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  • ★ ★ ★ Crownpaw, whom was recently appointed an apprentice, opted to celebrate by going out of the territory to gather some herbs for Yuuki. His entire childhood had revolved around learning, growing and helping his clan the Sanguine Ruins, so finally the male was branching out ever so slightly. He was making a few friends outside of his clan, hell he had just recently secretly joined the Tribe of Storms and Stars, and now here he was alone outside of his home. His apprenticeship offered lots of possibilities for him, and honestly that overwhelmed the alabaster tiger slightly. Still, Crownpaw was sure he could handle whatever came his way, or he'd do his best to at least.

    Softly humming to himself, Crownpaw carried a multitude of flowers in his maw as he walked towards an oak tree rooted in the middle of a clearing. Snow hadn't seem to touch this land, flowers and grass were plentiful, thus Crownpaw had opted to possibly work through his haul of flowers and herbs. Well, that was the plan until he had settled and actually had begun to work through the pile of plants. It seemed the only herb he had managed to grab was marigold, otherwise he simply had a pile of an array of various flowers. Slightly bummed out at his failure, the Nurse's shoulders would drop for a moment. Still, there was to be something he could do with all these flowers. Tapping his paw against the soil beneath him, an idea finally popped up within his mind. Thus, there sat the alabaster tiger underneath an oak tree weaving together blue and purple flowers. A strange sight, quite honestly.

    //this'll take place after he ages up to six months, i just haven't done in elsewhere yet<33




    eight months \ practitioner student \ blackguard \ blackhearted rogues \ penned by @holmes