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  • Rulindil, while still very out of it and intimidated by clan life, had to carry his weight still. He wanted to be useful, he had joined Thunderclan to escape the loneliness that came with being a rogue, or a loner which explained the loneliness. Still, Rulindil was a big guy, he was muscular and actually much smarter than he let on, being far too shy to ever show it, so really the first thing on his mind was helping out the clan he now lived in. He hadn't been here for long, and while he was still having some troubles getting comfortable, he cared about his clanmates, despite the looks he often got. They had noticed he looked eerily identical to a certain deceased tyrant that went by the name Sheogorath. Something he wasn't too comfortable or happy with. Rulindil just wished he looked like anyone else, hell his mother would've been better. But that would also mean he would have calico fur. The point is, he was drawing stares and he really didn't like attention. It was unnerving, having the eyes of so many suspicious clanmates on him with each step he took with his immensely sized paws. So what better way to make them more comfortable around him than by helping out? Aside from maybe saving the lives of a few kits or even their leader. But that was a stretch.

    With surprisingly silent steps the young warrior carried himself over. Snagging a few sticks on his claws he began to weave them into the walls of the den. Ever so silently he remained focused on the task at hand with his chilling ember hued eyes narrowed on the warrior den walls. Just get the job done, and earn their favor. Make a few friends and eventually get comfortable here. It's not so difficult Runil. Just let it happen. He thought with a soft exhale, his tense shoulders slightly relaxing as he slowly got into the groove of weaving the sticks into the wall of the den.

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    🔺🔻🔺 "M-my p-p-pa says e-even kits can -elp too... I c-can be brave and h-help." Crimsonkit declared as she padded over with his short, skinny frame. The youngest of his litter was timid and afraid of many things, but he promised to get better and his pa that he wouldn't be so scared of the forest anymore. His father has said a tom shouldn't be afraid of his own shadow. Crim believed it too, even if he couldn't help it. With resolve he looked at Flameseeker. The senior warrior couldn't say no right? His dad was right? Wasn't he?

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