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    -----> The Shadow veil was getting slower and slower. Sighing with concern, Ambi would shake her head and bound towards the center of the clearing. Deciding to take things into her own ebony paws, Ambi would call, " Attention any able-bodied Veilers! Get your tails over here for some ideas! " her voice was more playful than harsh, so hopefully they'd take it less as a order and more a joke. Sitting down, she'd wrap her tail around her paws and wait patient, more than trusting her fellow veilers to rise to the occasion. Shadow veil wasn't lazy, after all!

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  • Eddie was gaining more courage the longer that he stayed here, making greeting and speaking for people a little bit easier. Sure there was still a few occasions were he'd fall back and go quiet. But it wasn't as bad as the first few days of their introductions, for once his mind felt somewhat clear. The reason the tabby found himself approaching Ambi was due to curiosity, wanting to hear what was going on. The veilers certainly did things quite a lot as a group, even if it appeared they had slowed ever since he happened upon here. Hopefully once some more people showed up they could have an explanation.


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  • After falling off the face of the earth for a couple days Helios had scrounged up the energy needed to move. His breaths still came out in wheezes from between broken ribs and it hurt to eat thanks to his new set of scars where he'd been impaled but he was more or less fine. Slung over the back of an NPC he was carried wherever the assistant deputy ordered. And he had ordered for him to find Ambi, not for any real reason, just to know that she was okay. And low and behold, here she was doing a good job at being alive. He had, in his head, deemed her his temporary replacement as assistant deputy in both the Veil and the Rogues as well as his own special little nurse. Course, she didn't need to know any of that, that was embarrassing, admitting that he needed help. A loud, pained wheeze sigh escaped the ivory maw of the young man as he faced the spiritcaller from the back of the NPC. "I'll have one," he spoke out, his voice dull and empty as he fixed his lilac stare onto the smaller feline.

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    It was true that the Veil had been in a slump as of late. The air of gloom that normally was just an aesthetic warning to others, an expression of the Veil's state, had turned more literal, infecting most everyone with the collapse of despondency. Whether it be from the chaotic nature of the events that unfolded as of late, or the sudden stop, sudden jolt into calm, or the innate contradictory relationship between the two, the shade of the pines had taken over. Azazel, while he'd become an apprentice, was an assistant deputy, an ambassador among groups, was still falling prey to it.

    He'd tried his best, really, to keep up good spirits, but he'd found himself walking on a constant self-made tight rope. It wasn't necessary, he had enough self-awareness to say that much, but it was still there and damn it, he kept on walking it. Since the... mental break he'd displayed, he'd had this inane voice constantly nagging him, urging him to appear stronger, colder, braver, stable. That stone he'd carved in his first month out of the den, a rune of strength, had been absentmindedly fiddled with every morning before leaving the den. But stars above, it was so tempting to fall into the comfort of being as giddy as he once was, be open, accept the comfort from his family.

    And here was Ambrosia, chirpy and playful as ever. His sibling, while they hadn't been close before the onslaught of tragedy their family had endured, was undeniably a beacon of light within everything. Her return was the first sign of hope, and she'd done nothing but good since. It took some of that tension from the tight rope. "Give me, uh, give me your best," Aza called out. If anything, he'd get back on track with actions.



    -----> Ambi would frown, disappointed when no one else arrived. She waited a moment, then two, before sighing and turning to the boys gathered. She'd give each a warm smile, greatful that at least they were around and willing to volunteer. " Eddie, how about you gather one or two people and explore parts of the territory? Maybe make a contest on who can find the coolest object out there? Helios, how about you make some flower crowns? " her eyes would glow with soft care for her friend, though worry clutched at her heart at the sight of him. Not only was he physically injured by...he looked so broken...Hopefully playign around with some of nature's beauty would lighten his spirit, maybe even a little. " Aza, how about you do something wild? Maybe get some chalk and graffiti the whole ruins! Maybe hold an art contest or just invite a bunch of people to just go freakin' WILD!" she purred, hoping her brother would be inspired to be a kid again. He'd been through so much...He could use a fun little break!

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    Eddie finds something or is reminded of a happier time. What is it? What happened to that happiness? What will he do to find that happiness again?

    Helios thinks about who he wants to be. What's the kind of person he wishes to be? Why's it so hard for him to become that person? Or is he on his way to becoming that person?

    Aza has a sudden, seemingly random burst of emotion that is unlike him (maybe anger?) what does he do? How does he feel having this emotion? Is he ashamed? Does he accept it? Does it change him or does he brush it off and deny it's existance?

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    Even as a relatively new creature in the Veil, Merlin knew that this group was slowing down, like an old horse. It saddened him - these shadowy woods and ruins held so much potential within them. Oh well, at least it wasn't as if it had been completely abandoned. Within the absences that seemed to leave gaps within, he did see many of the same faces - a glimmer of hope. It only served to push him to help the Veil more, to bring it to glory and prosperity - whether that be by his own hands or not.

    He could understand why it was losing its traction as well. The absences of many high-ranking positions, as well as OOC reasons ( such as business with external problems, such as school, work, etc ), was a good indicator. Nevertheless, he would try to do everything he could, even if his roleplayer couldn't always be there.

    "Hm... I'd like one, if I may." He pondered, his voice sounding long before he was visible. He treaded slowly into view, though his trail of flowers was nowhere to be seen. He decided that he would leave such a display for special occasions - or whenever he wanted to show off ( which was most of the time ).

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  • *:・゚✦ — Like Merlin, Setekh is technically new to this place. However, unlike the feline, he has not had the proper time to tell if the group is slowing itself or not. In fact, the pace feels more comfortable than he would like to admit. Something dreadful seems to have happened here recently, and yet Setekh almost enjoys the somber calm that lies thickly over the camp. He's an older dog, and he needs time to relax and become used to his surroundings once again. He can keep up with everything just fine when he wants to (he's still physically youthful, after all; it's just his soul that has aged), but as of right now, he doesn't want to keep up with an insanely hyper group. The tasks are running at a manageable pace for Setekh, is all he means.

    Speaking of tasks, one of the cats he'd seen earlier seems to be giving tasks out. He's unsure of her rank, but she seems rather young, which prompts a subtle lift of one brow, though he doesn't bother to question it. He merely steps forward, head held high like normal, and he stares down at her blankly. She has interesting eyes. They're mismatched, like his are. That's all he notes in the back of his head, and then he sways his long tail, flicking one ear. "A task, please. I'd like to do something of use to the group." His tone is serious. He does not want to do something relating to sociability, like making flower crowns or partaking in an art project; he continues to fall back on his old deputy rank. Unfortunately, he's now a man of business, not play. "Nothing too easy, if you would."


    — setekh runihura-dakarai resurgam | biographyasking people, ch ch ch, "what's the matter with you, boy?" *:・゚✦

  • It was good of her daughter to host this: her yellow eyes glinted with approval as Lastbastion approached, stopping near the edges of the group and calling out in her exhaustion-roughened voice. "I'll take a task, hon."

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    -----> Ambi thought a moment as the others arrived. Then, she suggested, " Magus, how about you hold a story telling circle? It can be tales about your life or fantasy stories you like, invite people to share their own stories, too!" then to the sha creature she'd think about Fayina. So serious and brisk. Alright then, she could work with that! " Alrighty Setekh, how about you host a trainning thread? But to make it challenging - a political training thread. Try and teach whoever arrives how to be diplomatic, what strengths and weaknesses other groups have and how to exploit them. Teach us what mistakes you've seen alliances do and inspire us to find ways to fix some of the alliances we do have!"

    To Lastbastion, Ambi would pause. Tapping her jaw, she said, " How about you make a little valentines get-together? Like - just gather some supplies and get people together to make some valentines cards for everyone "


    Magus: Today magus makes a big mistake. How does it affect him? Was the mistake a blow on his very character?

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  • *:・゚✦ — As Ambrosiapaw gives him a task that is both challenging and of actual worth to the group, Setekh squares his shoulders, nodding to himself in silence. He can do that. It's been a long while since he's bothered with politics, and he's uncertain of the politics in this new era, but he will try his best to hold an effective training class. At the very least, he can converse about the politics here and get himself on the right track. It's a good way to build up a relationship with the higher positions of the clan as well, which could prove helpful in the future. So, with a slight dip of his head to the young girl, the sha creature turns on his heels, padding away to go and set this thing up as soon as possible. He merely has to give it a little thought first.


    — setekh runihura-dakarai resurgam | biographyasking people, ch ch ch, "what's the matter with you, boy?" *:・゚✦

  • "I'll take one," called Strat in a track.

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    -----> For strato Ambi would muse, " How about a star-gazing session? Maybe try and show us some constellations? "

    Strato : what's her biggest fear? Where'd it come from? How does she feel about it - ignore or conquer? Why?

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    Oh! A task. Depending on what the task is, he can be good at those. The deer walks over, listening to the last few tasks given. Well, it couldn’t hurt to try.

    ”I’ll take a task!”

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