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  • ☼ ☼ ☼ Often times being a kitten was boring, at least for Chamomilekit it felt as though the days were dragging by quite often. No matter what she seemed to try and kill time with, often the molly found herself staring at the sky and wondering a multitude of things. It was then that she could pass the time, deep within her reverie. Perhaps other kits shared her habits, somewhere maybe, but most kits seemed content to run around and play and hop around. Often Chamo watched almost wistfully as the kits played, occasionally jealousy also danced within her copper hued orbs. She knew it was partly her fault for distancing herself from the "norms" of a kitten and thus she simply held her emotions deep within herself. Perhaps she could learn to embrace some habits, or she could at least try.

    That was exactly how Chamomilekit ended up in her current predicament, trying to be more of a kitten. The tabby was crouched behind a small snowbank that was near the Nursery, her amber eyes focused on the entrance of said den. Whoever was going to walk out next was going to be her victim of attack, or she was going to try to make them her victim at least. Lowering her feathered tail so it wasn't sticking up, Chamomilekit blinked her orbs. It wasn't until she opened them that she saw someone arriving out of the Nursery, and then without a warning the molly would jump in an attempt to leap onto whoever it was.

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    oTPsKsO.gifHeron didn't know many of the WindClan kittens very well. Being both painfully knew and visibly uncomfortable, the tall feline had observed many of the older cats casting suspicious glances his way, some even ushering the other young cats who he now shared a den with away from him. Heron, who, frankly, preferred to spend his time simply observing and ultimately by himself, wasn't too bothered. They would accept him eventually. Being a patient cat, Her didn't mind waiting for things, and he knew acceptance wasn't a thing that could be rushed.

    On this particular day, Heron woke with a slow start. Sage eyes flicked open to greet the dappled light that squeezed its way through the thick gorse enclosing the nursery, his heavy tail flicking away from his curled body as he forced his limbs to move. Just another day. Heron reminded himself, giving his long pelt a shake before stretching, his thin frame seeming to threaten to snap as he loosened his muscles. Nose twitching, the blue tabby headed for the den exit, releasing a yawn as he squinted slightly against the slightly cloud-obscured morning sun, waiting for his eyes to adjust unsuspectingly so he could scope out the rest of the most likely snowy clearing to start his day.

    His eyes had barely begun to get used to the light when a fiery-pelted kitten knocked him off balance, resulting in the two landing in a contrasting pile of blue-grays and orange-reds, interrupted only by flashes of white. The former loner twisted to right himself, only assessing the situation in full when he was firmly on his stomach. Twisting his neck to see his attacker, he recognized her as one of his denmates. He glanced warily at the rest of the clearing, half expecting an older cat to come and drag him away from the molly. "Er... Chamomile...kit, right?" he guessed, still not used to the odd names these cats gave themselves.

    Not quite sure what to do from here, Heron simply stood, turning to face the she. "Do... do you want to play, or did you just mistake me for another cat?" He gestured toward her with a paw, half-offering to help her up. He wasn't much for playing, considering even just watching the other kittens play reminded him of his departed sister--and it would probably get him in some sort of trouble--but if this girl desired to do so with the once-outsider, then he wouldn't be one to decline.


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    Rabbitpaw came back into camp yawning. She was always eager to help, but she maybe shouldn't have volunteered to do the dusk patrol the night before and then the dawn patrol for today. She stretched as the sun back out and started warming her pelt, waking her up. She saw sudden movement from the corner of her eye and turned towards it to see two kits playing. She smiled. It was nice that they had so much energy. Hmmm... maybe, if they had so much energy, they could share it with her? And there was only one way to do that, play with them! She hadn't played any games for a while, and that had been when her mother was still here. Her tail drooped at the thought. Brightmoon was all that seemed to be on her mind these days. Every time she went out on patrol, she'd hope that they'd find her missing mother, but they never did. She really hoped she'd find her soon. After all, they only had each other.! She shook her head. She would not let it get her down! Determined to get rid of her sleepiness and her dark mood, she padded over to the kits and mewed, "That looks like fun! Mind if I join in?"

    (I know she's not a kit, but man is she a kit at heart. she is very playful, so I thought that she'd still be able to/wanna get in on this.)

  • ❝I PACK A LITTLE PISTOL IN MY PISTOL BELT❞ However, the clan's resident grump showed up next, her amber eyes narrowing at Rabbitpaw. Crowstone, despite not liking kits or being very comfortable around them, wasn't going to snap at the kittens for doing what they were supposed to and not getting out of camp. "Rabbitpaw, I'm sure they'd love for you to join, but don't you have work to do? I believe the elder's nests needs new, dry moss." The black molly mewed, giving a questioning glance towards her. Her attention then traveled to the two kits, her tail flicking a bit as she dipped her head in greeting, awkwardly treating them as if they were adults.

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    Rabbitpaw turned as an older cat came up and complained about her not working. The tortoiseshell giggled at Crowstone and said, "I just got back from dawn patrol silly! I can rest for a bit and other cats can do that. Or if they don't, it can wait until after we've had some fun. After all, life can't just all be about work! Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you join us? Playing is far more fun with more cats!"

    (that's fine! besides, it's really hard to get Rabbitpaw down. especially when she thinks everyone is her friend.)

  • TAGS ☆彡rabbitpaw. it was difficult to look at the apprentice, without thinking immediately about brightmoon. the first she-cat he had befriended, and the first one with whom he had wanted to look after. evergreen oculars flicker to the side at the thought, tail lashing unconsciously. just the memories left a taste in his mouth that he didn't want to decipher. there had been too much sadness plaguing him, within recent moons. i'll do it. he'd announce after rabbitpaw, sending crowstone a slightly questioningly look. he didn't understand why the female wouldn't let rabbitpaw rest, if only a little; even if crowstone hadn't known, it could've been assumed she had been doing something productive which was why she had been out of the camp to begin with. at the thought, he'd shrug to himself, and slink off, probably in the search for moss.

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