strong hearts ( priv, sorrel )

Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos
  • The small she-cat was pacing through their camp, frustration seeming to radiate off of her pelt. Her stomach was swollen, letting everyone know that her kits would be arriving soon, gaining her some worried glances. The brown tabby simply brushed them off, trying to avoid Sorrelstar and Owlflight around camp so they wouldn't be able to send her back to the nursery. However, today, the molly's blood was boiling from her conversation with Noeyes. She thought the she-cat to be out of control and causing problems within the Clan because of her childish opinions. Briarthorn had refrained from saying something, unsure if her superiority over the young she-cat meant that she could discipline her, or if Sorrelstar would want to take care of it herself.

    Briarthorn finally padded over to the leader's den, fur laying flat and a neutral expression on her face. Trying to remain calm, she opened her maw to call out, "Sorrelstar, can I speak with you?"

    ( briar being hormonal and grumpy lol SORRELSTAR )



    [ tags shadowclan deputy female / 23 moons played by hopey ]

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